From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-02-04 Support; Intel

To: Support, Intelligence

Subject: Not As Threatening

For the past thirty-nine days, we have learned a bit about the condition Pipes and I have. Prowl had informed me that those in the scientific field have an idea on how to help us. While I look forward to learning what that may be, for me personally, I request not to be touched for any further scientific endeavors. I find that my immunity to death will be a great deal more helpful than taking that away. Please respect my wish.

Now, I understand that because of our Unicronian 'sparks' that we are not trusted. We show signs of wanting to return to him one way or another. However, a few days ago with Penchant, it was discovered that upon touching an artifact that my mind becomes free from Unicron's clutches. This test has been conducted similarly with other artifacts. Even as I write now, I wear mine. Unfortunately, the pain of touching or holding these is agonizing. Therefore, the lucidity is temporary, depending on how long one can withstand the pain.

I think because I am around my artifact all the time, despite not wearing it, this may prevent me from losing full control of my willpower. It is something to still be tested. This is all that I know about myself thus far. If I can keep you updated with further knowledge, I will. The respected wishes of Fortress Maximus that I am monitored on a weekly bases should and shall remain in place, regardless of these finds. In the meantime, I would compare the differences between Pipes and me to see if what I write is true.

Now, I would like to ditch this artifact that is burning a hole in my frame.

Thank you,

Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant of Iacon

2017-12-23 Last Will

“This is Lieutenant Lieutenant of Iacon’s Last Will and Testament, revision number twenty-five.” The avian leans forward, rubbing his optics with exhaustion, “Primes, this has been too many. This, this is my last one though. Hopefully. Unless I some how forgot something, which would be a pleasant surprise.”

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2017-11-15 To: Starstruck


I apologize if this is last minute, but per Prowl's request that I have support during solo missions. This one will not be including any kidnappings, I assure you. All you need to know is that it will only be a couple hours off Tempo through the space bridge. If you are unable to assist, do not guilt; I will find someone else. You were merely the first choice.

I leave for the space bridge in twenty.

- Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant

P.S. Whether or not you come, you will not speak of this message or mission. It is extremely personal.

2017-11-01 Re: To Lieutenant

2017-10-31 To: Prowl


I sincerely apologize if my sudden disappearance and radio silence was an inconvenience to you. While I have returned to Rigard, I will not be visiting you on the Lost Light. I have an apartment to settle into and for that, would request further time off before taking on another mission. If you have a need to see me about further intel I gained on my travels on Photonics Crystals and Quintessons, please come see me at my new address attached to this message.

If not, I shall message you went soonest I can formally report.

Do try to keep in good spirits, Sir.

- Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant of Iacon

2017-10-18 To: Rodimus

Captain Rodimus of the Lost Light,

I, Lt. Ten of Iacon, am resigning my position as a Communications Officer, Librarian, and resident of the Lost Light, effective immediately.

For the past two years, eight months, and seven days, being a member of the Lost Light was a privilege and a pleasure. In this tenure, I am grateful for the opportunity to have served under you alongside the rest of the crew. I apologize that my resignation was not under better circumstances, however, I do hope to be the last to commit treason aboard the Lost Light.

Thank you for the time on the Lost Light and for being a benevolent Captain.

Sincerely, Lt. Ten of Iacon

2017-10-16 Penchant

Seems it was only a matter of time but the door is more than broken this time. It's completely come off. In place of it, Lieutenant whipped up a thick purple curtain with gold fringe along the bottom that touches the floor for some form of privacy. Inside is not particularly damaged.

One side of the habsuite may appear totally unclaimed because it is. Any trace of Lieutenant is gone, with only a new addition on Penchant's side of the hab. A Rodimus Star with a note: To an exceptional roommate, for being hardworking, diligent, and a good friend.

2017-10-13 To Sunstreaker


While I am unsure of the situation that you are undergoing that prevents you from returning to the library, I wish to assist. You have lent assistance to repair the library in the past, something that has not been overlooked. If you send Rewind, Thesis, and myself a list of materials you wish to read, we could deliver them to your hab as per your usual schedule.

Whatever ails you, I hope comes to be better with time.

- Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant of Iacon

2017-10-12 Re: To Lieutenant


Sir, while I appreciate you protecting me, I am not blameless. I cannot say I was doing what I was ordered to do. I made a choice to follow. Sir, I am not Autobot anymore. I am a Cybertronian on a journeying vessel that happens to try to protect the universe from a fairytale-turned-reality. I am just as responsible in this matter as you are. If the Captain sees fit to punish me, I deserve it.

- Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant of Iacon

P.S. to Soundwave

2017-10-12 Library Update

The library is now and STRICTLY for library and maintenance personnel only for the next week. You need something inside, you will have to wait.

Inside the library looks like Vortex tore through it with a tornado. Shelves have been knocked over, datapads scattered, and chairs flung about. It shouldn't take long to clean, but it wouldn't have to be if someone hadn't snapped.

There is a sign beside the LIBRARY and MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL ONLY saying

Apologies for the destruction. It will not occur again.

- Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant

2017-09-26 To: Penchant

[Some packaged pot of tea with two cups and saucers along with it. A note on the outside is addressed to Penchant with no signature. Maybe because the sender wishes to remain anonymous. That or they didn't want to bother/shame the cassette for associating with him.]

For Penchant.

To Better Days.

2017-09-15 To: Quicksight


I apologize for doubting that Prowl had any involvement on chipping Decepticons.

You were right.

I understand it will not change your outlook, and whatever friendship we had cannot be repaired by the simple admittance of not knowing. If I could repair this, I would because I do not wish you to be upset for the past.

I am sorry for seemingly betraying you. Hopefully, in the future, we can talk about this to meet an understanding. If not, that is also understandable.

Hope you have been recovering well from your last mission and congratulations on your artifact!

- Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant of Iacon

2017-09-14 To: Prowl


Last night's meeting notes by Whirlwind (better known as Fritz) have been attached to this message. Highlighted points and the like are laid out with further detail provided.

- Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant of Iacon

Post Script: It may not be my place, but if you wish to talk, sir, I am only a comm away.

2017-08-16 To: Soundwave, Penchant

To: Soundwave

For reasons we will gloss over, I cannot pay a visit. However, I did wish to send my condolences to you for what you went through and thank you for keeping the others safe. I know you would not let them hurt Ravage, Overkill, and Penchant if you could avoid it. We are glad you are back safe. Rest well.

- Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant [And besides it is a tiny hand print, Memory's signature]

To: Penchant

While I cannot visit you in person, I wanted to send a message just to ask if you were recovering well. I wish I could say writing this is easy, that I was not continuously worried while you were away, but we know what came about my lying last time. You just rest up, let the medics take care of you. I am sending some of your puzzles to keep you occupied when you are awake. It does get kind of boring in there.

In any case, the habsuite will be clean for when you are able to come back to it.

- Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant [And besides it is a tiny hand print, Memory's signature]

2017-07-31 Gift Basket to Soundwave

The day after the funeral, a basket is placed in Soundwave's Office on his desk. It's a sizable basket with a black, translucent veil over it and a purple ribbon lace around the edge to seal it. Inside are ener-froyo cups and, should Soundwave share, some small boxed assortment of sweets for each of the cassettes.

A note is tagged on there, My condolences for the losses. -Prowl of Petrex

It was totally sent by Prowl, not Lieutenant.

2017-07-25 Thank You

Dear Skystalker,

I know I could tell you this face to face, but when it comes to admitting something I prefer to write it out. These past three weeks have been an out of body experience for everyone. It has been difficult to grow accustomed to, however, it has been something I needed. While I still detest my frame and seeing it made me seethe inside, strangely I find myself wishing for it back. Being able to sense my surroundings, to remember important events, and seeing old memories come to life where they never fade away. I realize I have taken it for granted.

Although, do not expect me to stop getting myself into situations where I get shot at in the chest. Bullets seem very attracted to my spark.

In any case, I wanted to thank you. You have been generally taking care of it and appreciating it more than I did. While I may not smile or laugh anywhere near the extent that you do, I think I might enjoy being myself again. That is something I have not been in several years. So in all, thank you.

- Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant of Iacon

2017-07-13 To Drift Quicksight Rodimus Riptide

To the following: Drift, Quicksight, Riptide, Rodimus, Swoop

I only know how to send messages to those I am specifically intending to reach so if your name is not one of the following but you inhabit their body, please pass this along to those that are named. You will notice this is messaged from Skystalker, but I am not he. I am Lieutenant. Skystalker got the short straw and unfortunately swapped with me after I was in critical medical condition. He is stable now, but as some of his close friends, I thought you should be aware.

He might be there for a few days, and while Memory is accompanying him, I know he would enjoy the company of others too.

- Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant of Iacon

2017-05-11 Sterling

On Sterling's desk is a small package label for her. Inside is a note saying 'For your sterling achievement. I am proud of you.' Under that is a pair of new ornaments for her audio receptors, little silver whistles hanging at the bottoms. Beneath that is a scarf, sadly not the one she pointed out in the magazine yesterday, but a bright yellow sheer one to match her optic color.

No label from who it is, but the sender felt he didn't need to say.

2017-02-22 Apology Notes

To Fortress Maximus,

I wish to apologize thoroughly for my behavior the previous night. What was done was irresponsible and grossly inappropriate neglect of your boundaries. Time machines are only fictional so I cannot undo what was done, but I can assure you it shall not happen again. For your trouble, I left a box of sweets on your desk in your habsuite.

Again sincere apologies, Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant of Iacon

To Brainstorm,

I want to apologize for the recent and accidental destruction of your Mass Displacement gun. It was knocked off the shelf in the armory (along with other weapons). I doubt apologies will merely cut it, so I offer myself to assist in any one project if you require a volunteer in hopes to repay for the accident.

Sincere apologies, Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant of Iacon

2017-02-20 Ten's Story

My dear, Torque,

It has come to my attention that I really have not shared personal information of myself from the past as you have. The thought of asking you to spare some time to tell you has crossed my mind. However, it is instantaneously followed by a rather crippling anxiety. Quite honestly I am not a vocal mech, as you know, so talking about myself can be intimidating. Not to mention I rather not talk all together. However, ou are my amica, so you have a right to know everything that Fantoccini does.

I hope writing this all will suffice.

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