From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-04-30 To Hound, Rodimus

Rodimus: Good job re: Orion dropping the title. Turns out you're pretty decent at this leading thing. Who knew.

Hound: Do me a solid and scoop that faketrix out of Orion, or task someone. We should try to study it, at least.

2018-02-26 To Crew

(An audio recording sent in the early hours of the cycle.)

"What was meant to be a quick confirmation of Udunus' containment had instead our small team being transported to a separate reality of Cybertron, changed and bleak. We were joined by more crewmates routinely using Tempo's space bridge."

"I'm still being filled in on the circumstances which led to this mishap, but it is clear to me that we owe our Support division, namely Bulkhead and Nightshade, a great debt of gratitude in seeing us to safety."

"I'd also like to formally recognize the following mecha and their merits in hardship: Windblade for her wit, Lieutenant's bravery in spite of the odds, Ratchet for his acumen and resolve, Minimus Ambus' endurance in the face of adversity, Fireflight's resourcefulness and aid in morale, Rodimus' fierce willingness to sacrifice, Soundwave's... stubborn sense of justice, and Blast Off and Cosmos' unity against great risk."

"I'm proud to call you my crewmates. Rest, recover, and resume your duties as soon as you're able. There is still work to be done. Prowl, out."

2018-02-16 To Rodimus

I felt like your attempt deserved a proper, logged response. So here it is: You're forgiven.

And I apologize as well.

Also, I misspoke - this isn't an acquaintanceship. Don't slag this up.

2018-02-12 To Ratchet

Ratchet, what's the status on the cure for our Unicron-afflicted crewmates?

2018-02-11 Fwd To Minimus

Prowl has forwarded Rodimus' message of broken text and emojis to Minimus.

What is this? Can you translate? Why can't he just communicate with words like a normal mech!

2018-01-14 To Windblade

Windblade will find a package perched before her office door. It's a small, rectangular box with simple, foil wrapping. Inside, a dagger, or what /looks/ like a dagger, sits cushioned, with a long silver blade and an ornate handle, carved and inset with saturated turquoise stones and bright red coral. It looks like a type of flying creature, with delicate feathers and a beak-like maw that points down the blade. A note is enclosed: Found this in one of Tempo's shops. Merchant said it was a letter opener, for traditional writing. I saw you were using paper. Thought you might like it. -Prowl

2018-01-04 To Command, Div Heads

I sent Lieutenant back to Medical. He just destroyed a vital component for our upcoming attack against Unicron. In front of me. He claims he felt a surge. Pipes ought to be collected as well. That lich may still be controlling our mechs, and they need to be monitored. I'll be following up.

2017-12-13 To Hound

This is pretty belated, but I wanted to make things clear - I don't think you're my dog, Hound. Admittedly I forget tone and occasionally my own authority when I'm commanding other mechs. I've been making an effort to correct that.

I've always considered you a solid, dependable soldier, and a level-headed leader. I haven't forgotten the patience you've shown me. But don't let this scrap go to your head. Calling a meeting between you and Minimus over the state of Autobot leadership.

2017-12-07 To Drift


I've attached a list of celestial objects within Unicron's current projected path - at least for our galactic supercluster. There's extensive details on each. I've marked which planets we may attempt to defend or aid in evacuating, resources permitting.

The ship I've procured is a small willow-class interceptor, room for four mechs and some storage, and armed with plasmic quad-cannons and cloaking, for what that's worth. You'll find it in Bay C-24 in Iacon's spaceport. Tell the orange-armored dockmaster who you are and ask for the key. I'd like the ship to be returned in one piece.

Whatever you're planning, if you manage to afford us some type of advantage, an opening anywhere, contact me.

Wreck and Rule.

2017-11-22 To Minimus


When you have time, could you send me a bulleted list of your arguments against my case? I'd like to review them. Please.

2017-11-01 To Lieutenant


I'm relieved to hear from you. Let me know the next time you decide to assign yourself a mission. I admire the initiative, really, but I could've provided support, or sent someone with you. It wasn't an inconvenience, it was a preventable risk. In any case, I'd visit, but I'm occupied with Cyberton matters today, so if it's pertinent information (and it sure sounds like it is), send me a summary, and I'll debrief you as soon as I get a chance. And I'm always in good spirits! Can't say the same for the rest of Command...


I sincerely apologize if my sudden disappearance and radio silence was an inconvenience to you. While I have returned to Rigard, I will not be visiting you on the Lost Light. I have an apartment to settle into and for that, would request further time off before taking on another mission. If you have a need to see me about further intel I gained on my travels on Photonics Crystals and Quintessons, please come see me at my new address attached to this message.

If not, I shall message you went soonest I can formally report.

Do try to keep in good spirits, Sir.

- Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant of Iacon

2017-10-26 To Arrow, Soundwave

I'm including Soundwave on this because I am being totally transparent in my methods and means, and I would like to utilize Arrow's skill in information gathering to see if we can drum up anything on the name 'emBer'. Yes, it's spelled like that.

Keep me updated.

2017-10-25 Re: To Trailbreaker

Thank you for the milkshake offer but I'm good.

Based on the list of mechs in the committee, I'm pulling my candidacy. I'd cause too much of a disruption, and nothing would get accomplished. Best of luck.

Well! I admit I'm a little surprised, I didn't think this was your kind of thin. But if Rodimus reccommended it I guess that's that! Membership lists are open to all members, so I'll fwd it to you.

Hey, uh, be nice, okay?


(later, at 3 AM Rigard time)

-oh hey i still have your frequency here i guess

-hey pow u want a milkshake

2017-10-25 To Trailbreaker

Rodimus recommended me as a potential member for the Ethics Committee. Could you please forward me a list of confirmed members?

2017-10-14 Re: To Arrow, Lieutenant

Disregard. I'll be putting a format request in. Arrow, you're relieved of anything perceived as owed, and our arrangements are null.


I need you two to dig up anything and everything we've ever had on photonic crystals.


2017-10-14 To Arrow, Lieutenant

I need you two to dig up anything and everything we've ever had on photonic crystals.


2017-10-12 To Lieutenant

Relating to what I'd previously told you about our situation - If this information reaches anyone else, one way or another, I'll do what I can to protect your status and name, seeing as you are blameless. Soundwave is reading this, so let me affirm, you merely did what you were ordered to do by the Liaison of Autobot High Command. You are an Autobot under Autobot Command.

2017-08-17 To Soundwave

(Drafts have accidentally been attached)


This is twice now I've had to send my sympathy. I ha


We risked good Autobot lives to haul your aft back. Please recover quickly so you can help clean up the mess you made. While y

(Lieutenant must have taken over here)


I wish you a speedy recovery.

2017-08-17 To Vortex

TO: Vortex
FROM: Prowl
CC: Tailgate

I don't want to watch, Vortex. Just get us answers. Don't kill the damn captive.

2017-08-15 To Rodimus

(It's a vague message that demands to be exempt from the medical examinations on the basis of him being Prowl (Prowl). Also some congratulations on the moderately successful mission.)

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