From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Tailgate
Division: Support
Alt-Mode: Ankylosaurus
Faction: Neutral

Once a tribeless exile on Eukaris, Bone-Spur was first picked up by the Rigardians and acted as a cultural liaison for them on the beastformer planet, to better understand the natives and the world. She later joined them for a time on their homeworld, before becoming fascinated with the visiting Lost Light. Bone-Spur joined their mission in an effort to help defeat their mutual enemies and find a future for herself.


Armored combatant Blacksmith with a penchant for making jewelry and amateur poetry. Expert on Eukarian Culture.


One of the oldest mechs on Eukaris, Bone-Spur was a part of an equally old Scalewalker tribe for a considerable period; ancient beasts of teeth and armor. In one particular era of social unrest, she was exiled from her tribe for a manner of mutiny against her leader. After resettling in a solitary lifestyle, Spur realized after all this time she was not particularly one for social living. This exile had to be for the best, right?

Tribelessness was difficult, but not impossible. She knew that it marked her, but at the same time she almost did not care; she dealt mostly with other scalewalkers, though without that tribe she needed to make personal sacrifices and connect with the rest of Eukaris. In doing so she learned a lot more than she ever bargained for, or expected, and it vaulted her reputation to a strange place between worlds. Her skills in combat were but one thing that she was sought for; as a smith and an artisan, there seemed to be a place for her skills wherever she ended up, and for that she was grateful. Her travels took her many places and taught her a great deal-- when the citizens of Rigard landed on Eukaris, it became something that helped her to form a bond with the strange visitors.

Acting as a cultural bridge for the Rigardians helped both Bone-Spur and her new friends, even through trial and error when it came to other alien life on Eukaris; alien life that tried to take several Rigardians and several Cybertronians of the Lost Light when they landed to examine the colony. She was impressed by the latter’s gumption, to say the least; she wouldn’t forget them quickly. When the dire adventure was over with, the Rigardians offered to take Spur along on their travels; she could teach them more about the colony, and explore a world outside of it. Having nothing to lose and an open way back, she took them up on it.

Bone-Spur stayed on with the ship ‘Ariel’ as they trekked onward, visiting other colonies and much later, tailing the Lost Light through space as they unerringly fed into Unicron’s monoliths. When they woke the World Eater much later, Spur was there on the Ariel when they hooked to the Lost Light and jumped back to Rigard’s nebula. On learning that there was a monolith that caused great damage to Eukaris and that Unicron’s presence was responsible, it fueled her desire to be more proactive in her ways; for her, that presented itself in the form of the Lost Light and her crew.

Artifact of the Knights of Cybertron

An onyx anvil.



 Start DateSummary
Forced Fighters2 July 2017Eight Lost Lighters have am artifact search go south when they find themselves forced to fight. Will the be able to fight for their freedom and well as all the other prisoners, as well as find the artifact?