2018-08-31 Citation of Merit

From Transformers: Lost and Found

< DataNet:Ratchet

I have reviewed the patient file for a recent medical emergency involving total loss of brain module due to explosive trauma. Under normal circumstances this injury is all but fatal. The patient file discloses that Doctor First Aid, assisted by Nurse Vortex and Surgical Aide Spinister, responded rapidly, appropriately, and creatively to this medical emergency. Doctor First Aid performed a surgical intervention, assisted by Nurse Vortex and Surgical Aide Spinister, to transplant a cold brain module under circumstances where the patient's spark was undergoing cascading pulse failure leading to imminent collapse. To perform this procedure under the circumstances required significant skill and is an exemplary application of medical training and knowledge. It is therefore appropriate that this CITATION OF MERIT be and hereby is placed in their permanent personnel records.

--Ratchet of Protihex, Chief Medical Officer (Autobot Army), Co-Chief Medical Officer (Lost Light).