Colony: Prion

From Transformers: Lost and Found


Readings of the map that guide the Lost Light to the Knights of Cybertron lead to the colony world of Prion... only Prion is not where it should be. Rather, having used Cybertronian tech to move it, Prion has been fashioned into a prison camp for fringe Cybertronians rounded up and dumped to survive on the wasteland that remains. Even the founding metrotitan is devastated, plundered and picked apart, laying among the rubble that the prisons fight over. The arrival of the Lost Light should yield answers and relief for those abandoned there.


  • Discovery of a station where Prion should have been leads the Lost Light to a spot in space between a star and a black hole, where Prion now sits. Half the planet burns while the other half freezes, leaving only a narrow band of the planet that can support life. Within that zone the prisoners of Prion fight for what little can be found.
  • Someone has to pay for that.
  • This is why the DJD has shown up.


Blood and guts. Hopefully more were kept than spilled. But seriously, some LLers battle with the DJD who are ultimately defeated when Brainstorm harnesses the power of a Titan spark to blast them with. And with that, team DJD was blasting off agaaaaain. Twinkle.