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Hey everyone, CrimsonTearsFan here. We all know some shit's been going down on the Rim, but I'm here to tell you that it's so much worse than anything the Council-controlled media is telling you. This is HUGE and they are LYING and people are going to DIE because of it.

I'm talking about the destruction of the Ummah of Rior. First hint: the Orion Arm Frontier Fleet has started issuing updates on what happened, NOT the Division of Veracity. Ailliotta Hanrahan hasn't reported in DAYS. This is coming straight from the top, spoonfed from Peacekeeper High Command. To wit:

"After investigation, the OAFF has concluded that the area of space containing the organic sentient society known as the Ummah of Rior was compromised by a Catastrophic Stellar Event that has rendered the area uninhabitable. Dangerous stellar conditions are expected to persist for the next millennia. Thus, travel to the former Ummah of Rior is banned until further notice."

This is COUNCIL NONSENSE. Before they pulled her off the story, Hanrahan posted a ton of interviews with Riorans to her personal datastream. They've all been suppressed now, but I managed to save a few. None of them support this Stellar Event theory. Listen to this eyewitness account:

"My name is A'ghabed abd Manzel. Before the Catastrophe, I worked with my sons, doing space tours for visitors from the Inner Worlds. We were doing a tour around the glass rings of Zamed, grace be upon the Saint of Stars, when He That Hungers came. It was as if God had sewn an eighth jewel into the divine neckline of the Ummah, He was so massive. I saw a world break apart, I swear it, cracked in His jaws like an egg. The faithful came, and they fought, and they died. It was then my son told me to flee, and I am ashamed to say I did."

That's not a Stellar Event. That's an invasion. And what's happening on Healoa? Story after story about crazed Riorans and how dangerous they are to the natives. By the end of the month there won't /be/ any Riorans left. The Council is covering it up, they're committing GENOCIDE because they don't want ANYONE to know what happened out there.Oh, you're just being paranoid, CTF. Oh, you post nonstop about Azzak, you must think the Council is out to get everyone! Still don't believe me? Look at the wider picture. In the past three weeks, the Council has:

-Activated the OAFF.

-Canceled leave for Peacekeeping fleets in every neighboring sector, supposedly for 'readiness drills.'

-Dispatched marines to every planet Development Grade 3 or higher in the Orion Arm.

And the kicker? I learned from one of my Consortia sources that a Council battleship was seen leaving Gethsem and arriving at the OAFF fleetbase. You know what the Council keeps at Gethsem, according to the latest Consortia intel? Geobombs. That's right, worldbusters. The biggest booms the Council can lay their claws on.

I don't pretend to know what happened at Rior. But the Council is /scared shitless/.

Reply from Shishabo

Nice rundown, CTF! You can't trust the Council. We gotta get this out there, expose what they're doing! Annihilating the Riorans to keep this under wraps...unbelievable!

Reply from Gandamakar

So, what do we think? Cybertronians? Personally I think it's the Ammonites. You can't trust mechanicals, no matter what hole they crawl out of. I wouldn't be surprised if they were working together. When was the last time anyone saw Megatron? He's up to something, and making an alliance with other mechanicals to kill us all is just what he'd do.

Reply from banned

More lies from CTF. The Council isn't out to get anyone, it's lies like this that keep organics divided. Let's even say you're right. You want people to panic? You want the whole Orion Arm to go up in riots? The Council keeps the peace, you Consortia freaks just want to stir up unrest so you can swoop in and extort peace-loving people to solve the problems YOU created. It's sick. You're all monsters. Poster was banned for this post

Reply from CTF

Bye bye, CouncilBot. I'll leave it up so people can see what an idiot looks like. Have fun when this thing starts tearing through your core worlds. The Consortia will be ready. It always is. We survive. The Council grovels.