Combat Cheat Sheet

From Transformers: Lost and Found

This is a bare bones cheat sheet for commands used in FS3 combat. For a full explanation of all commands, please see the Combat Guide. All commands listed are formatted with the syntax and then an example.


Setting Up

+combat/join <combat #>/<combat type> =>> +combat/join #121/soldier

+gear/weapons and +gear/armor (View available weapons and armor)

+combat/weapon <weapon> =>> +combat/weapon Plasma Rifle (Equip a weapon)

+combat/armor <armor> =>> +combat/armor Class 2 Armor (Equip armor)

+combat/stance <stance> ==>> +combat/stance banzai (Normal, Banzai, Evade, Cautious, Cover)


+combat (View the combat HUD to see what everyone's doing.)

+combat/attack <target> =>> +combat/attack Soldier A (Basic attack)

+combat/attack <target>/called=<location> =>> +combat/attack Soldier A/called=head (Attack with a specific target)

+combat/explode <target>/<nearby targets> =>> +combat/explode Soldier A/Soldier B, Soldier C (Uses an explosive weapon aimed at a primary target and indicating nearby targets in the blast radius. Explosive weapons are indicated in the weapons list.)

+combat/aim <target> ==> +combat/aim Soldier A (Spend a round aiming for increased accuracy next round)

+combat/subdue <target> ==> +combat/subdue Soldier A (Try to restrain a target to keep them from acting.)

+combat/escape (Try to escape if you are currently being subdued.)

+combat/luck <type> ==> +combat/luck attack (Spend a luck for a one round bonus. Available options are attack, defense, or initiative.)

+combat/pass (If you're not doing anything for a round.)

Damage and KOs

+damage (View your own damage.)

+damage <name> ==> +damage Cyclonus (View someone else's damage.)

+combat/treat <character> ==> +combat/treat Cyclonus (For medics: treat a character in combat to reduce their damage.)

+combat/rally <character> ==> +combat/rally Cyclonus (Try to rally another character who has been KOed.)

+combat/hero (Spend a luck point to revive your own character after they've been KOed.)