From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-12-11 Transmission to Skystalker

The feed begins with a shot taken from inside the Daybreaker. Music can be heard playing from another room, and a layer of smoke envelops the room. Drift waves some of it away with a hand before centering the camera on himself. He grins and one can practically smell the enerhol wafting off of him through the video.

"Heeeeey! Sorry for the late correspondence, things have been kind of crazy over here."

Uproarious laughter is heard and Drift smiles at something off camera.

"We just got the news about Megatron so we're having a little ship party thing. Sucks you're not here with us! But! But.. it's okay because I'm coming back and the knights? The ones from the desert? They're coming back with me!"

He waves his hands at the camera. "Just for a bit! I want to stop by the fleet and grab those swords and say my goodbyes and all that stuff before heading back out. Also, you if you're still down to come back with me. I figured we could grab Unoe and any other botany related stuff you wanted to bring with you. I had Wedge and Slipknot clear out some room on the ship so we could fit everything."

His eyes widen and he leans towards the camera. "You don't know who they are, but you will! I've been talking you up like crazy, everyone's super excited to meet you!"

In the background, a rather bulky tan helicopter-former walks past holding what appears to be some kind of water filled smoking apparatus. He quickly realizes Drift is filming and slowly backs out of frame.

"Aaaannnyyywaaaaay, that's it for now I guess. We're still a few days away from the fleet but we're getting there. I'll see you real soon!"

Drift pulls the camera close. Real close. His face takes up the entire feed. "I'm sure you already know this, but just in case something happens.. I love you."

"Awww, that's so fucking cute," the helicopter can be heard saying off camera. Drift laughs, embarrassed, and turns off the feed.

2018-11-20 Transmission to the Desert Circle

Drift waits patiently for the signal to reach it's destination. Video chatting across planets tend to be a little slow and he's grown used to it after doing this every month. Finally the video feed stabilizes and he finds himself looking directly at another mech with bits of animal kibble hanging off of him.

"Drift!' the animalformer chirps happily, his grin unnaturally large. "How the hell are ya? OH! Before you ask, yes, your money order went through just fine. We really appreciate you doing that, by the way, the nomadic lifestyle is a lot easier when you don't have to beg for basic supplies."

Drift smiles, though it lacks it's usual charm. "Glad to hear it, but that's not what I'm calling about. Have you heard the latest about Megatron?"

"Besides about him being a huge bastard? Yeah, scuttlebutt around the city is that he's targeting colonies now."

"Right." Drift leans forward, his expression serious. "I'm coming over there soon. I'm bringing the Daybreaker and you're all coming back to the fleet with me until we take care of him."

The mech on the screen laughs and waves a clawed hand. "You serious? Come on, we can handle a couple Decepticons no problem! We know this desert better than anyone, worse comes to the worse we just lose 'em in the dunes! You don't have to make the trip all the way out here, we're not some damsels in distress that need to be rescued any time something bad happens." He leans forward, chin propped up on his hand. "But I know it's in your nature, what with being a dashing hero and all."

Drift frowns. "I'm serious, Wedge. I told you about Crystal City, you know what happened there. I can't let you guys get wiped out too, you and the others are too precious to me." He leans closer now, jutting a finger at the screen. "Do you understand? Stay out of the city until I get there and do not, under any circumstance, take any unnecessary risks!"

Wedge leans back. "Alright, alright! We'll stay hidden and out of trouble." He puts a hand over his spark. "Knight's promise."

Drift's expression softens and he allows himself a smile. "Thanks, Wedge. Give the other my regards."

"Of course. May Primus guide you."

"And you as well," Drift responds before cutting the feed.

2018-05-24 To Primus


Why did you do this?

Have I not made you happy? Have I not made you proud? Ever since I found you I have done everything I could to follow you. I've changed the way I live, I've changed the way I think, I've changed the way I conduct myself. I've done my best to live my life as a better person and yet you see it fair to take away the things I love most. Did I not suffer enough when you took Wing before his time? I thought I was going to die but I moved past it, I learned to live without him and I learned to accept your will regardless of how unfair it may seem to me.

But this? This is unnecessary. This is cruel. I no longer respect you, instead I fear you. I fear your cruelty. I fear your selfishness. After everything we have done for you, you repay us with heartbreak. I fear to love again lest you pluck them away from this world, and for what? What purpose does this serve? What lesson is taken away from these losses?

I don't understand. I will never understand.

I hate you for this.

2018-01-22 To Skystalker

A series of video messages reaches Skystalker from deep space. The first one appears to have been sent by accident and consist of little more than an upside down camera filming the ceiling of a room he's never seen before while J-pop plays in the background.

The next one has the camera right side up and facing out a window to capture the stunning sights of the universe. Out of frame, Drift says something about how beautiful it is.

The third message is most likely the one Drift intended to send. Drift is in the frame, as well as one of the ships windows which shows some kind of atmosphere instead of the inky blackness of space seen in the other videos. "So, first off, I'm sorry I left without saying good-bye first but I had to leave as soon as possible or else I would get cold feet again and end up staying on Tempo for another month." He chews on his lower lip as he thinks. Someone clearly didn't write a script for this. "I hope everything is going well over there. Er.. as well as anything goes over there. A-anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm alive and well in case you were worried. I don't know if you've been to my apartment lately, but I left some money in there. Consider it a thank you for watering my plants while I'm gone." He grins. "Maybe you can use it to treat Riptide and yourself to a hot night out, I'm sure both of you could use it."

There's a faint beeping followed by Drift looking annoyed. "Crap, I always forget to charge this thing... Anyway, take care of yourself! Oh, and do me a huge favour please? Tell Rodi-"

The feed cuts out, presumably because the battery died. No further messages follow.

2018-01-04 To Minimus Ambus

Another incense-scented envelope mysteriously appears on Minimus' desk. The penmanship on the letter inside is slightly better than last time.


   By now you should know that the excursion you joined me for was not the only of it's kind. Since then I have eliminated several harbingers but I fear that in the process I have started to become the monster I've worked so hard to keep buried in the past. Because of this, I have decided to offer my aide and services  to the colonies and the refugees that have taken shelter there. I don't know when I'll return and I was hoping to get a chance to see you before I leave. I know I have no right to ask such a thing of you considering what I have done, but it would mean a lot if you were to allow me to treat you to a pot of tea before my departure.

I look forward to your correspondence.

Best regards,


2017-12-15 For Minimus

When Minimus returns to his office he will find a sealed envelope waiting for him on his desk. Opening it reveals a hand written letter that smells strongly of incense. It reads:

Minimus Ambus, I hope this letter finds you well, or rather, as well as possible considering recent circumstances. I originally wanted to do this in person but I'm afraid that I lack the strength to do so. In a few days I will be leaving Tempo to confront the harbinger threat and I don't know when, or if, I'll be coming back. I understand the risks I'm taking and I have accepted them, but despite this I can't help myself from looking back on my life and the regrets I've carried with me this whole time. I'm sure you know that I have many regrets, enough to fill an entire book, and I'm sure that you think there's an entire chapter in that book dedicated to you but you would be wrong. There is nothing about our relationship I regret and I would gladly do it all over again with one exception: if I could go back, I would hold you in my arms one last time before saying good-bye. The fact that I didn't will forever haunt me.

My greatest worldly possession has already been bequeathed to Rodimus. Upon recovery of my corpse, he will receive my great sword. I wish I had two so I could extend the same offer to you but alas it just isn't possible. Instead, I have made preparations for the entirety of my fortune to go to you should I not make it home. There is no one else I trust more when it comes to matters of finances and I have no doubt in my mind that you will use it for the greater good. There is only one thing I ask for in return:

Be good to yourself. Do not blame yourself for the things you can't control. Remember that despite everything that has happened in your life, and anything that will ever happen, there are people that love you.

With warmest regards, Drift.

2016-08-10 To Getaway Re: Re: Re: Request

Of course.

Attached is the most complicated and tedious requisition form ever created.

2016-08-08 To Getaway: Re: Request

If you wish to use ship funds for a personal purchase, you will need to file a requisition form and submit it for review.

2016-02-17 'Anonymous' Note to Ultra Magnus

There's a note left on Ultra Magnus' desk, but unlike any others that may have found their way there, this one comes inked on stationary personalized with sakura blossoms. There's only one word on it and it's written in the neatest hand-writing Drift could possibly muster: Rematch?