From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-07-21 Chatlog

[The following takes place during the Vis Vitalis party.]


Soundwave: Rodimus? Rodimus are we under attack?! Is something wrong? You did not use the hoverboard on the ship's outside hull as I told you not to, correct? Do you require my assistance!


Soundwave: I don't understand. Rodimus, are you coherent? Please supplement the answer so I can determine your current mental capacity: Two plus two is?


Soundwave: That's the incorrect answer. Are you somewhere dirty? Rodimus, where are you?


Soundwave: ... ... ...

Soundwave: So... Rodimus, not in actual danger?


Soundwave: It was my understanding that this action is not a horrifying experience?

Rodimus: UR RONG

Soundwave: It's Rung and I most certainly am not.


Soundwave: Oh, I see... I was under the impression you enjoyed hugs. I apologize for any previous hugs and will refrain from doing so in the future.

Rodimus: NO!!

Rodimus: NOT U

Rodimus: I LIKE U

Rodimus: UR HUGS

Soundwave: Oh. Thank you.

Soundwave: I like you as well.

Rodimus: (typing)

Rodimus: (silence)

Rodimus: also there was a hat

Soundwave: Ah. I see now. Were you able to destroy it?

Rodimus: on his head. mb i can shot it

Soundwave: I hope your shot is better than Penchant's.

Soundwave: And do attempt not to shoot Thunderclash, Rodimus. Please.

Soundwave: ...

Soundwave: 'Pls'

Rodimus: omg say that again

Soundwave: 'Pls'?

Rodimus: that's the best thing i've evr seen ty

Soundwave: So, Rodimus better now?

Rodimus: yah

Rodimus: i can handle unicron, i can handle megs, i can fragging handle THUNDERS just watch me

Soundwave: I believe in you Rodimus. You are very capable.

Soundwave: You can message me again if you need while dealing with Thunders...clash. Thunderclash.

Rodimus: ok

Rodimus: his paint is stupid too

Soundwave: I know nothing about style.

Rodimus: that's ok i do and urs is better

Soundwave: Thank you. Good luck, Rodimus.

Soundwave: And no hoverboard on the hull. I am serious. You will float away.

Rodimus: i'm gonna

Soundwave: Rodimus, don't.

Soundwave: 'Pls'

Rodimus: ahahahaha

2018-07-03 To Rodimus


In the event I don't see you any time soon, please download the attached file onto a blank datapad. Then sign the document and deliver the datapad to Minimus.

If you cannot get to this in a timely manner, please let me know and I will ask Penchant to sign for you if you allow.

I hope you enjoy this gift.


[Attached is an official Lost Light Request form, only the signature line left blank.]

2018-05-24 To Penchant

This message comes some time after Penchant left Soundwave in the closet. Enough time for Soundwave to possibly cool off a bit.


I allowed you the choice to come with or stay here. You will always have a place with me but I was not going to force you into a decision.

I am disappointed by your actions today.

Inform me of your decision soon.


2018-05-02 To Rodimus

TO: Rodimus

Whether I have over-stepped any preconceived boundaries or insulted you in any way, it was never never my intention and I apologize.

Please inform me of what I have done wrong so I may avoid to do so in the future.

I hope this will allow for future visitations once more.

Lost Light Command

2018-02-02 To Support; Prowl

TO: Support (Perceptor, Wheeljack, Brainstorm, Bulk...)
CC: Prowl (Prowl)

You're all aware of the issue. The Harbringers have a combiner with Prowl supplemented into the Gestalt and acting as the head of the unit. A new Devastator.

None of you are proficient in the field of combiner technology. Luckily for you, I have collected one who is: Bombshell.

He has carried out a great deal of Shockwave's incomplete projects and completed them- in some cases, improving upon them.

Use him as you see fit within this area.

Lost Light Command

Note: Hey, uhhhhh, Boss had us send this out after he left. But we- Oh! This is Frenzy and Rumble!- but we think the other Devastator should be Prowlastator. HA! It's freckin' ridiculous, best name-- Rumble says I have to say it was his idea- SHUT UP RUMBLE, I KNOW. Primus, fraggin' scabby little aftplate. Anyways, Prowlastator! Learn it, love it, put it in all your reports. Oh. And sorry you gotta work with a creep, suckers!

2018-01-22 For Windblade

Before her departure, Windblade should find a single datastick lying on her desk. There's no clear indicator on who it's from but there is a neatly folded piece of delicate paper, with just two words on the outside. The words say:

Play this.

The datastick slots smoothly into place in any terminal and it plays its single file immediately. Its a video, a montage of sorts. Different clips and soundbytes played out, all of the crew. Some of the clips are from a low angle, some from the rafters, and others almost seem to be interview style. But there's a very clear and common theme: Windblade. Words of encouragement, admiration, and thankfulness for everything she has provided for the crew. Some faces she might recognize, others she may not, but all touched by her actions, words, and advice. Its not just the crew, there's comments from the video she long ago sent out that propelled her into the Galactic stage. Comments from Cybertronians and Colonists and even a few from a organics and other mechanical species. It ends with some final thank you's and a good-bye.

With the video file's course run, the datastick blinks. The blinking lights reveal a carefully ingrained, final message on the device:

Keep us with you.

2017-12-18 404 ERROR (After the Purification not found)

It happens quickly and silently. One moment, After the Purification: Towards Progress is available and then... Its gone. Anyone who did not download a personal copy, finds that they can no longer access Megatron's latest writing. Errors, deletion messages, etc. It's gone.

Whatever wiped it from the public domain, is more clever than first perceived too. Devices with a copy of After the Purification that connect to the Galactic Wifi (that's canon, btw. Its a real thing) will find that something of a virus worms in, finds the file, and corrupts it until its illegible.

Copies put up online and on boards after the initial deletion are detected and minutes later, deleted once more. It just won't stay up.

A short warning is sent out about the problem and that they're trying to find a solution. In the meantime, keep any offline copies offline. There's no word on who or what is behind this.

2017-10-13 To: Rodimus (Again)

TO: Rodimus
FROM: Soundwave
SUBJECT: Urgent Message

I received Whirlwind's message. You are Captain and have many duties. And it is not within my power to demand a time to meet with you. I had tried to avoid this and instead created this situation. I do not wish to leave things how they are. I want to speak with you, but I understand if I receive another reply from Whirlwind.

If you find any opening in your schedule, please consider allowing me to see you.

Decepticon Communications
Lost Light Bridge Commander

Post-Script: Query: 🤜?

2017-10-13 To: Rodimus

TO: Rodimus
FROM: Soundwave

You left before I could speak with you. It is imperative that we talk.

Report back a time you will be available to meet me.

Decepticon Communications
Lost Light Bridge Commander

2017-09-09 To: S&E

To: S&E Department
From: Soundwave
Subject: Subjects of Interest

To whom it pertains in the Science and Engineering Department,

On the most recent artifact hunt, Penchant and I returned with material that may be of interest. Two bodies and various pictures are all available for study and review. If you have further questions, you have my contact information and Penchant's.

Decepticon Communications
Lost Light Bridge Commander

Attached is the Public Report of the mission, mentioning a hollow body and one made out of wood along with a few pictures. The full report is available for any wishing to review the materials brought to the Lost Light.

2017-08-22 (No Subject)

TO: Rodimus
FROM: Soundwave
Subject: (No Subject)

Something is wrong.

2017-08-17 re: hey

[Preceding the following message, several blank messages are sent from Soundwave... Many, many, many blank messages responding to the lengthy, heartfelt message Rodimus had sent... And then one with something.]


2016-08-30 For Penchant

It's a box, wrapped in delicate paper of a muted color that shone in the light. There's a tag that says 'Penchant.' It waits within the hall outside of Lieutenant and Penchant's habsuite.

Once the box is unwrapped and opened, there's a rather... interesting painting. Clearly minimalist in style and non-representative made up of primarily lines. Whoever did this took meticulous care to make everything either perfectly perpendicular or parallel from mostly blue and purple with a few strands of yellow-green and red. It's just lines though and bears no signature.

Beneath this is a container of square energon jellies and sticky oil treats. Within the jellies are some nickel bits and the color of the cubes give away to some magnesium additives. The treats have a drizzle of sweet coolant and iron shavings on top. Both look delicious and will give a tank ache if too much is consumed at once.

At the very bottom of the box is a hand-transcribed note on a sheet. With the same neat hand-writing as the tag, it reads:


I await to see your plans to prevent further financial complications. These gifts are to thank you for your previous, current and subsequent work within Logistics. To reflect your ability to rise to the task, our next lesson will be pushing your limits. I suggest eating two of the jellies before the lesson.

Decepticon Commander
Lost Light Bridge Commander

2016-07-27 To: Penchant

TO: Penchant
FROM: Soundwave

I have been released from medical and allowed to resume my duties. Currently catching up on backlog. Attached is an updated schedule for our lessons to resume.

Bring container of ener-froyo. I will provide necessary utensils.

Decepticon Commander
Lost Light Bridge Commander

TO: Soundwave
FROM: Penchant

Hey Soundwave. Heard some grim news. Also heard you're not keen on visitors. Just let me know if there's anything I can do for you! I could bring you some ener-froyo? Or leave it with one of your cassettes, maybe?

2016-06-19 Letter of Recommendation

TO: Rodimus, Hound, Drift
CC: Penchant
SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation

I write this recommendation letter purely out of courtesy as it was requested of me and I agreed. However, I find this unnecessary in regards to my protege who has demonstrated his own worth and potential.

Penchant has been serving logistics faithfully with dedication and has spoken with me about his ideas to further improve upon the division. Furthermore, he has shown his aptitude for delegating work, being punctual, and managing a challenging workload.

In conclusion, Penchant has my full support in his efforts to lead the Logistics Division.

Decepticon Commander
Lost Light Bridge Commander

2016-06-12 Assistant Requisition

TO: Rodimus; Hound; Drift; Krok
CC: Penchant; Ultra Magnus
SUBJECT: Assistant Requisition

To increase the workflow, I require the assistance of logistics personnel. I have selected Ultra Magnus.

Attached is a detailed schedule of when he will need to serve on the bridge under my supervision during his shift hours along with the duties required of him during that time and the official form. I have a work station situated so he may begin immediately.

Your signatures required. Prompt reply and return of signed form expected.

Decepticon Commander
Lost Light Bridge Commander

Re Message to: Rodimus

TO: Rodimus
FROM: Soundwave
SUBJECT: Re: Ghoul

Captain Rodimus,

I, Ghoul, want to apologize for cussing at you. I did mean what I said, but not anymore. 'Til All Are One does not mean 'Go Slag Yourself,' it means that we are all one in the end. Anyway, yeah, I won't do that again. You're not a bad teacher.

Yeah, um, the end.

I spoke to Ghoul regarding insubordination, disrespect and the intolerance towards both that Command and I have. Warning was given, he understands second infraction will lead to more severe consequences. The above is a spoken to written apology about the incident- slight corrections to grammar given.

Rodimus, I request- and I know you are fully capable- that future messages be sent in full, actual linguistics. I do not hold out for grammar.