Check Your Map

From Transformers: Lost and Found


The Lost Light stops in at the first inhabited planet they find in outer space to see if they can figure out where they are.


  • Lost Light away team makes landfall on the planet and makes contact with the natives. It doesn't go great.
  • A would-be stowaway named Cui (or Cui-ete) catches a ride with Rodimus and the gang on the way back to the ship.
  • Rodimus makes a deal to provide weapons to the Ete -- Cui's caste, in the middle of a revolt and thus automatically the right side -- in exchange for ship data and some items on Nautica's shopping list.
  • Arbiter leads an away team to the rendezvous site, where they meet the Ete to make the exchange. The Ete were pursued by some Ashata (the ruling caste). The landing party killed most of the Ashata pursuit and the rest scattered, leaving Cui and the Ete free to collect both the Cybertronian weapons and those of their fallen foes.
  • The Ete provided manifests and ID for the most recent trade ship that made landfall, including its previous and next stop and approximate ETAs to those stops, which the Lost Light should be able to use to triangulate their position relative to several known points of galactic geography.


After discovering a brewing civil war, the Lost Lighters make a deal with Cui-ete to supply her caste with weapons in exchange for materials. At the trade off, the Ashata show up and attack. The crew fights them off and leaves with their new supplies.