2018-01-04 Nightmare

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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Mir scrambled for their blaster, narrowly avoiding the swipe from the much larger mech at their backstruts. They spun back to try and take a few wild shots at him, only to scream in terror as their attacker quickly attempted to box them into a corner - or far away enough to for one of his probable buddies to pick them off. They backed away in a hurry, as far as they could but still staying close enough to Auriga’s fight with the other mech.

Dead End. To think that the cultural investigation would request for members to include data from a place like this… If they had known…

Gripping their blaster tight with both servos, they tried to find somewhere safe to aim but… Too close! He was much too close! They can’t neutralise him like this! Their processors clouded over with blind fear and adrenaline. Go away! Stay away! Leave them ALONE!


Pink droplets all over their blaster and their servos. A gaping hole where part of his face and left optic was supposed to be. So much… blood… A clatter ringing in their audials as they watched their attacker stagger back from the blow, in complete and utter shock at… all of it. Then the mech, the mech with half a face left and their brain module in chunks, crashed down to the ground. He didn’t get back up.

A low keening moan began to rumble in their vocalizer as Mir curled up in a ball on their berth, pulling and tucking their big green blanket over and under themselves. It was perhaps a lucky chance that their roommate wasn’t around to see them like… like they were going to shatter to pieces at the slightest nudge.

And wouldn’t that put more fuel onto the garbage fire that was apparently their relationship so far.

Servos over their audials, knees up to their chest, hiding underneath the soft blanket they had bought from Khepri a few weeks ago. But even that fun time of buying souvenirs for themselves and their friends didn’t keep that moment at bay. In their mind, they could only watch helplessly as flashes of the memory they’d much rather forget flickered through their processor.

Pink. Splatter. Hole. Clatter. Shock. Crash. Dead. Dead. Dead.

“MIR! Are you okay?!” Silver. Orange optic visor. Auriga… They felt like they were wading through sludge. They could almost taste it on their glossa. Their fuel tanks churn faintly from the thought. Yuck. From the reflection in Auriga’s orange visor, Mir saw their own blue optics dim. “Hold on, okay? I need to get you to the Doc! You’ll be okay, I swear!”

“I- I… I’m so sorry, Mir. I didn’t- It shouldn’t have happened. I should’ve been more careful.”

Suddenly venting out loud, their legs shot out to kick off the fluffy blanket… only for Mir to let out a muffled yelp as both the blanket and themselves tumbled off the berth.


For a moment, they stay in the bundled blanket, stunned by the fall. Right. Right… They weren’t there any more. And neither was that place. Everything had been wiped back to a blank slate. But that didn’t mean anything to the memories inside their databanks.

Letting out quiet whine of frustration, Mir slowly began to free themselves out of the messy blanket burrito that they had inadvertently rolled themselves into. Finally, with one arm outside the blanket, they pulled the covers down away from their faceplates and took a deep vent of fresh air. Dim blue optics shuttered slowly as they stared up at the ceiling, venting deeply in the silence.

They'll be okay. They're going to be okay.

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