From Transformers: Lost and Found


The general steps in Character Creation are:

  • Decide on your concept.
  • Set basic demographic information about your character.
  • Choose your abilities: attributes, action skills, and background skills.
  • Describe your background.


Keep in mind when considering your application that all characters must be crew members on the Lost Light. They can be Autobots, Decepticons, or Neutrals. They don't necessarily have to be Cybertronian. Their plausibility as a crew member is the primary concern. As such, we ask that all concepts be discussed with staff before application if they are not a character already on the.

You set your concept in the first room of chargen by typing +concept <One or two sentence summary of your character concept.>.


  • OCs may be a point one percenter, triplechanger, or outlier. They may not be a point one percenter AND a triple changer, or a triplechanger AND an outlier, or any other combination thereof.


You start with a pool of 70 ability points to spend on Abilities. Although you begin with 80 points, 10 points are automatically spent on basic attributes and language. You will need to choose Action Skills, which are important for the action of the game and Background Skills to round out your character.

Attributes, Action Skills, and Background Skills all cost 1 point per rating.

Ability Limits

There are certain restrictions on what abilities you can purchase.

  • You can't spend more than 12 points on attributes
  • All attributes must be at least level 1.
  • You can't spend more than 32 points on action skills.
  • You must take at least 3 background skills.
  • You can't have more than 3 abilities above level 7.

What Skills Should I Pick?

Your character sheet is not meant to be an exhaustive list of everything your character knows. That would be silly. Here is some guidance for what skills to choose:

  • Choose any Action Skills that your character would know. They are likely to come up during the course of the game, so take them if they apply.
  • Choose Background Skills that are important to your character. Take Background Skills to reflect hobbies, interests, education, or professional skills not reflected by Action Skills.

What Levels Should I Pick?

Even rating 1 in FS3 represents a fair amount of training and practice in a skill, and gives you a roughly 57% chance of success on a routine roll. Ratings 4 and higher indicate professional level of competence, meaning you could conceivably do it for a living. It would be rare for someone to have a hobby at higher than rating 3 unless he is a really serious hobbyist!

Setting Ruling Attributes

Each ability is tied to a particular attribute. The attribute's level is added to the skill level when you roll. You can see which attributes are tied to which skills using the +rulingattr command in-game. Background Skills default to "Mind", but you can change this with the +rulingattr command. Be sure to do this for any physical or performance-based background skills.

Can I Take Social Skills

Yes! Social skills like leadership, seduction and con are all fair game for skills. BUT, be aware that people tend to be sensitive when poses and social skill rolls are out of sync:

Joe says, "Heeeeyyyy baby."
<FS3> Joe rolls Seduction: Amazing Success!
Everyone eyerolls.

Also, social skill rolls are not a form of mind control. The 'target' of your roll still has free will to determine their own reaction.

On T:LF, social rolls are most commonly used in a PC vs NPC setting, when they're used at all. Players are welcome to do PC vs PC rolls if everyone in the scene is amenable, but social rolls should not be used in a PC vs PC setting without everyone's consent.


The most important part of a character is their background. We are not looking for a novel, just a paragraph or two describing the character’s backstory. In particular, your background should cover:

  • Who is your character?
  • Why are they here?
  • Anything else about your character that might serve as a RP hook, or that you want to make note of.


At the end, submit your application and we will get back to you in a day or two! If you have any questions along the way, you can ask on channel by typing +cr Help!