From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-02-08 TO: Dead End, Fortress Maximus

TO: Fortress Maximus, Dead End
CC: Hound, Minimus Ambus
SUBJ: Reprimand

Fortress Maximus,

Please record an official reprimand on the record of crewmech Dead End to today's date and assign a minimum of 10 hours of rivet duty.

Even off duty, I will not tolerate my officers being spoken to in such a fashion. Hound is my deputy and will be afforded the respect owed to a Commander aboard the Lost Light. This is a ship at war in defense of the galaxy. Insubordination is not acceptable.

This is your first warning. Do not expect another.

Ignition of Crystal City
The Lost Light, Commanding

2018-01-28 TO: Bulkhead

TO: Bulkhead
FROM: Ignition
SUBJ: Re: Udunus Bridge Plan


Press Statement

It is mildly entertaining that a tyrannical maniac is being asked to comment upon my captaincy. This is the game of the press, which because the galaxy recognizes its freedom under the rule of law, the press may play. Here I say this:

The Lost Light adheres to the law and the spirit of justice. We do not need to attack anyone, whether they bleed energon, copper-infused water, silica, or not at all, in order to stand for what is right. Rodimus has done an honorable thing and the public may insult him for it if the public wills; what is right, however, is this:

We will protect the galaxy from this menace. That is the only political question that I have any interest in answering.

Ignition of Crystal City
The Lost Light, Commanding