From Transformers: Lost and Found

Blackstorm3 - Copy.jpg
Played by: Rage
Division: Intelligence
Alt-Mode: Motorcycle
Faction: Neutral


Boisterous and bigger-than-life, Blackstorm is usually the heart of the party. He is a genuinely happy person. That being said, his lively spirit knows no bounds and that has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion. His hedonistic pursuit of pleasure is not limited just to socially acceptable activities. He is no stranger to all of the more dangerous vices: drinking, gambling, etc. Along with this, he finds it difficult to discuss anything too serious or sad. He blinds himself to bigger issues in his relentless pursuit of happiness.

Most never dig beneath his playful nature to seek the true depth of character; however, he much prefers it that way.

Blackstorm's past is shrouded in mystery and he rarely speaks about it, and for good reason. As he had ties to criminal organizations in the past, he puts himself and others at risk if he accidentally reveals something meant to remain secret. Blackstorm considers it a minor miracle that he was allowed to retire from the trade at all, and is determined to keep his helm down and live a 'normal life' from now on. Still, he can never quite shake his concerns that his former colleagues are just biding their time.

It is one of the few worries that mar his otherwise bright thoughts.


Blackstorm has magnawheels in his heels, allowing him to magnetize to metallic surfaces. As a small mecha, he uses this to scale walls/ceilings to reach things that would otherwise be beyond him. He has not been trained on how to use them in combat situations. Long years of flying vessels through contested space sectors has made him a master of stealth piloting and avoidance maneuvers.


Blackstorm was an MTO awakened during a battle known as the Tetrahexian Tempest. The name is synonymous with the natural disaster that raged during the fight: a catastrophic acid storm that caused blackouts, burns, and building collapses. Both sides were made desperate by the storm; however, the Autobots had pulled ahead. In a last-ditch effort, the Decepticon side resorted to extreme measures. Blackstorm, originally constructed as a scout, was last-minute re-purposed as a shuttle pilot and given orders to fly a ship of k-classers over the Autobot base. After that, he was expected to crash the shuttle in order to create as much havoc and damage as possible.

A newborn, Blackstorm had already been flagged for death. While the knowledge of how to pilot had been fed directly into the young mecha's brain module, his commanders purposefully left out the information of how to land. After all, he would not need that to follow his orders. Still, the moment that Blackstorm was put behind the pilot seat he proved to be a natural. Working off instinct, he managed to pull the shuttle in for a 'soft landing.' Although it was a crash, it was not nearly as spectacular as his commanders had hoped: soft enough that Blackstorm survived.

Dragged from the wreckage by an ally, Blackstorm had to face his furious superiors while injured. He was threatened with charges of cowardice for his actions, and with that hanging over his helm his superiors assigned him to complete an identical mission to the one he had barely survived the next day. They thought the problem solved.

They were wrong. Blackstorm had had enough opportunity to talk to the k-classers before they leaped from his vessel to put together what happened to mecha charged with cowardice. His choices were between a fast death and an even more ignominious one. Instead, he decided to run. And he wasn't the only deserter in the face of the hopeless battle; others in his position helped point Blackstorm in the direction of someone who might be able to help.

His designation was Cargo, a mecha who smuggled organics and mecha alike out of Cybertronian warzones for profit. While Blackstorm had no shanix to spare, Cargo agreed to cover the cost of his trip if he would agree to work it off without pay as a member of his ship's crew. With no other options, Blackstorm agreed. While his position was no better than indentured servitude, it was much more agreeable than being dead. However, the arrangement turned out to be much more long-term than Blackstorm intended. He continued to serve under Cargo until the mecha died on one of his own missions.

Serving under Cargo, though, had given Blackstorm practical experience and knowledge. Including learning how to land. Finally. With Cargo out of the way, Blackstorm began to show his promise and make a name for himself in the smuggling business. It was the only life he knew. Still, his rise was not entirely easy or without trouble. Cargo had made certain that Blackstorm was never paid properly, and with little funds he was forced to turn to outsiders to finance the start of his operation.

That's how Blackstorm found himself under the thumb of a cartel.

The same as Cargo, the cartel found convenient ways of making sure that Blackstorm never paid off his debts (and thusly remained under their thumb). While he loved being able to save mecha like him, Blackstorm was pressured into performing other, less savory missions, too. As a way of dealing with these new worries, Blackstorm developed the habit of spending whatever he did manage to accrue on exorbitant luxuries (such as his Magnawheels upgrade). This endless cycle left him trapped in the criminal underworld, and he even began to feel at home there.

Until business started to slow down at the end of the war, and his debtors were putting serious pressure on him to make his payments. In a fit of desperation, Blackstorm sold almost everything that he owned and turned over the smuggling operation he had built. That proved just barely enough to satisfy the cartel, and he was allowed to 'retire' into a more peaceful life.

As he only feels at home on a ship, though, Blackstorm chose serving on the Lost Light over staying on Cybertron. Maybe he would finally have the chance to experience 'normal life.'



 Start DateSummary
Colony: Abyssalas12 August 2017Members of the Lost Light visit the colony of Abyssalas, an underwater society populated primarily by scientific-minded individuals with various aquatic alt modes, ranging from underwater vehicles, to alts modeled after organics, to organic-shaped vehicles. It's like a whole city full of Wheeljacks.
Trobble Yall29 June 2017Fortress Maximus buys an adorable, fluffy pet from a pet shop on the Elemens' space station, PR-138. What he doesn't realize is that this cute little 'trobble' is about to become a problem much bigger than cleaning litterboxes and keeping it off the furniture.
Rebirth of Unicron4 May 2017The Lost Light follows the Shivan monolith all the way to earth, meeting up Elita One's ship along the way. As more monoliths arrive, the crew uses this chance to visit Earth once more despite the Earth Defense Command telling them not to. They decide to be discreet. Eventually, nine monoliths arrive and everyone aboard the LL watches them in bated breath as they open and unfold and become... the Unmaker, Unicron!
Denied26 August 2016All our space credit and debit cards are being denied! Time for the crew of the Lost Light to come together and bum some gas money.
Colony: Shivah13 March 2017The Shivans believe they were created at the hands of Nova Prime for the purpose of suffering, to prove their worthiness for their final release thanks to the deliverers, who they determine are the crew of the Lost Light. An enormous black monolith saps the energy of everyone and everything around, including the ship's engines. Soon, according to the Shivans, a great Immolation will burst forth from the monolith to end suffering for all.
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