Minimus Ambus

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-12-09 TO: Prowl

TO: Prowl
FROM: Minimus Ambus
SUBJ: Re: Agenda of Command Meeting 12092018

You said that you aren't a soldier. I understand. Many have been called to service in this army who are not soldiers, or who would be other than soldiers given an option in a universe with fewer wars.

I am. I have always been. I am a soldier.

The badge represents all that I serve. In war, you have seen what it means. In peace, it remains. Duty, order, courage, freedom. It is worthy of honor and respect. It should not be cast aside as a symbol of mere division, because that was never what it was meant to be.

I understand that this is the path Autobot Command has chosen. I respect that you have the authority to make this choice, although I disagree profoundly with the choice. I am prepared to accept the consequences of my actions. I will report at 0600 on the morning of the effective date and go like a brother officer to the holding cell of your choice when you arrest me for insubordination.

I will not remove this badge.

Yours sincerely,

Minimus Ambus

2018-06-11 TO: Prowl

Minimus prevails on Soundwave to transmit a short burst transmission at 0500 ship's standard time.

Prowl: Status satisfactory. Personnel successfully recovered, with additions. Planning for extraction, or alternatives. Rodimus prefers alternatives. Radio silence due to Megatron pursuit. Reinforcements not opposed.

2018-02-11 TO: Prowl

TO: Prowl
FROM: Minimus Ambus

One of the perquisites of no longer being romantically involved with Rodimus is that I no longer have to interpret missives like this.

Primitive organic civilizations undergo a ritual known as the casting of the bones to interpret signs and determine meaning. I believe it may be your only option.


2018-01-31 For Windblade

Minimus Ambus provides Windblade with the following extremely eclectic playlist of songs on a datastick:


Track 1: A bold orchestral recording he purchased during his brief stay on Caminus. It is fully instrumental, dramatic and full of absorbing, sweeping crescendo.

Track 2: A bright, playful piece he purchased during his brief stay on Caminus, after he observed a performance of aerial dance. It is sprightly and full of woodwinds, chimes and heavy percussion.

Track 3: A bittersweet vocalist's performance of an old Camien ballad about wandering far from home.

Track 4: A slow, sleepily rhythmed Cybertronian sung quartet from the late Functionist period to theme of "making the best of it".

Track 5: An orchestral arrangement of a warrior's march from Cybertron's musical district early in the war. It starts slow but reaches for epic partway through.

Track 6: A spunky amica endura theme from a mid-war Cybertronian operetta. There is a steady theme of heartbreak and loss buried beneath the upbeat-sounding music surrounding the lyrics. THIS IS FINE.

Track 7: Cybertronian rock ballad about defying convention and choosing your own path. The guitars and drums are so loud they almost drown out the lyrics.

Track 8: The love theme from a popular late war romantic musical that Minimus would probably never admit to liking if someone asked him out loud.

Track 9: Chopin - 24 Preludes Op.28, No 15 in D-flat -

Track 10: Alien musical piece that sounds like mostly harps and chimes in a language that neither Minimus nor Windblade speak. The lyrics, run through a translator, speak about galactic peace and embracing your neighbors.

Track 11: "Face the Fire" - Michelle Chamuel

Track 12: "As Time Goes By," - Dooley Wilson (original Casablanca soundtrack) (

Track 13: "I Am What I Am" - La Cage Aux Folles (Gloria Gaynor recording)

2018-01-14 TO: Ratchet, Blast Off

TO: Ratchet, Blast Off
CC: Windblade
SUBJ: Punishment Detail

I have reviewed the formal request submitted by the CMO and the attached report.

Request approved. Blast Off will report to medical for three hours of watchman detail in his off duty time for the next 14 ship's standard days.

Blast Off may reduce the duration of this punishment detail to 7 standard days by completing a 5,000-word essay upon the comportment and dignity of an officer to be submitted to this office by 0900 on day 7 of the detail. Grammar counts.

Minimus Ambus
Executive Deputy

2018-01-09 TO: Drift

This is a one-line note, written in a bold, ink-heavy version of Minimus's handwriting, delivered to Drift by courier.

Don't be stupid. Of course I'll see you.


2018-01-04 TO: Rodimus (3)

TO: Rodimus
FROM: Minimus Ambus
SUBJ: Re: [no subject]

Good. That's good. It's good that he has other friends.

2018-01-04 TO: Rodimus (2)

From Minimus Ambus's outbox:

TO: Rodimus
FROM: Minimus Ambus
SUBJ: Re: [no subject]

Drift needs to do this for himself. That's why he left in the first place. I'll stop him from getting himself killed when he goes on these escapades, but I don't think I can intervene otherwise.

I know you miss him but please be cautious.

From Minimus Ambus's recycle bin:

TO: Rodimus
FROM: Minimus Ambus
SUBJ: Re: [no subject]
TIMESTAMP: 0805 (deleted 0806)

No. I'm not okay.

TO: Rodimus
FROM: Minimus Ambus
SUBJ: Re: [no subject]
TIMESTAMP: 0830 (deleted 0840)

So you're talking to Drift?

TO: Rodimus
FROM: Minimus Ambus
SUBJ: Re: [No subject]
TIMESTAMP: 1000 (deleted 1002)

Sometimes when I think about this I am so unbelievably angry with you and so disgusted with myself for how unfair it is within my capacity to be. I can't

2018-01-04 TO: Rodimus

TO: Rodimus
FROM: Minimus Ambus
SUBJ: [No subject]

Is this ever going to get easier?

2018-01-01 Autobot Orders


All forces are to mobilize to defeating Unicron. Unit leaders, review protocols according to Autobot Code provisions. Optimus Prime, you are ordered to deploy upon completing your muster and defend colonies marked alpha, bravo and gamma on attached command map.

These orders also include the following memorandum reminder:

Requests to transfer to alternate military operations must be submitted upon the appropriate form.

It is ordered.

Minimus Ambus
Joint Commanding, Autobot High Command


It's quiet in here.

There's a melancholy melody
Woodwinds low in threnody;
The hiss of cymbals whispering
A xylophonoc susurring

Try the brass and huge bombast
The trumpet bleat, the bass will blast
The roar of drum and company
It sure wouldn't fit the symphony.

The singers then, all a Capella,
With voices raised to call our fellows,
The harmony of the quartet
Does nothing here to gloom offset.

Why not guitar and synthesizer?
Keyboards and angry sympathizers;
Even harmonica and twang could try
And beat back this quiet postgoodbye.

No matter how the music roars
To rattle my frame and shake the doors
Still I sit in silence here
And find the quiet all too clear.

Turn it off and shut it down
From hush to loud enough to drown
The sounds of lonely wilted sighs,
It doesn't matter; it's all just lies.

It's just too damned quiet in here.

broken tripod

Alone in the dark,
I don’t want to believe it;
Yet it seems I must.

Reach out to nothing
I struggle to understand
You are gone from me.

I can’t—

2017-11-08 TO: Hound,Prowl

TO: Hound, Prowl
CC: Autobot Records
SUBJ: Official Reprimand

Let the record reflect an official reprimand to the records of Hound, upon today's date, for conduct unbecoming, to wit, assault upon elected leader so named "Lord Starscream," at the diplomatic event on Rigard.

I have conducted a brief review of other instances of conduct unbecoming an officer and have developed the following recommendation:

20 hours of community service, to be performed outside of duty time, by Hound, in the Lost Light's botany lab or other appropriate service location appropriate to his abilities and talents, within the next 12 months.

With Prowl's approval, this may begin at Hound's convenience with a final report date of 11/08/2018.

Minimus Ambus
Autobot High Command
Command Officer, Lost Light

2017-11-04 TO: Windblade

TO: Windblade
FROM: Minimus Ambus
Subj: Re: Ugh

Thank you.

I appreciate your assistance in this delicate and deeply unpleasant situation. The personal and professional ramifications defy my understanding.

I have donned my armor for worse reasons.

Minimus Ambus

Pressure by Minimus Ambus

Pressure, by Minimus Ambus

A builder creates, layer upon layer
of mortar betwixt frailer bricks;
Yet it does not take a soothsayer
to predict he will one day need to fix.

A strong indemnity of pressure,
prevents this all from caving in
Yet under such oppressure
what keeps you from staving in?

That solid core at the center
flakes and compresses carbonesque
to something pure, without dissenter,
but if you can’t touch it, kafkaesque.

If it’s to be hardness unrelenting,
a diamond glitter in your eye,
it’s really quite disorienting
to remember how this simplifies.

Can’t reach the start, what’s more;
I don’t know how to testify;
Of everything since and before,
The words all choke me, unrectified.

2017:09-14 TO: Prowl

[This message is handwritten, by light pen, in Minimus's careful script (the personal touch!), and comes as an attachment, since it is handwritten.]


Do not misunderstand me: You are one of the most effective officers with whom I have ever served. Previous wearers of the armor notated your file with numerous encomiums, but without them, I would have reached that conclusion of your dedication to duty. I can name few mechs who could match you for efficacy.

I trust your competence; I do not trust your ideas, methods, values, or ethics.

Trust is earned.

You can certainly try.

Yours sincerely,

Minimus Ambus

2017-06-09 TO: Drift

TO: Drift
FROM: Ultra Magnus
SUBJ: Re: Adaptability

I wrote this when I decided that it was all right to be your friend.

What came after I believe you recall.

___________ Attachment ___________

Forgiveness by Minimus Ambus

Amnesty is the forgiveness of nations:
a bright new peace built over old foundations.
In the maths of living sparks sold and bought,
it’s redemption by the numbers, whether or not
on a sliding scale of evil, a particular sin ought
be washed clean of moral accusation.

Stringent rules become a religion all their own,
The dogma of the law perforce each sin is known,
but at the other end of crime is mercy
and guilt itself becomes a controversy
because it was my pen that struck away the sentence
and left the penitent to find his own repentance.

Reason brought me to this place where I now stand
to count the dead as tumbleweeds in a wasteland.
I am no purer than the worst, if he is no recidivist
It was I who chose this path, the past dismissed
and fears that make of true-sparked friend an enemy—
fears of what, if not the touch of my own empathy?

The fact is, he chose a new mantle well before, as I did;
faced down mistrust and enmity because he decided
that faith would guide him to another place to be
and he’d prove wrong any who’d deny his guarantee.
I never trusted any inflicted guilt that wasn’t mine alone
because no judge but yourself will to you atone.

Yesterday I proudly bore the scales of justice
and today I must look ahead with no such compass.
My moral certainty is dashed upon the rocks;
I can only regret the time I spent high on that soapbox.
The question becomes what will tomorrow bring,
and to myself I have to admit it could be anything.

As long as I let the past guide future truth and worth,
there was no need to entrust any other name’s rebirth.
If I let you choose your path as I once chose my own,
it means I owe you better than what to you I’ve shown.
The fact is, we walk now in the shadow of all our pasts
and what that means is a study in startling contrasts.

What is sin, and crime, and wrong, and tragedy?
What is repentance, and right, and mercy, and just?
What is wrought in hypocrisy and fear but vanity?
What is given in allegiance but loyalty and trust?
To answer a question put to me by time and circumstance
I have to recognize: I am the designer of this second chance.

2016-06-26 Datapad left for Drift


Rodimus says that you are cool: running water, a quenching soothe to his bright heat.

Minimus says that you are warm: sun soaked from stone, a glowing warmth to his cold isolation.

Between us, maybe there is balance.

Rodimus says he likes you. Minimus says he likes you, too.

Word Games by Minimus Ambus

Delight is a word for joy that carries
a suffusing glow lit with surprise.
Soft as dawn, warm as sunset, airy
with unspent hope and promising surmise,
it stays with me, lingering while I tarry
in sweet memory of each glance I prize.

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TO: The Lost Light - 5-29-16

Crew of the Lost Light,

I write now to inform you that I am stepping down from my position as Executive Officer aboard this ship. The period of transition is not yet concluded and up until Hound is ready to take over as second in command full time I will continue to fulfill my duties. I will be transferred to a crew position serving in the Logistics Division, where I will continue to serve this ship and this mission to the best of my ability.

I do not ordinarily give any credence to rumor and gossip, and I encourage each of you to disregard them as well. But because public attention has been focused upon me and upon the supposed politics behind my resignation, I write now to demolish this argument.

It has become a matter of public record that I was born Minimus Ambus. Throughout my career I have served as Ultra Magnus, Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord, and there has been no room in the course of this long career for me to have a personal life. As you know, I am now retired from that post. I am choosing to pursue a personal life. The details of that personal life are private, and my privacy is important to me. Because the court of public opinion is not particularly interested in anybody's privacy, I will explain.

The reasons I am stepping down are because I want to discover more about who I am when I am not the Enforcer, now that I am no longer a secret. Further, the private relationships I wish to explore are not ethically compatible with retaining my position in the chain of command.

I have complete faith in Rodimus and in the rest of the command crew. I have complete faith in the ability of this crew to continue to work together towards our common goals. I stand behind the decisions of my commander, and I will continue to do so as a member of this crew, even though I will not be serving as his direct report.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Ultra Magnus, Former Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord, Former Executive Officer

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