2018.12.29 TO: The Lost Light

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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An incoming recording is routed to the inboxes of everyone on the Lost Light's crew roster, including command and even some who have been gone. There is a rather large attachment with it, but the origin stifles any fears of malware.

Even with the lab in disarray it's easy to tell which one it is; the botany lab and Skystalker are unmistakable things that bloom as the recording opens.

"Hello, everyone." Skystalker is looking particularly polished, and there have been some delicate touch-ups to his paint; pale golden lines along seams, framing eyes, standing out as faint shimmers on his armor and wings. The flush of color in his biolights is bright, along with his eyes. His hand lifts in a greeting from the desk, and his lips pull up into a subdued grin. "Firstly--"

"I wanted to say things to so many of you, and I will undoubtedly make some personal visits… but I just need to speak and get some things off of my chest before I wimp out." Skystalker pauses, adjusting his wings in a tilt and sweep downward, resting there. "We've come so far together, in all of this. When I joined this crew, I wasn't sure I would be of much use. But I couldn't bear to stay on Cybertron. It hadn't been my home for so long… and all I saw were ghosts. So I ran, like I did before."

"Contrary to popular belief, neutrals didn't always run out of cowardice. We are brave too. Some of us ran out of fear. Or despair. Or even hope for something out there that wasn't war. Hid away. We longed for a home where we could be at peace, and a great number of us took sides even if not badges. I was one of them, so I know." The spacer's slender hands fold on the desktop, lacing fingers together as he considers his words. Clearly he has practiced this, but there remains an uncertainty. "I was born outside of Nyon. I was a rebel. I fought, back then. I spied for us when I was drafted by the Senate. I brought back intel. I agreed with Megatron's first words of equality, his writing. Obviously, that didn't last. When Nyon was destroyed I was in Iacon. I returned to slag and ruin. Everything collapsed after that, and I flew as fast and as hard as I could, remembering how I was forged on the highest peak on Cybertron and reaching for those same stars."

"Not long after that, I was trapped and sold into slavery by an alien trader. Freedom wasn't meant for me, at least at the time." Skystalker's eyes turn downward, all too aware that his own story wasn't something he told everyone. It lingered, sometimes, but it was never something he shouted from the rooftops. "The first years I remember vividly. After a point, time blurred. There are periods which I remember as if they happened yesterday, and others where I only recall emotions, colors, snapshots, attempts on my own life. I had no home once I left Cybertron, and I would not get another until our war ended. Before it did, I escaped-- I had heard much about the turning tides between Decepticons and Autobots, and… I suppose it inspired me to try and get away one last time."

"I was free, finally, because of that last attempt. If it hadn't worked…" Amber eyes harden, along with the lines of his mouth. Skystalker pauses another moment, vents quiet. "The war ended, and I went back. But nothing there was familiar. No faces, no places, nothing. I felt like an alien. I knew no-one until I came to sign up for this mission--" A smile flickers. "--and then I found Rodimus holding the list. How could I not? He was the only thing left of what I remembered."

The rest is history, in a sense.

"This ship became my //home//. All of //you// became my home. I had been free but I did not taste freedom until I looked down on Cybertron as we left. I was afraid, yet I learned that you need to let your faith be bigger than your fear."

"Here on the Lost Light, I have felt an //indescribable// joy that I've never known before." It is here that Sky's facade of togetherness cracks some; he smiles, however, motes of light shining from his eyes, wings lifting. "I was accepted, despite everything. I was supported. Loved. I found myself-- my real self. Not the slave, masked by millions of years of forced compliance." He stops, vents spiking audibly before he is able to compose himself.

"Whatever happens next, I love all of you. I will always be here for you, as you have been for me."

"I hate goodbyes, so you won't get one." Skystalker's smile brightens through his emotions, scattering the shadows from his face. "I'm going to help the Knights rebuild. It will be a place of peace and welcome. It will be a piece of this ship, and this mission, made real-- and all of you are welcome there. To find your own peace, if you need it."

"I've left a copy of all of my work on Cybertron. Devisiuns have agreed to go and help the engineers and scientists there oversee the crop transference to the planet. I believe that with both halves together, maybe we have a //real// chance for Cybertron to purify itself and generate energon again. The same for Caminus, and every other colony out there. Even if you never liked my gross plants, these crops are our future too. I have hope that we can figure this out together."

"Don't be a stranger, never with me."

"Oh, and Captain?" Skystalker leans into the feed, eyes narrowing in mirth. "You may have led us here, but to me you will always be my forge-brother, and I feel it in my spark when I am around you. I have faith that many of your crew believe the very same after this journey."

"As I said. No goodbyes. Only 'see you again soon'." Skystalker takes a moment to sit up and lift his wingspan with pride. "I've attached something for each of you. It's my symphony. I've worked on it for years, and I am finally proud of it. It is for all of you, and it is for this home I've had."

"I lost //my// light. You helped me find it again."

"Skystalker of the Lost Light, out." His smile is a brilliant thing, warm and full of love.

//[attachment: compressed file: LostLightSymphony/comp.mic.allmovements/final.mic]//