2018-12-17 Letter of Resignation

From Transformers: Lost and Found

< DataNet:Ratchet

TO: Minimus Ambus, Hound, Prowl, Autobot High Command

I write to you to resign my commission as Autobot Chief Medical Officer, effective at the end of the stellar cycle. I have held this position since the inception of the Autobot army, and it is time that I step aside. I urge you to consider First Aid to replace me. He has demonstrated all the qualities of an excellent doctor and officer and I believe would effectively execute the duties of the position.

It has been the honor of my life to provide what aid and comfort I can to the common Autobot soldier, whose sacrifice and suffering has earned us this moment. I urge this Command, which has my utmost confidence and admiration, not to forget that sacrifice as you guide our race to peace, at last.

Ratchet of Protihex