From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: [[User:|]]
Division: Combat
Alt-Mode: Muscle Car
Faction: Neutral

Burstblitz is a wrecking ball of speed, thus she is muscle; not finesse. She has a hard time compensating for new parameters in her path, and is just as likely to smash through it to her target as she is to swerve out of the way and avoid it.


Burst can be somewhat of a brute now. Her determination is passionate and single minded at best, and destructive at the worst. She is rough and tumble and takes any attempt at entrapment very personally as she highly values her freedom. Despite her rambunctious behaviors, underneath it all she is still a fem who values culture. She is an aficionado for all things creative and would happily spend her downtime ensconced in old Cybertronian music.

She has a very wry sense of humor and sometimes says things that seem out of turn, but are in good humors. She finds the whole business of Autobot versus Decepticon and is genuinely surprised they are still at odds with each other, even now as they share this ship and the mission that comes with it.


As a Circle of Light member, there was a time when Burstblitz believed in pacifism and peace. When she believed that the only thing that mattered was the preservation and protection of the great culture of Cybertron. While not among the brightest minds in the circle she was among the most passionate. She believed in their dream and as they settled far and away from Cybertron in Theopany away from the war, she became an idealist.

Her optimistic personality lasted long into the siege of the Legislators upon the Crystal city, and though she fought bravely, and extinguished a few sparks during the processions, she held onto hope. When they were held hostage on the moon, it wavered but still stayed strong. When they began to experiment on her friends and leaders, reducing them to scrap.. It changed into something else. The single minded drive to survive that had lead them away from Cybertron in the first place, became a fire once more in her spark. She would survive this, and someone was going to pay.

Now she waits for the day her bonds are loosed, and pities the bot who ever tries to capture her again.



 Start DateSummary
Remain in Light18 October 2015The Lost Light tracks a couple of missing shuttles and finds a whole lot more than they bargained on.

Miscellaneous: Due to her experiences on Luna 1, she has unfortunately picked up a thing or two about interrogation tactics. Something that would come as a surprise the first time she used these skills against another bot. She does what was done to her, and finds it very startling just how much of a knack she possesses for it.