From Transformers: Lost and Found

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Played by: Themilokin
Division: Support
Alt-Mode: Starfighter
Faction: Autobot
Outlier Ability: Touch-Telepathy

A polite, anxious Starfighter who doesn't want to be touched and is trying to figure out this whole 'making your own choices' thing and is almost exclusively seen with socks and gloves on.


Cavalier is a polite mech in almost all climates and does his best to show respect and courtesy to everyone he meets. He never swears and dislikes being touched by anyone. He avoids crowded places and tries to stay to quiet and open spaces, though he's fond of having a little bit of company.

While combat isn't his first choice for dealing with others, Cavalier is never seen without a sword at his side, be it his pair of dual swords or his artifact. He does attempt to keep them sheathed, at least.


Cavalier was a scout during the war, and thus can be quiet and unnoticed when he chooses, and as a starfighter he's very fast especially in his alt-mode. Despite his manner and bearing, Cavalier is also distinctly gifted with swords and martial weapons, though he claims that he's simply a hobbyist and has never technically trained- though this can be a bit difficult to believe considering how well he can do in a real fight.

He's also capable of sewing his own clothes and brewing his own highgrade, though the sewing is a little more necessary than the alcohol.

Outlier Ability

Cavalier has the unconscious outlier ability of Touch Telepathy. When in direct physical contact with anyone, Cavalier establishes a telepathic link. The longer the touch goes on for, the deeper the link can go. A light brush of shoulders might give him someone's general mood, whereas holding onto someone for a bit would give him insights into their actual thoughts and feelings. Over the course of a longer period of time, Cavalier can get in especially deep, though it requires sustained and uninterrupted contact. His ability does not work on organics.


Cavalier was brought online nearly six-million years ago with a spark harvested from the Vespertine Blue hotspot near Iacon. One of several space-capable mecha taken from the site, Cavalier and the others were snatched up for employ by a mech named Spinnaker before they even fully formed up, and notably before Cavalier's outlier ability was discovered. When the newly-forged mech began to speak to the blacksmiths about thoughts they had had during the forging, it was more money than luck that kept Cavalier from being recorded as an outlier, as Spinnaker had use for this skill as well.

A patron of the sciences and exploration, Spinnaker kept Cavalier around as a courtier to assist him in swaying powerful mecha from cause to cause. Cavalier was thrilled to be of use, though watching the other two spacers fly off and come back with new stories always gave him a pang of wanderlust when they returned. Instead of spaceflight, Cavalier applied himself to learning the social graces of the Iacon Towers, as well as several other citystates for when dignitaries came to visit. His abilities were used to get a deeper read on a situation, to act as a way to cut through the social song-and-dance that Spinnaker hated and Cavalier found soothing and comfortabley.

And then there was a war.

Cavalier stayed out of the war's earliest days, but eventually more and more of his circle of acquaintances were missing, dead, or had signed up with the Autobots. Among the missing was Spinnaker, and with nowhere else to go and little he could do for himself, Cavalier joined up with the war effort in an attempt to find his patron and assist what acquaintances and friends had already joined the Autobots.

Lackluster at best when it came to combat, Cavalier became a messenger and a scout, something that finally allowed him to use his altmode to its fullest effect and let him catch up on the practice he'd missed out on with his time in the Towers. While his missions were never high-priority or life-or-death, Cavalier took them seriously. Though he did spend some time trying to find his lost patron, and nudged others for an answer and used his abilities to dig for some kind of hint at where Spinnaker had vanished to. He was never quite lucky enough to find out.

And then there was a mission towards the end of the war that Cavalier came back from in exceedingly rough shape with a pair of swords he'd never touched. He handed off intelligence to a base commander he shouldn't have known, and he stopped searching for Spin altogether. Cavalier's missions started gaining a kill count and while his friendly nature remained, there was a certain distance present- both physically and mentally- that hadn't been there before, it went largely unnoticed however, as Cavalier started taking more and more missions to avoid a proper evaluation.

And then, before he could really process it happening, the war was over.

The most recent few years have been something of a difficult adjustment period. He's starting to open himself up again bit by bit, but keeps leaning heavily on his old habits of etiquette to handle difficult or awkward situations and keep a measure of distance, and learning to work with Decepticons has been a trial he's not sure he's adapted for, but he's willing to at least try. As long as, you know, they stay over there, please.

Artifact of the Knights of Cybertron

A Great Sword



 Start DateSummary
MMMeteor12 October 2017An artifact mission runs into a sect of a certain extremist group and things go a bit pear-shaped.