2018.12.11 Transmission to Drift

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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When the transmission starts, it's at a diagonal, only to be righted around-- and around-- and around again--

"That's not for you, let it go..." Skystalker's voice is muffled against the bump and shuffle of something against the input; the recorder gets held aloft, tipped down at Skystalker, who is now looking up with the crankiest face he can muster. It's not really that effective. Instead of trying to jump for it, he moves off camera and wrestles it away from a flailing tentacle, which fills the screen around his face when he sits down upon one of Unoe's coils.

"Sorry." comes flustered, and Skystalker gets slightly edged up against the frame as the plant's maw comes in on the other side. It clicks and rumbles, unintelligible though somehow one gets the feeling that it's curious. Or maybe he just knows what's happening, it's hard to tell.

"I definitely //hear// the crazy part." Skystalker puts his hand up under Unoe to guide the head away again. The flail of tendril stops too, settling with a faint rustle. "I hadn't heard from you after you landed... but then I didn't hear anything from the planet either, so I tried not to worry." His armor is a fine sheen and even his features seem to have been dusted with a golden shine; the lights in the ceiling glimmer off of him, and he even shows off an angling of his hand and wrist. "There's a bit of a touchup craze going on here, but I think part of it is a little supernatural. I'll explain later. I could hardly believe it all when I heard it..." The spacer trails off a little, only to orient a dazzling smile at the camera.

"... I'm glad to hear you're on your way back." The warm color of his optics deepens to a rich orange amber, and there's a small lean into focus. "Don't talk like that, you'll jinx yourself and the rest of those good mechs. And I do-- want to come, I mean. Right now things are pretty... tense here. Lots of command and captain and fleet meetings, and I've been working on some things with the others to do repairs to Metroplex, but there's only so much I can do before I start getting in the way. Repairs on the crew have been going well, too."

"But the crops? I've worked on them so long that all I need now is to plant them and record the results... and maybe they could take on that planet too. I've taught some newsparks about them, and they seem to love it." After some rambling on, Skystalker seems to focus again when he mentions the newsparks, folding his hands up in front of his face with a laugh.

"Make it back soon, alright? I want to meet your knights. And maybe...maybe we can see if anyone else wants to come? We can be away from Cybertron while things calm down. Figure it out, you know?" Skystalker's biolights hum with a rosy hue. "I love you too. Don't drink yourself stupid if you haven't already. Daybreaker will tell me if you did."

Will it? Is that a thing? Unfortunately it's a cliffhanger, because Sky waves his fingers as the message cuts.