Colony: Abyssalas

From Transformers: Lost and Found


Members of the Lost Light visit the colony of Abyssalas, an underwater society populated primarily by scientific-minded individuals with various aquatic alt modes, ranging from underwater vehicles, to alts modeled after organics, to organic-shaped vehicles. It's like a whole city full of Wheeljacks.


-LLers follow readings indicating the colony's existence, and run into two of the colonists on the surface of a planet made almost entirely of oceans. -LLers return to Abyssalas to help study the 'Deep Folk', a race of organic merpeople who cannibalize Abyssalans and use their body parts as jewelry and building material. -A group finally meets with the colony's version of a Cityspeaker, the High Priest named Jaekel, and have a conversation with the colony's titan, Abyssal.


After speaking with the leader of Abyssalas, the Lost Lighters were able to convince him of joining in the fight against Unicron, and later fixed Abyssal's space bridge.