Iacon News Service- Update from Cybertron

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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A news clip from Cybertron has recently been circulating around not only the population of the Lost Light, but seems to have made its way to every Cybertronian still remaining after the war. The news it brings is…. distressing.

A beige mech donning a faceplate- autobot if the blue optics are anything to go by- stands in front of what is clearly a hospital on Cybertron, speaking into his thumb mic. “This is Circuit of the Iacon News Service, reporting to you from outside the New Iacon general hospital. Several hours earlier it came to this reporter’s attention that a very special patient was admitted into the ICU: Bumblebee, the de facto leader of the Autobots since Optimus Prime’s disappearance several years ago. Details are scarce but what can be known is that the autobot was brutally attacked and left to die, only surviving due to being found by Ironhide- who we were told went to check on him after the minibot did not show up for a meeting.

“Though there is not much known at this time, what can be proven is that Cybertron is dancing on organic eggshells at the moment. Factional tension is once again at an all time high as both sides begin to turn on each other. The most common accusations are that the attack is a Decepticon ploy to weaken autobot representation in Lord Starscream’s council, while the Decepticons claim that this is an autobot trick, a ploy to lower their reputation even further. Lord Starscream-“ Circuit’s visor lights up vividly as he spots something off screen. Lowering the thumb mic, if one is perceptive enough they may just catch Circuit muttering, Speak of the devil and he shall appear under his breath before seeming to grab the camera mech’s face and physically twisting it around.

None other than the ‘illustrious Lord Starscream’ is making his way towards the hospital, several of his enforcers in tow. He does not look happy in any sense yet this does not seem to dissuade the reporter, “Lord Starscream!” Running up, Circuit reaches his mic up as far as he can towards the tall seeker, “Do you have anything to say about the rumors stating Bumblebee’s half of the matrix is currently missing-“

“No comment.” Is sneered by the ruler before he seems to glide past both reporters and make his way into the building.

The last thing heard is “Uh.. Y-You heard it here folks. This has been Circuit of the Iacon News Service, signing off-“ Just before the enforcers close in, likely booting the reporters off of hospital grounds.