Colony: Dunia

From Transformers: Lost and Found


The Lost Light arrives at the lost colony of Dunia, where they discover the survivors of the place living in traveling convoys underground, hiding from the wrath of their sleeping Titan. The Titan wakes, and in an effort to save the survivors of the planet, the Lost Lighters are forced to kill him.


  • The Lost Light arrives at Dunia.
  • After scouting parties determine that the surface of the planet is unlivable, Lost Light explorers go beneath the surface to seek out the life signs within.
  • The Lost Light makes contact with a traveling group of Dunian colonists called Obsidian Convoy, who give them the lay of the land and clues to the wroth of the Titan who once rose and destroyed their civilization.
  • The Lost Lighters spend time fighting the massive organic life that lurks beneath the surface of Dunia and getting to know the colonists while they explore.
  • Exploring the ruined city of Udun, Brainstorm, Air Raid, Riptide, Wheeljack, and Windrose uncover some ancient security measures still intact and find some treasures buried in the vault of what was once a bank.
  • Soundwave, Waspinator, Blaster and Sideswipe discover an art museum with exhibits dedicated to Megatronus and Udunus, and end up doing battle with a giant rock serpent living in the mostly intact building.
  • Lieutenant, Tailgate, Cyclonus, Starstruck and Pipes discover a room of singing crystals while exploring the ruin. Unfortunately, while trying to escape the threat of some nasty monster living in the ruin, Starstruck ends up caught in a garbage chute and the others must excavate him and escape the city.
  • Wheeljack and Brainstorm, exploring the deep energon mines with a local guide, are forced to flee from the risk of cavein as Udunus wakes far beneath and begins to rise.
  • Some of the Lost Lighters scramble to help Obsidian Convoy evacuate their camp while the others go to hold off the marauding Titan. Grimlock leads the charge against Udunus, while Mirage tries to stealth inside him and find some way of communicating or holding him back. Soundwave manages to make telepathic contact with Udunus, but not communicate. Overwhelmed by the rage and hatred of the Titan, Soundwave shoots his cannon into Udunus's processor. Meanwhile, Grimlock has launched an assault on the stones of the chasm beneath the Titan's feet, and the Titan falls. Soundwave and Mirage barely escape with their lives due to the daring rescues of Pipes and Cyclonus.
  • Smarting from the aftereffects of the Titan's death, the Lost Light stays in orbit long enough to help the colonists recover as much as possible before finally disembarking. Behind them, as the ship leaves, the dark and rocky planet again begins to shake.


Udunus is dead. The Lost Light moves on, still trying to find more Titans and more pieces of the map. P.S. Windblade got really mad.