From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Mox
Decepticon Commander
Division: Command
Alt-Mode: Winged dragon
Faction: Decepticon

A rogue Decepticon leader with a warworld, hundreds of Decepticons at his command, and a conscience.


Deathsaurus is rare among high-ranking Decepticons in that he is humble and reasonable. He suffers as little drama in his life as possible, and will not buy in to the drama that most other leader types tend to exude; in fact, he actively resists it and makes it clear that he won't stand for it.

Deathsaurus cares deeply for the troops under his command. He is sure to know each by name, their histories, their personalities, their goals, and their skills. This is not just to keep his army in top shape, but also because he is genuinely interested. Each Decepticon is part of his family, all fighting for the greatness of Decepticons and Cybertron.

Mechanical races that are at odds with Cybertronians earn his scorn, and organic races that are so earn his hatred. He feels no remorse neutralizing them, even as far as blowing them back to a primitive existence, or even no existence at all. However, he is open to peaceful surrendering; there's no need to decimate populations if they submit to him and abandon their aggressive ways.

Perhaps due to the influence of his familiars, Deathsaurus has a soft spot for small mechanicals and even organics, especially juveniles for species that have them. He sees in them a certain purity of aspect that cannot be corrupted in the pursuit of power and glory.


Deathsaurus is a natural leader. He has an uncanny ability to connect with subordinates in order to foster an effective armed force. He is authoritative and commands respect, yet is approachable and rational, in marked contrast to Megatron (in his continual judgement). He excels at military strategy, formulating plans that take the best advantage of his forces. He does not pursue glory for himself in battle, but allows for those he commands to use their strengths; at the same time, he has high expectations and doesn't hesitate to express his displeasure at failure.

Despite his positive attributes, he remains a Decepticon. He does not hesitate to target and attack civilizations that he perceives as a threat to Cybertronians, even when the threat is somewhat theoretical. As an opposing force, Autobots would often end up in his crosshairs and be dealt with just as severely; now that the war is over, the only reason he no longer battles them is because they don't get in his way.

As an individual fighter, Deathsaurus is formidable. He is large, very strong and very tough. In root mode, he is comfortable in hand-to-hand combat, and calls on a spiked flail when necessary. His dragon alt mode sports shearing claws, sharp teeth, and a heavy swinging tail. In either mode, Deathsaurus can channel energy to his wing edges and fling fiery arcs from them at his enemies.

He has a pair of semi-sentient, drone-like animal form familiars, a feline he calls Mrrshan and an avian he calls Alkari. Each one can transform into a weapon for Deathsaurus to wield, although he rarely calls on them in order to keep them out of danger.


Deathsaurus came online in the earlier stages of the Great War between the Decepticons and Autobots, and from even his early days it was clear he was destined for command. His size, draconic alt form, and fighting skills were often convincing enough, but it was his natural ability to bond with his fellow soldiers that vanquished any further doubt. Unlike many Decepticons, he always tempered his own desire for glory and prestige with the needs of the cause, and he knew that all of those goals could be accomplished most effectively by working with his comrades.

This isn't to say that Deathsaurus was soft on the enemies of the Decepticons. During the war, he would faithfully and eagerly engage with Autobot foes, and his successes pushed him upward through the ranks. Eventually he commanded a sizeable force of his own and had a hand in the strategic decisions of the Decepticon effort as a whole, on a par with the likes of Soundwave, Shockwave, and other lieutenants of Megatron.

As the Great War dragged on, and both sides turned to more brutal tactics, Deathsaurus lost faith in Megatron's leadership. In his view, the original tenets of the Decepticon cause - liberation from oppression for their kind, including from organics - were being ignored in favor of the pursuit of domination for its own sake, in particular domination by Megatron himself. What's more, in Deathsaurus's opinion, Megatron no longer saw his army as fellow comrades in their struggle, but as instruments of war to aim at Autobots or whoever else he despised at the moment. Deathsaurus would never throw away the lives of the troops under his care.

And so, when the opportunity presented itself, Deathsaurus went rogue, breaking away from the Decepticon ranks with a small band of loyal followers. They resumed what they saw as the more important work of the Decepticon cause, that of hunting down and neutralizing potential foes of Cybertron and mechanical life. Although their efforts remained in line with original Decepticon orthodoxy, rebelling against Megatron did not, and it earned Deathsaurus and any under his command spots on the hit list for the Decepticon Justice Division.

Uncowed by the mark of death upon him, Deathsaurus racked up victory after victory in his new, self-driven mission. Over time he gathered more disenchanted Decepticons to his cause, and with them a growing attack fleet. A derelict Warworld was commandeered and repaired enough to become his mobile base of operations for the Decepticon crusade of his and his hundreds of faithful troops. To this day, they faithfully execute their honorable mission.

Megatron's recent disappearance brought Deathsaurus some amount of pleasure, but it didn't spur him to return to Cybertron and wrest Decepticon leadership from the likes of Starscream or other contenders to that throne. He has his troops and his own, truly Decepticon goals, and doesn't care to "rescue" those Decepticons who continued to follow Megatron's errant ways.