From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: TBD
Division: Combat
Alt-Mode: Giant Earwig
Faction: Decepticon

Clearcut is a Decepticon and a swordsman, and he takes that seriously, with a code of honor to follow and a penchant for using a sharp stick to carve C's into evildoers (or Autobots). His alt-mode is unfortunately not up to the standard of knight in shining armor; he's an earwig.


Regal and honorable, Clearcut enjoys action, battle, and bloodshed, but he will refuse to attack a defeated opponent or a noncombatant. Needless to say, this ‘quirk’ of his was not particularly appreciated by his faction during the war, and he has been on the receiving end of some well deserved jeering, demotions and physical punishments over the vorns. Only through being a competent fighter and assassin (as long as the target is not a noncombatant) has he managed to stay relevant, and not be left behind as ‘acceptable losses'.

Clearcut is difficult to make genuinely angry, but very easy to coax into aggression. He is arrogant and vain, and enjoys being praised for his looks. Unfortunately, due to the fact he is an obvious beastformer said praise is hard to find. Polite and well spoken as if proving a point, it takes a ridiculous ammount of stress to get him to snap and swear, and even then said insults tend to be...lackluster.

Beneath the seemingly confident outer shell, however, lies what is basically a walking identity crisis waiting to happen. Despite being a very vocal opponent of Functionism, internally he cannot shake off his own insecurities over his alt form, and that he needed to 'steal' the identity of a 'better' mech to make himself into someone worthy. While missing his friend and mentor, he fears that one day he will be confronted by someone over the fact this name is not actually his.


Clearcut is a swordsmech, very knowledgeable in melee weapons, and specially so with swords. Most of his ability relies on his skill with blades, as otherwise he's not the largest, strongest or wisest mech around.

He is capable of wallcrawling in his alt, and the sharp pincers at his rear can be deadly effective in a fight. Also contrary to common knowledge, earwigs are capable of flight, with very thin fan-like wings. This is also the case with Clearcut. He is no seeker in flight, but he can manage.


The first to note is that Clearcut is not the original Clearcut. The first mech with this designation was a former gladiator, an Autobot grounder.

Original Clearcut was a brawler, his designation came from the crisp and clean dismembering slashes he delivered with his sword. A pest to contend with, with a regal and knight-like temperament, until he ended up in Decepticon claws. Like many others before him, he did not survive the interrogations and experiments. His only contact in the many cycles he spent in his cell was his keeper, an earwig beastformer under the name Avalon.

Avalon was one of many beastformers slumming it out during the final, rougher days of Functionism, young but unwanted and optics bright yet tired. With an alt mode considered the most worthless one could have without stepping in Disposable territory, he made a living from picking at scraps. He joined the Decepticons relatively early, inspired by their words and rhetoric, avoiding the culls due to being practically a no-name, but as his fellows grew more militaristic and vicious, he grew disgusted. But being important, having a role other than 'discarded mech', for him and so many others, was worth the unnecessary deaths. He gave his loyalty.

How the beastformer made off with the Autobot’s sword, and why he chose to bear his designation is unknown. Previously unremarkable, no ambitions beyond living to see his next meal and live another day; After meeting the Autobot and his death, the Decepticon took on the regal mannerisms of his prisoner. He claims he stole the sword, and took the dead Autobot’s name to dishonor him further. Yet, the most widely believed theory is that Avalon befriended the Autobot and was given the sword as legacy, the Clearcut knowing he would die soon - and inspired by him, the Decepticon took his designation and acted as he would to continue Clearcut’s legacy, until this facade became so ingrained as to be his actual personality.

A long time has gone by since the start of the war, yet Clearcut has kept his honorable mannerisms, honed as he honed his ability with the sword. He fought and stayed alive, for longer than even he thought, loyal but distrustful, until the war was no more. After his temporary grief at the loss of the faction he believed so much in... the knight found himself faced with a dilemma. After living for so long in a war, he was only skilled in combat. His fencing and his warrior honor was of no use in a rebuilt Cybertron, his budding interest in the Cybertron of old was not enough to afford him a living, and with residual suspicion over both beastformers and Decepticons he had no future in law enforcement. He refused to go back to living off scraps. Thus, when the Lost Light was launched, he chose to work his way into joining the crew.