From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Deamon
Division: Support
Alt-Mode: Starship
Faction: Decepticon


Calm to the point some would call him cold blooded. Always analyse all the possible outcome of a situation before taking action. Cyberwave is constantly in search of knowledge and he is willing to take calculated risks to acquire it.


Cyberwave is a highly skilled hacker but also a competent engineer and a scientist skilled in mathematics, quantum physic and artificial intelligence.


Pre-war, Cyberware was a space-capable engineer tasked with maintaining Cybertron's satellite network. He spent his offwork time hacking into highly secured systems, at first for the fun of it but he soon found out he could sell information to improve his living. When the war broke out, he joined the Decepticons and was mostly used in cyber warfare but when the tide turned against the Decepticons he undertook combat training and joined the others on the battlefield. He was eventually captured and locked on Garrus-9 but was freed once Overlord took over. Cyberwave did his best to avoid getting caught in Overlord's game but still found himself involved in the attempt to break into Aequitas but did not take part in Fortress Maximus' torture. He eventually escaped the planet during the Wreckers assault. When offered the chance, Cyberwave joined the Lost Light crew in hope to find long lost knowledge of the golden age of Cybertron.