2019-01-03 Sin of Omission

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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As the restorative justice movement has begun many mechs have stepped forward. War criminals, murderers, petty thieves- all have confessed and received their rulings. There is one mech that stands out amongst the crowd of wrongdoers. Doesn’t stand out may be more accurate. With far less excitement than those previously sentenced, Ring-- Rung of Pious Pools steps forward. Once reminded of who that is the few present exchange glances as the small mech approaches the stand. What could this tiny orange mech possibly have to confess?

Rung speaks as the little noise in the room dies down. "Several million years ago I served on the Fateful Archetype before it crashed." A wave of silence goes through the confused listeners. "And during the crash." Muttering begins to rise behind Rung. How was Rung there? Didn't that crash kill everyone aboard? Wait there WAS a single survivor! It was him?

"I- One moment please. This is… hard to speak of after all this time.” Especially to so many present. Rung starts again, “I mourn the death of my crew and those I served with but because of their deaths I was able to keep my most carefully guarded secret." Rung takes a deep breath. It rattles his vents as he releases it. "I, Rung of Pious Pools, have been illegally practicing psychiatry for the last 3 million years.

"During my time on the fateful archetype I was under suspicion of growing too close to patients. My superiors didn't like how we interacted, evidently. I was accused of malpractice and brought before a tribunal. They disbarred for my 'inappropriate relations' with those I’d been asked to help. I was in the brig awaiting my sentencing to be sent up the chain of command when the ship was shot down. I don’t know how I survived but I did. The rest of the crew didn’t. The crash took any knowledge of my tribunal to the graves. I didn't breathe a word of this to anyone aside from my former friend, Froid.”

Rung frowns as the other mech’s name leaves his lips, “He then used my secret to blackmail me until his disappearance. He stole my life's work, which he renamed as the Froidian Classification System, and dragged my reputation through the muck to the point I felt the need to leave Cybertron after the war ended. I’ve held this secret longer than some mechs have lived... and I decided now was the time to let the darkest part of my past go.

"If you are looking for an apology or regret you wont find them here." Rung's helm snaps up. The glasses burn with the stubborn determination of his optics. "To the day I die I will fight the decision they made, I know I was not inappropriate or unprofessional with my patients. They were simply too daft to see it. I kept my secret because I knew I was able to do more and since then I have. I'm not sorry, but I know now is the time for the past to be laid to rest so it doesn't continue to haunt our futures. If requested I will release all my patient files for review, but only into the hands of another licensed psychiatrist unless permission is granted by the patient themselves. I will not break their confidentiality. " Rung’s hands fold behind together as he meets the eyes of every committee member before him, “So decide what you will.”

When the files are requested for review the console they are downloaded to nearly crashes. There are thousands. Thousands who don’t even seem to recall who Rung is.