Colony: Verander

From Transformers: Lost and Found


The home system of the lost Verander colony is a protoplanetary disk, ever-changing as the surface of Verander itself, which constantly transforms under the influence of the titan Drieger. A recent hovership battle on the surface between the townsfolk, who live in space stations orbiting Verander, and the pirates, who live out upon the disk, resulted in many deaths, and signs point to Drieger offering up a new crop of sparks, possibly including some from those who were lost.


  • During the spark harvest, one spark attaches to Ratchet and won't come off.
  • In the climactic battle, Folly is granted a hovership by the titan while Frisk steals one of his own.
  • Brainstorm speaks with the titan, who reveals a huge monolith buried beneath Verander that she cannot manipulate. The monolith is this system's source of the energy drain on the Lost Light's engines.
  • With his thieving skills and help from gifts from Drieger, Frisk steals many items from Plundercrash, including a "modernizer", which has the ability to grant a Verandrian (at least) a new alt form.


Plundercrash claims half of the spark crop as per an agreement brokered by the Lost Lighters, but the rogue pirate captain Simoom attacks to claim the other half. She is fended off by the townies and Lost Lighters in a battle upon the roiling surface of Verander, and the townsfolk rescue their half.