2018-02-04 Support; Intel

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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To: Support, Intelligence

Subject: Not As Threatening

For the past thirty-nine days, we have learned a bit about the condition Pipes and I have. Prowl had informed me that those in the scientific field have an idea on how to help us. While I look forward to learning what that may be, for me personally, I request not to be touched for any further scientific endeavors. I find that my immunity to death will be a great deal more helpful than taking that away. Please respect my wish.

Now, I understand that because of our Unicronian 'sparks' that we are not trusted. We show signs of wanting to return to him one way or another. However, a few days ago with Penchant, it was discovered that upon touching an artifact that my mind becomes free from Unicron's clutches. This test has been conducted similarly with other artifacts. Even as I write now, I wear mine. Unfortunately, the pain of touching or holding these is agonizing. Therefore, the lucidity is temporary, depending on how long one can withstand the pain.

I think because I am around my artifact all the time, despite not wearing it, this may prevent me from losing full control of my willpower. It is something to still be tested. This is all that I know about myself thus far. If I can keep you updated with further knowledge, I will. The respected wishes of Fortress Maximus that I am monitored on a weekly bases should and shall remain in place, regardless of these finds. In the meantime, I would compare the differences between Pipes and me to see if what I write is true.

Now, I would like to ditch this artifact that is burning a hole in my frame.

Thank you,

Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant of Iacon