2017-12-03 To: Megatron of Tarn

From Transformers: Lost and Found

< DataNet:Deathsaurus

Megatron, of Tarn:

I heard that you were rescued from captivity by the crew of the Lost Light. You're indeeed correct that Soundwave passed on the role of Supreme Commander of the Decepticons to me. He is a wise and faithful servant to the Decepticon cause, and I'm honored that he entrusted me with the responsibility.

A physical meeting is absolutely in order, especially so you can be brought up to speed with the current realities of the Decepticon regime and the greater struggles we face.

There's no need to divulge your location to me, sensitive as it might be. I've dispatched several of my warships as escort to the titan Tempo. Our base of operations among this contingent is the largest among them, the Prepotent. I shall coordinate with Soundwave for us to meet there. It is a very secure and suitable location for what we're likely to discuss.

Deathsaurus, Decepticon Supreme Commander