From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-07-22 To Ten


I appreciate you coming forward and taking action like this. I've known you to be painfully reserved, so I'm certain this was difficult for you. Admittedly, I hadn't known the degree of passion you had for your work. And me. I knew you were dedicated, which I admired. It was useful. But it's clear it was detrimental to your well-being, and I'm glad you're taking the steps to make matters easier, even if it means I'm losing my trusty assistant. I know what it is to be obsessed, and the dark spiral it can lead to.

You'll always be a friend, and regardless of what you may think, you've always exceeded my expectations in subordinates.



I know I should probably do this in person, but with what I see you going through (albeit I do not know what) I think it best this happen in writing. Apologies for adding onto your plate of stressors, but this might be a good thing to you. It was something that seemed bound to happen eventually, but I did not think myself to ever go through with this. Here I am though.

Briefly, I am resigning, effective immediately.

As for the comprehensive explanation, I suggest you keep a coffee with you.

Fifteen senators, two nobles, a Decepticon Commander, an Autobot Captain, a Disc Jockey, a Decepticon Monoformer with a thumb in hand, and briefly a piebald minibot-turned-cassette is everyone I have worked under aside from you. Out of the twenty-three, you were the only one I ever worked to please the most. When you first hired me, I thought you needed me to be an object, like those before you had done. I did as instructed, to be useful to you as per usual with those before. Then you told me something I had not heard in 2.8 million years:

Good Job.

That changed me. I never worked harder to appease anyone, because for once, I did something worth praise. From then on I spent hours, days, weeks, research and perfecting whatever assignment given. Perish the thought of ever returning to you without any results. Even then, I still climbed higher by practicing combat and using what skills I had to infiltrate, should the request be given. I learned to hack far better than when you originally took me in. All for every nod and every ‘thank you’ which meant more to me than you realize. For once, I meant something to someone.

I never wanted to let you down.

I know I did when I disappeared on the mission to bring in Tormentor of Tyrest. While you know of the brief report on the situation, I dearly wish you to know that I did try to return him to you. Admittedly, I was more capable to handle the situation than as a hacker that you thought me of. I truly wanted to make you proud of me for succeeding in the mission. However, Tormentor was an interrogator and in time he knew I worked for you and saw my desperation for another ‘Good job’ from you. I am embarrassed to say, he saw that I was obsessed for you.

After ages of zero acknowledgments to my work or my existence, any little bit of praise given I would latch onto desperately. Then drive through whatever obstacle lay in my way, by any means necessary, for a ‘thank you.’

Two words.

[[Tormentor pointed out many things in myself I refused to acknowledge. He was excellent at seeing others and through them. If the mission had been completed, you would have found yourself with an incredibly capable mech beyond his abilities. You might have even liked him.]]

He made me realize that I needed you far more than you needed me. I brushed it off, but when I got closer to him, I agreed. When he passed away, I tried reminding myself of those words, that you might not need me as much as I did you. That maybe by then you had forgotten me and my mission, therefore I would not have to report to you. I would not have to admit I failed.

We both know that did eventually happen.

However, you still required of me and I threw aside my Conjunx Endura’s words. Over the course of the three hundred and fifty-nine days, I have come to terms that it is true. It is not that you did not need me, it is that I wanted you to need me more. In the recent reading of the Lost Light Insider, I stood by you over someone else. I do not regret the choice, but rather reflect on it to realize I did desire you. It was all in the hopes for a task, a thank you, anything to acknowledge the fact that I was not an object.

I think it time such needs be laid to rest, for you and me.

Over the nearly full year you have been on board the Lost Light, you have changed drastically for the better, for you. I think it my turn to say I am proud of who you are and what you have become. It was an honor working under you, and it still is wonderful to have you on board the Lost Light. I hope to see you around as a crew member, and perhaps one day, as a friend.

It has been a pleasure,

Fmr. Lt. Ten of Iacon

2018-07-17 To Nightshade

Nice work, Grand Butterfly. Send me a sample as soon as you're able to synthesize more. And don't forget lab safety, and all that scrap.

Please find enclosed notes from my detailed and still-ongoing analysis of that residue you sent over. It is flammable and more resistant to cold, although it does grow brittle in extreme cold. Its stringy nature is due to it being a complex polymer, with many strings threaded together. The webbing and adhesive are separate components which have a similar makeup to substances I've seen certain organics create, particularly Terran spiders. In other words I cannot wait to try to synthesize more of this myself as soon as I detach myself from the wall.

Yours in Secular Wisdom and Science, Nightshade, Grand Butterfly of etc.

2018-07-17 Fwd: To Rodimus

Congratulations on your promotion, Rodimus. Please handle this. My recommendation: have Wheeljack and Bulkhead sign off on any changes.

So I know I'm not supposed to be asking for tools and materials, but hear me out. This is for the good of everyone. Also because if I have to continue using these consoles like they are, I think I'll go insane. Whoever designed and programmed them needs to have his head and hands screwn back on straight. I'm amazed we've been using them as they are and not had the ship barrel into something or implode. What I'm saying is, I can rebuild and reprogram them to be much more efficient and user-friendly, and given the situation we're in, we need all the advantages we can get.

-- Ship's Genius, Brainstorm

2018-07-17 To Tarantulas

Tarantulas - Seeing as you have not provided me with anything beyond troublesome toys and aggravation, I think it's best that we terminate our agreement. However, before I block communications, I will provide you with information on Ostaros, if you explain to me what you and your merry band were up to when you elected to abduct the following mechs.

<Attached is a set of dossiers from the missing mechs in Soundwave's recent report.>

I want straight, complete, thorough answers. Who ordered you, what you or "team" did, where the victims are now. Anything less, and I'll make certain you never see the light of Ostaros' distorted spark again.

2018-07-14 To Nightshade

Nightshade: Please analyze the residue Tarantulas left behind in Wheeljack's lab. Thanks.

2018-07-10 To Fortress Maximus

You wouldn't happen to know Springer's current whereabouts, would you?

2018-07-04 To Tarantulas

(Angry voicemail for Tarantulas)

"You left me with a weapon that condenses mechs into MARBLES. One of my scientists is incapacitated by this scrap! Provide me with a reversal immediately! I know you planned this, Mesothulas!" (click)

2018-06-11 Fwd: Hound

Hound, can you please explain these messages.


Prowl: Status satisfactory. Personnel successfully recovered, with additions. Planning for extraction, or alternatives. Rodimus prefers alternatives. Radio silence due to Megatron pursuit. Reinforcements not opposed.

-Minimus Ambus



2018-06-11 To Minimus Ambus

Prowl has had this audio message tightbeamed by Blaster right into Minimus' head, and the volume has been ramped up.


2018-05-30 To Tarantulas

Tarantulas. If you insist on being called that.

I have some ideas. I'd like to discuss them with you in person. Don't make me come back to your viscous hovel. Find some place secure.


2018-04-30 To Hound, Rodimus

Rodimus: Good job re: Orion dropping the title. Turns out you're pretty decent at this leading thing. Who knew.

Hound: Do me a solid and scoop that faketrix out of Orion, or task someone. We should try to study it, at least.

2018-02-26 To Crew

(An audio recording sent in the early hours of the cycle.)

"What was meant to be a quick confirmation of Udunus' containment had instead our small team being transported to a separate reality of Cybertron, changed and bleak. We were joined by more crewmates routinely using Tempo's space bridge."

"I'm still being filled in on the circumstances which led to this mishap, but it is clear to me that we owe our Support division, namely Bulkhead and Nightshade, a great debt of gratitude in seeing us to safety."

"I'd also like to formally recognize the following mecha and their merits in hardship: Windblade for her wit, Lieutenant's bravery in spite of the odds, Ratchet for his acumen and resolve, Minimus Ambus' endurance in the face of adversity, Fireflight's resourcefulness and aid in morale, Rodimus' fierce willingness to sacrifice, Soundwave's... stubborn sense of justice, and Blast Off and Cosmos' unity against great risk."

"I'm proud to call you my crewmates. Rest, recover, and resume your duties as soon as you're able. There is still work to be done. Prowl, out."

2018-02-16 To Rodimus

I felt like your attempt deserved a proper, logged response. So here it is: You're forgiven.

And I apologize as well.

Also, I misspoke - this isn't an acquaintanceship. Don't slag this up.

2018-02-12 To Ratchet

Ratchet, what's the status on the cure for our Unicron-afflicted crewmates?

2018-02-11 Fwd To Minimus

Prowl has forwarded Rodimus' message of broken text and emojis to Minimus.

What is this? Can you translate? Why can't he just communicate with words like a normal mech!

2018-01-14 To Windblade

Windblade will find a package perched before her office door. It's a small, rectangular box with simple, foil wrapping. Inside, a dagger, or what /looks/ like a dagger, sits cushioned, with a long silver blade and an ornate handle, carved and inset with saturated turquoise stones and bright red coral. It looks like a type of flying creature, with delicate feathers and a beak-like maw that points down the blade. A note is enclosed: Found this in one of Tempo's shops. Merchant said it was a letter opener, for traditional writing. I saw you were using paper. Thought you might like it. -Prowl

2018-01-04 To Command, Div Heads

I sent Lieutenant back to Medical. He just destroyed a vital component for our upcoming attack against Unicron. In front of me. He claims he felt a surge. Pipes ought to be collected as well. That lich may still be controlling our mechs, and they need to be monitored. I'll be following up.

2017-12-13 To Hound

This is pretty belated, but I wanted to make things clear - I don't think you're my dog, Hound. Admittedly I forget tone and occasionally my own authority when I'm commanding other mechs. I've been making an effort to correct that.

I've always considered you a solid, dependable soldier, and a level-headed leader. I haven't forgotten the patience you've shown me. But don't let this scrap go to your head. Calling a meeting between you and Minimus over the state of Autobot leadership.

2017-12-07 To Drift


I've attached a list of celestial objects within Unicron's current projected path - at least for our galactic supercluster. There's extensive details on each. I've marked which planets we may attempt to defend or aid in evacuating, resources permitting.

The ship I've procured is a small willow-class interceptor, room for four mechs and some storage, and armed with plasmic quad-cannons and cloaking, for what that's worth. You'll find it in Bay C-24 in Iacon's spaceport. Tell the orange-armored dockmaster who you are and ask for the key. I'd like the ship to be returned in one piece.

Whatever you're planning, if you manage to afford us some type of advantage, an opening anywhere, contact me.

Wreck and Rule.

2017-11-22 To Minimus


When you have time, could you send me a bulleted list of your arguments against my case? I'd like to review them. Please.

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