Colony: Eukaris

From Transformers: Lost and Found


As the Lost Light arrives at Eukaris, they receive a distress call from Elita One, who is missing an away team on the surface.


  • Elita One makes contact with the Lost Light, asking for help.
  • The team scouts out the planet and determines an appropriate landing site, where they land and place a communications booster to counteract the electromagnetic interference disrupting radio on the surface.
  • The Lost Lighters make contact with Dinobot and the Scalewalkers. After a tense initial meeting, the Scale Walkers send a guide (Styleguide) to help them track the missing crew.
  • In the swamps outside the Eukaran jungle, Ravage locates pieces of a dead body while Jumpstart and Quicksight make contact with Airazor.
  • Airazor and Tigatron meet the Lost Lighters and agree to help Rodimus et al try to find the lost lambs, who were looking for a ruined temple.
  • The Crystalline attack the Lost Lighters while they are traversing the jungle. Over the course of numerous battles, several are taken captive by the Crystalline.
  • Ravage and Mercy successfully escape a Crystalline assault and rescue one of the Scale Walkers who was serving as a guide and helper and bring back useful intelligence about the layout of the jungle.
  • Rodimus and his team survive an ambush successfully by invoking the name of Ch'sthia, the ancient Crystalline with whom he and some of the others fought in the arena on Scira.
  • Getaway frees himself from the cocoon prison of the Crystalline and released several of his compatriots, who escape and return to base camp so that they could plan an assault on the volcano temple and free the others.
  • While Rodimus leads a large assault team on the temple to free the remaining captives and Elita One's away team from the Crystalline, Windblade leads a small team into the heart of the volcano and make contact with the LIVING METROTITAN of Eukaris, Chela.
  • Some of the Crystalline turn their coats and launch an assault on their own Queen when the Lost Lighters invoke Ch'sthia as their friend and protector.
  • During the climactic battle, Windblade persuades Chela to protect Eukaris from the Crystalline onslaught. Chela bursts out of the volcano and triggers a seismic event that eventually results in the eruption of the remains of the volcano as the Lost Lighters, the friendly Crystalline, and the freed captives all flee the smoking ruins of the temple.


With the Crystalline taken care of and everyone rescued, the Lost Light spends some more time on Eukaris before having a big Farewell party with Elita. (And then they have a second party with Eukarian booze for good measure.)