2017-08-20 Update on Recent Events

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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The following shipwide announcement is made both over the comm, and sent by text. The fact that it is an extremely legible text is probably due to the fact that Rodimus now has a little extra help in his office. Shout out to Fritz.

"Hey, guys. Got the final report back from Ratchet and medical, and I'm happy to report that we're all clear. Now here's the part where I tell that it also means that we're all US. Because this wasn't actually about nanoviruses at all. Sorry about the deception, but what it actually was about was a different attack by the Lost -- by the way, who started calling them Light Lost? I heard it and it's great and a Rodimus star to you. Very nice.

"Right, well. Turns out they'd also grabbed Ultra Magnus and Whetstone and tried sneaking their own in. Lieutenant led a comms team including Arrow, Cosmos, and Orbitall, uncovering a transmission by their Minimus of our crew roster and some of the details of our search. Thus far, we don't believe they know anything further, including our location, but the Rigardians and Tempo are on high alert.

As result of the comms team's work, we were able to arrest their Minimus. Their Whetstone was killed trying to break him free and escape by Bone Spur and Chimera. We recovered our Minimus and our Whetstone on the same strike where we recovered the others.

"I want to really recognize the work that Arrow, Cosmos, Lieutenant and Orbitall did, because it's thanks to them -- and Bone Spur and Chimera barring the door -- that we have a major bargaining chip. We have their Minimus Ambus, and we'll be ransoming him in exchange for as many Decepticon slaves as we can get. And it sounds like we might get a lot.

"So thanks, Medical, for all of your work over the past week -- but I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask more of you. Great work, everyone, and keep it up -- 'til all are one!"