Colony: Hubworld

From Transformers: Lost and Found


The Lost Light arrives at the next colony only to find an abandoned, mined-out metrotitan (Amazodon) and a Galactic Council outpost. Hesitantly welcomed at first, the LLers discover a mystical lens to view other realities when one of them invades, resulting in a lot of chaos and conflict.


  • Tension with the Galactic Council gives way to direct conflict with opposite versions of everyone! (When Shattered Glass attacks!)
  • These !LLers tear through Hubworld and must be stopped... and are, but not without leaving a lot of turmoil and trouble in their wake. Such as:
  • !Minimus shooting a rocket at Swindle and clawing Ultra Magnus.
  • And !Drift blowing up !Knock Out in front of Breakdown, Knock Out, and Drift, our Drift- Hippy Drippy Drift.
  • Punch encounters !Punch- who is basically counter punch. (Boy, this duality thing is confusing.)
  • !Cyclonus keeps a super strong !Tailgate from annihilating some minibots.
  • !Brainstorm, !First Aid, and !Whirl rob a bank in front of Whirl, Cyclonus, and Tailgate- !First Aid takes out Whirl's optic, Tailgate hits !Brainstorm with his slingshot, and an un-empurata'd !Whirl fights Cyclonus.
  • Air Raid and Blast Off have to team up to take on !Skids the ultra-outlier and !Pipes who's basically a zombie.
  • Ravage encounters a message by !Ravage. He's not amused.


The !LLers disappear off into space not getting much of what they came for (what a bunch of losers). Saving the organics that have taken over Hubworld, the real LLers are welcomed as heroes. Though the titan is empty and dead, the natives gone, it now is an ally for the Cybertronians.

Some highlights:
- so many, so please read the logs. Players went above and beyond in so many of the scenes, they are glorious. I love them all.
- Cyclonus doing something ADORABLE for the enjoyment of everyone in the finale scene