From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-02-17 To: Fortress Maximus, Perceptor

TO: Fortress Maximus, Perceptor
SUBJ: Udunus Bridge

Fortress Maximus, Perceptor,

While we implemented the device that contained Udunus using his own space bridge, there was a complication resulting from interference during activation. Brainstorm traced it back to Tempo's shuttle bay, and our own ship. I want to look into what caused this interference, as it nearly created a devastating cascade effect that could have done serious damage to Tempo and his bridge. I'd like your help in investigating this - it could have been the ship's engines, or something far more sinister.

Perceptor, I'm including the data we gathered from diagnostics run during and after the devices' activation. Fortress Maximus, I've attached Brainstorm's information on where we believe the interference originated from.

Let me know if you need anything else.


[attached are several packets of data labelled in ways Perceptor will immediately recognize, while Fort Max's document is simply labelled 'possible coordinates']

2018-01-29 To: Skystalker

TO: Skystalker
SUBJ: Waspinator


Can you do me a favor? I heard that Wasp was in a battle recently with Unicron's zombies, and that his artifact influenced them in some way. Can you ask him about it? I'm hoping he might be willing to help us with Udunus, when the time comes.

I'd do it myself but I'm swamped in prepping the tech for that. I'll owe you one if you can; and let me know what he says!


2018-01-28 To: Lieutenant

TO: Lieutenant
SUBJ: Titans


I know things have been kind of...tough, for you, recently. But I was wondering if you could do me a favor. You've always been the most historically knowledgeable mech I know, and something's been bothering me since we got back from our mission. Can you research Metroplex's history for me, especially his relationship and history with Caminus? Anything you can find on the timeline of when they might have known each other would be great.


2018-01-28 To: Ignition, Nightshade

TO: Ignition
SUBJ: Udunus Bridge Plan


Trailbreaker notified me of the Ethics Committee's decision regarding my idea to use Udunus' space bridge to contain him, and I'd like to formerly request permission to begin working on this project.

Thank you,


TO: Nightshade
SUBJ: Space Bridges


Your work on the colonial Titans' space bridges was incredible, and I'd like to ask for your help again. I've attached some documents on a theory I've been working on that will allow us to contain Udunus, the Titan revived by Unicron, and hopefully keep him from causing any more damage to himself or others until we've defeated Unicron for good. Let me know if you're available to lend a hand!


[attached are said documents detailing the theory in question, along with some notes to make reading through the quantum language a bit easier. also included is a potential blueprint for Udunus' space bridge, based off of the designs of the other colonial Titans]

2017-12-06 To: Rodimus

TO: Rodimus
FROM: Bulkhead
SUBJECT: Matrix Casing


I haven't gotten a chance to talk with Optimus since we got back; do you know if anyone's asked him about the Matrix casing? We'd like to study it in our attempts to rebuild the Matrix. Perceptor can tell you more about that.

If nobody has, I plan on trying to catch him myself for a talk.

Thanks, Bulkhead

2017-09-29 To: Perceptor

TO: Perceptor
FROM: Bulkhead
Subject: Hot Spot Data


I've attached my findings from the hot spot readings. It appears that the current hot spot's data matches that of hot spots from before the war, but not the original hot spot that was in this location. I've compared all of the information we've got regarding documented hot spots, and the original 'hand-shaped' hot spot data more closely resembles that of what records we have regarding ancient sites. I'm going to continue researching this, but so far the conclusion is clear: this new hot spot doesn't match readings of the one that cropped up before the war, and the latter was abnormal for the time.


[attached is the aforementioned data, along with the raw readings, allowing Perceptor to crunch the numbers on his own and see if he reaches the same conclusion]

2017-09-17 To: Perceptor, Brigade

TO: Perceptor
FROM: Bulkhead
Subject: Department Transfer

Here's that paperwork I promised you. Thanks again for letting me have this opportunity; I've already started working on the project we discussed.

- Bulkhead

TO: Brigade
FROM: Bulkhead
Subject: Department Transfer


I'm sending this message to officially submit the transfer paperwork for switching into the Science & Engineering department. It's been an honor working in Combat, but I think I'm better suited for S&E, and it's been a long time coming.


[attached to both messages is the required transfer paperwork. he's actually sent this when he said he would, though cutting it a bit close]

2017-09-06 To: Perceptor

TO: Perceptor
FROM: Bulkhead
Subject: Cybertron Field Trip


Prowl approached me today about overseeing the group we're sending to Cybertron soon; he wants to know if this hot spot is different in any way from others, or even past readings from the same area. He said he'd cleared this with you, so I wanted to check in and make sure that was true. If it's not, then consider this an official request from me to do as he's asked, and any data I collect will be reported to you.

Sincerely, Bulkhead

2017-07-14 To Rodimus


I know you're aware of the body swap situation, but there's something else you need to know. I'm guessing you haven't seen Hound since this happened, and, well, I know why - he was switched, too.

With Bob.

I've got Hound with me now - Bob Hound. Uh. The Insecticon frame - and we're looking for Hound's original frame. I'm not sure where he might have gone, though I think it's likely he'll be looking for Sunstreaker. If you see him, give me a ping, and I'll bring Hound right over.



2017-07-05 Amica Time

[This scene is set directly after Return To Eukaris]

It's late, now. The activity of the refugee camp died down as dusk began, with not enough lights to go around and no mechs with headlights to help light the continuing work. Some mechs have retired to the newly built shelters, others to the makeshift tents to settle down for the night.

Static has no idea where the other members of the Lost Light crew have gone, and to be frank, he doesn't care. When it started to get dim out, Airhammer practically looked ready to pick Static up and throw him over his shoulder. It's a sentiment that Static can understand. It's been far too long, it seems, since he got a chance to see his amica face to face. And so he'd been the one to give Mudwalker a kind but firm goodnight, and start to tug Airhammer away.

Now, Static is sitting with his legs draped over Airhammer's lap, as relaxed as he's ever been. "So, leader, eh?" he asks, tilting his helm so that he can look Hammer in the faceplates.

Airhammer could've used the lights of his jet mode to keep going as darkness fell over the refugee camp, but he knows if he had then those under his supervision - namely Static and Mudwalker - would've tried to do the same, and he's not having that. As the sun set, he definitely started sending very pointed looks Static's way, his gaze saying haven't you been on your feet for a while? when he was too far away to speak it aloud.

With Mudwalker hugged and sent off to Dune, probably, Airhammer allowed himself to be tugged, directing Static toward the tent he's currently using. Right now, it's his alone, which means that once they settle onto his cot it's easy to get Static where he wants him.

Which he isn't, at the moment. "Something like that." Airhammer hooks a finger in Static's armor and drags the light mech fully into his lap before wrapping an arm around him to keep him there. "I told Threadweaver he should do it, but he's off moving between camps with some of the others." Hammer sighs out a vent, bending his shoulders so that he can gently rest his forehelm against Static's temple. "Really wish he wasn't. I shouldn't be in charge."

Static lets out a quiet huff as he's dragged, but he starts to move along with the tugging even before Airhammer fully has him in his lap. The only adjustments he makes are to settle himself properly, giving himself room to properly stretch out his leg even as he leans up against Airhammer's chestplates. Still, he has to nudge Airhammer in the side for the maneuvering.

"Threadweaver is good at what he does," Static agrees, his visor dimming as he turns his helm into the press of Hammer's against his own. "But it doesn't mean you're bad at it. If they need the help, and you can give it, then you should. They're not making you lead a tribe or anything."

Good, do what he wants you to do. Airhammer shifts at the nudging, making only minor faces as he's maneuvered, none of them actually sincere in their ire. Once Static is settled he lets his other arm come up around his amica, so that both are falling loosely around Static's waist, one hand resting on Static's injured leg. His thumb, out of habit, strokes the plating there.

"I'm not saying I'm gonna run off and abandon them," Hammer says defensively, voice a low rumble. His wings shift, indignant. "And I know that. It's just - there are better mechs for the job, that's all, who could do more." His volume drops to nearly a whisper as he adds, "Mechs who don't have to send the dying to other camps."

"I know you wouldn't," Static says, one hand raising to tap sharply at one of Airhammer's helm crests, before patting it soothingly instead. "I've never known you to abandon someone, right from the start." He lets his hand linger, before turning so that they can stay, forehelm pressed to forehelm, one hand keeping Hammer from turning away.

"There's plenty of reasons to send the injured away from this camp. This is a ragtag band and you know it. Conditions are better elsewhere, I'm sure-- places they have actual buildings to work with, and aren't throwing things together with whatever scraps they can find." Static lifts his helm away ever so slightly, so he can look Airhammer in the optics. His visor searches the other mech's faceplate. "You're doing the best you can, and that's what they need."

Airhammer grunts at the tap, and settles again when Static pats his helm crest. He can't argue with Static's point, which the fragger knows, and so he stays quiet, the pout-like tint to his frown making how he feels about that very clear.

"Yeah...yeah." Letting his hand glide up Static's side, Airhammer gently slips his fingers between gaps in Static's plating to teasingly pinch at some wiring there. "Stop making so much sense, I can't argue with you when you do." There's none of the posturing he used to do, none of the deflection and avoidance; he's used up that song and dance, and Static would see right through it, anyway, especially when he's looking right into Airhammer's optics like that. Damn amicas. "I guess. And what about you?" Static's been keeping him updated via vidlogs and the like, but it's not the same as hearing it from him in person.

"Hmm," Static hums, smirking in Airhammer's direction when the mech pouts. "I'm afraid I can't. It's a character flaw, being right all the time, and I can't just turn it off." The smug expression is interrupted when Static shivers and tries to squirm away from the pinch, and pokes at a gap in the armor along Hammer's side in retaliation.

"What about me?" It's a musing question, not a deflecting one-- Static takes the opportunity to relax back against Hammer's chestplate, idly drumming his fingers against the mech's armor as he does. "It's an odd ship. Faction mechs all over the place, but there are some other colonists and Cybertronian neutrals aboard. I work for one of them, in fact. Industrious little fellow. Turns into a luggage cart, comes up to my waist or so." Definitely not someone a younger Static would have been happy to have as a boss, but now he has nothing but respect for Penchant. "And before you say anything, yes I'm seeing a medic."

Airhammer gives a disbelieving laugh at that, trying to pinch Static again. He's thwarted when Static pokes back, his wings hitching back on their hinges as he shifts away from the intrusive digit. "Unfair," he gripes, as if he hadn't started this to begin with.

His pinching hand behaves, moving to hold Static's shoulder while the other remains on Static's leg, still stroking lightly. "Funny that you can find anything odd, after the scrap we've been through," he observes quietly. He lets his engine awaken, a soft vibration of his frame against Static's. There's a quirk of his lip at the mention of Static's boss, and the medic. "Glad you like your job, then. And that you're seeing a medic - or are you seeing a medic." Wink. "Just know if you push yourself too hard, I'll find out about it, and I'll be over there faster than you can say 'Eukaris'." Falling quiet a moment, he adds, "I wish I could get away so I could meet these mechs that keep you so far from here."

"Believe me," Static says, shaking his helm, "it's odd." All kinds of odd, from the good, slightly quirky kind, to the gnawing sensation of 'if it wasn't for this ship, your home might never have been destroyed like this.' Static can't help but duck his face down against Airhammer's armor for a brief moment, one hand sliding over Airhammer's spark chamber before dropping again. They're both safe. They've been through worse. And this Unicron thing won't get to Eukaris if Static can do anything about it.

Static can't help but snort, though. "She's taken, and a professional. We're just friends." He doesn't flirt with everyone he meets, Hammer, come on. "I know you would. And you'd pin me to a berth until I extinguished from boredom." When Hammer turns melancholy, though, Static lets his helm rest against Airhammer's chestplate. "You could drop by, you know. Once things have settled here. There's a space bridge-- we're closer than you think."

Airhammer will have to take his word or how odd the Lost Light is, though, honestly, with the situation he's in - a refugee camp full of mechs from all different tribes, who can barely stand to vent the same air let alone cooperate most of the time - he thinks he can imagine what it's like. A ship of Autobots and Decepticons working together, and with neutrals at that...he'd shake his helm in disbelief if he hadn't seen proof of how strange it was himself, via Rodimus and the missing Autobot badge.

When Static ducks his helm, Hammer's hand comes up to rest against it, stroking in much the same manner as the thumb on his leg. "Ahh, I see. Nice to hear you're makin' friends, even with an attitude like yours." His hand curls to brush his knuckles against Static's helm fondly. "Damn right I would." His hand flattens, slowly, to rest unmoving where it was knuckling a moment ago. "I'd like that. I mean it, I want to meet these mechs, your boss and your medic friend, all of 'em. Maybe get another talk with Rodimus, find out why Hot Rod of all mechs took off his damn insignia."

Static relaxes into the contact, taking momentary comfort in having his amica here and clearly safe, letting some quiet uncertain part of him relax in a way that he hasn't been able to since he first heard the news about Eukaris. He lets the gentle touches lull him, his engine shifting to a quiet, steady purr at the feeling. He may have plenty of friends and acquaintances on the Lost Light, but none of it will ever be the same as having Airhammer around.

"Can't say I'd mind a chance to show off my amica, either." Static taps his fingers against the closest part of Hammer's armor. "The badges thing wouldn't be a problem with you, would it? And as for the Captain-- he gave a whole speech about it. Something about moving past the war, and hoping for the future. You'd have to ask him." Later. Definitely later. Static isn't about to move.

Static isn't the only one who's being put at ease by the presence of his amica. Airhammer loves Mudwalker, his brother being one of the most important people in the galaxy to him, but with both Aphelion and Static gone, and Blazebeat on's been a bit rough, all things considered. Having Static with him, even if it's only temporary, soothes a knot of tension in him that's been hard and tight for weeks, the disaster of the monolith having only made it worse.

For right now, however, he can relax.

"Can't say I'd mind being shown off." Hammer grins, though it fades some as he carefully adds, "At least that's possible with one of my amicas. I haven't heard from Blazebeat in days...Velocitron must be pretty bad off too." He knows, better than most, how sore a point that planet is for Static. "No, it wouldn't be a problem. I'm just--he wasn't the type you'd expect to let go so quickly. He must've grown a lot." The edges of his lip twitch up. "Literally, if what I heard about Hot Rod is true."

Sure enough, Static is tensing up again, and frowning, if Airhammer takes a look at his faceplates. It might be the mention of Velocitron, or the mention of Blazebeat, that did it, but honestly it's probably both. Static doesn't particularly enjoy either of those topics. "I'm sure he'll make his way back eventually," is Static's curt response. "Hnn. They'll manage," Static says, with a huff. "Maybe they'll finally get rid of those fragging moving monstrosities." He can only hope.

Eventually, Static shakes his helm and leans back into Airhammer's touch. He's here to relax with his amica, not get angry about the same old topic he's argued about plenty of times before. "I wouldn't know, but he's made plenty of changes even in the time I've been onboard. Maybe that's just how he does things," Static guesses. "But you didn't drag me away just to ask me about the Captain, did you?"

Airhammer's wings droop in his disappointment. He definitely can't blame Static for how he feels about Velocitron, but sometimes he wishes...well, honestly, he wishes both Blazebeat and Static would make more of an effort to get along. Can't even mention the other without some sort of bite back over it. Not that he can talk, with how he's prone to his own instant irritation when it comes to certain things. "He's not alone, at least. I'm sure you're right." Best drop the subject there.

"Maybe. I'll have to chat with him." That topic, too, is set aside, as Airhammer chuckles warmly, curling his arms around Static more tightly to hold him closer. "No, I didn't." The firm weight of his brow comes down to rest once more against Static's helm. "I dragged you away to spend time with you, because--" Ah. Still difficult to say aloud, these things, even after all this time. He stubbornly soldiers on. "--I missed you." There.

Hammer falls silent then, letting his optics dim and shutter, letting his systems hum until it feels as though they're running in tandem with Static's. This, this was why he dragged Static away. Just this.