2018-02-26 To Crew

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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(An audio recording sent in the early hours of the cycle.)

"What was meant to be a quick confirmation of Udunus' containment had instead our small team being transported to a separate reality of Cybertron, changed and bleak. We were joined by more crewmates routinely using Tempo's space bridge."

"I'm still being filled in on the circumstances which led to this mishap, but it is clear to me that we owe our Support division, namely Bulkhead and Nightshade, a great debt of gratitude in seeing us to safety."

"I'd also like to formally recognize the following mecha and their merits in hardship: Windblade for her wit, Lieutenant's bravery in spite of the odds, Ratchet for his acumen and resolve, Minimus Ambus' endurance in the face of adversity, Fireflight's resourcefulness and aid in morale, Rodimus' fierce willingness to sacrifice, Soundwave's... stubborn sense of justice, and Blast Off and Cosmos' unity against great risk."

"I'm proud to call you my crewmates. Rest, recover, and resume your duties as soon as you're able. There is still work to be done. Prowl, out."