2018-02-02 To Support; Prowl

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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TO: Support (Perceptor, Wheeljack, Brainstorm, Bulk...)
CC: Prowl (Prowl)

You're all aware of the issue. The Harbringers have a combiner with Prowl supplemented into the Gestalt and acting as the head of the unit. A new Devastator.

None of you are proficient in the field of combiner technology. Luckily for you, I have collected one who is: Bombshell.

He has carried out a great deal of Shockwave's incomplete projects and completed them- in some cases, improving upon them.

Use him as you see fit within this area.

Lost Light Command

Note: Hey, uhhhhh, Boss had us send this out after he left. But we- Oh! This is Frenzy and Rumble!- but we think the other Devastator should be Prowlastator. HA! It's freckin' ridiculous, best name-- Rumble says I have to say it was his idea- SHUT UP RUMBLE, I KNOW. Primus, fraggin' scabby little aftplate. Anyways, Prowlastator! Learn it, love it, put it in all your reports. Oh. And sorry you gotta work with a creep, suckers!