From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Araneiform
Division: Support
Alt-Mode: Cybertronian Offroad Truck
Faction: Autobot

A big mech with a bigger spark, Bulkhead always tries to be there for those who need him. The only problem is when he decides someone isn't worth saving.


Above all, Bulkhead is caring and compassionate. He hates to see anything - organic or mechanical - suffer over nothing. Every sentient being deserves a chance and Bulk is damn determined to make sure of that. Which means that, when he believes anyone (aka the Decepticons) is attempting to hurt those chances, he won't hesitate in stopping them. In fact, he's a bit too eager to hurt those who might - in his processor - hurt others.

Which means he can come off as too brutal, too aggressive, and he's only just beginning to reconcile his protective nature with the fact that not EVERYONE he tries to fight actually deserves it.


Bulk is big, and he is strong, which is what other mechs usually focus on when they see him. He can plow through the enemy like nobody's business. He's good at wrecking stuff, especially with the wrecking balls he can make of his servos.

But at the same time, he's smart, when it comes to math and engineering. These days he uses those skills to calm himself, since it's been centuries since anybot believed he was more than a tool for destruction.


A big, bulky bot, Bulk has been around for a while, and ended up in the first meeting of the Grand Convocation. Back then he was an engineer, smart enough and good enough to be the voice and leader of the Guild he was part of. Though Dai Atlas and other mechs left the planet during the Exodus, Bulkhead refused to follow suit. He couldn't leave behind those who had no way to escape.

He eventually ended up joining the Autobots, inspired by Optimus Prime. Leaving his more 'academic' life behind, Bulkhead buried his mathematical smarts and worked to become the ideal soldier: big, strong, and merciless. He gained a reputation as a bot who could be set loose in the field and scrap every 'Con he could get his servos on, a big dumb wrecking machine who always did what he was told no matter what. It worked for him, for a while, until the war ended, and suddenly he had nothing to do. He stayed on Cybertron for a while, but soon after Starscream took over he joined the Lost Light crew. No way was he going to live in a city where that scrapheap was in charge.

Artifact of the Knights of Cybertron

An abacus with crystalline beads.



 Start DateSummary
Colony: Khepri30 September 2017An artifact signal leads to the discovery of the floating colony of Khepri, an insect altmode based society of traders with a love of organic things and fancy clothes. It's up to the Lost Lighters to find the artifact, make peace with the locals, and have a little R&R while they're there.
Colony: Abyssalas12 August 2017Members of the Lost Light visit the colony of Abyssalas, an underwater society populated primarily by scientific-minded individuals with various aquatic alt modes, ranging from underwater vehicles, to alts modeled after organics, to organic-shaped vehicles. It's like a whole city full of Wheeljacks.
Topsy Turvy12 July 2017The !Lost Lighters hit the Lost Light with a bomb snuck past their defenses in the frame of a mangled pair of cassettes: !Frumble. Without any particular design or reason, a number of the crews were apparently swapped into different bodies.
Rebirth of Unicron4 May 2017The Lost Light follows the Shivan monolith all the way to earth, meeting up Elita One's ship along the way. As more monoliths arrive, the crew uses this chance to visit Earth once more despite the Earth Defense Command telling them not to. They decide to be discreet. Eventually, nine monoliths arrive and everyone aboard the LL watches them in bated breath as they open and unfold and become... the Unmaker, Unicron!
Colony: Velocitron30 May 2016On Velocitron, speed is what matters. Their mobile cities, the Velocites, traverse the surface to stay ahead of the searing heat of dawn. In the capital, Delta, the upcoming Inevitable 250 race is about to determine the new leader. The slow workers banished to the polar city of Mu are seething with rebellion. The older city of Transit, mysteriously slowing down, may require evacuation before it burns up.
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