From Transformers: Lost and Found

Arrow of Lanarq
Played by: Themilokin
Ship's Brat
Division: Intelligence
Alt-Mode: Jet
Faction: Neutral

"Never seen me in the air, huh? Weird."


Young, a bit of a loudmouth, and more likely to be a social chameleon than a social butterfly, Arrow tries his best to stay on people's good sides. His pride and tendency to stick his foot in his mouth run directly counter to that plan, however, but he tries his best regardless. He has immense faith in his own skills and unfortunately can tend to bite off a bit more than he can chew because of this, but woe betide anyone who points it out unasked. He'll get petty. He'll get very very petty.

Despite his bristly ego, Arrow winds up very loyal to his friends whenever he can make them and will defend them tooth and nail even when he knows he'll lose. Stubborn and proud, Arrow won't back down when someone needs his help, but had a lot of issues asking for help when he needs it.


A hacker by trade and a liar by upbringing, Arrow's abilities run more on the social and technical side of the spectrum. In a fight, he's practically useless with weapons or combat skills of any kind, relying more on wits to try and turn a situation to his advantage.

However, while physically lacking, Arrow's unusual frametype for a flier has given him the ability to deal a devastating hit by igniting the thrusters on his elbows to throw a punch at rocket speed! It could deal quite the devastating blow if he could ever manage to hit someone with it, but each use of the punch will wind up roasting his own plating and putting the arm out of commission until repairs can be made.


Arrow comes from the strategically useless colony of Lanarq, a place so far out in the space-boonies that almost nothing of consequence happens there. Brought up and taken care of by Grifter, a bully and a gambler, Arrow learned how to lie and do it well and how to cheat without getting caught- and when he did get caught, he had a mech in his corner to back him up. With his thirst for knowledge, however, Arrow took to looking for secrets more than looking for credits or shanix.

Desperate to prove himself after an incident with the crew of Colossal, Arrow dove hard into making himself more than useful. After taking some jobs and gaining some experience in computer sciences, he began rooting out secrets and uncovering everything he wanted to know. This, rather quickly, led him to hacking into people's personal files, company records- many many things.

The charges, he claims, were dropped.

Running out of jobs and reputation on-world, Arrow- with Grifter's assistance and reluctant blessing- made his way through the messy legalities of getting a travel permit off-world and headed into the stars. He started taking an assortment of jobs and improving his skills as a hacker, not necessarily criminally though he didn't have the stability to be able to turn down well paying jobs. He eventually wound up working as an independent contractor for a trading company called Rumour Has It deep in neutral space after a minor legal altercation with one of the business' associates.

He spent a number of years working for Rumour before he simply stopped. Stopped and left and faded off of the map so to speak for a few years until the Lost Light picked up a little blue hitchhiker...

Artifact of the Knights of Cybertron

An old, well-loved journal.

Rodimus Stars

A Star awarded for... eventually listening to Rodimus during the Zombie attack on the Dead World.



 Start DateSummary
The Thrillsought Gauntlet28 January 2017Angered by Vortex's sudden disappearance following the recovery of Megatron, Air Raid runs off to manage his stress with high risk racing matches in the illegal flier tournament - the Thrillsought Gauntlet. Vortex and Skydive seek to retrieve him, and enlist Arrow's help.
Topsy Turvy12 July 2017The !Lost Lighters hit the Lost Light with a bomb snuck past their defenses in the frame of a mangled pair of cassettes: !Frumble. Without any particular design or reason, a number of the crews were apparently swapped into different bodies.


Subspace Contents

  • Three (3) bluetooth speakers
  • A few days supply of candy
  • No less than ten (10) datapads
  • A holographic star chart with highlighted Points of Interest
  • One (1) stolen quilt
  • One (1) written copy of Towards Peace
  • Two (2) reams (1000 sheets) of blank paper
  • Twenty-Four (24) colored markers
  • Ten (10) sheets of blank, multi-surface stickers
  • An EMP grenade
  • Roller skates (Size: Arrow)
  • Ten (10) Incredibly Distracting Fireworks
  • A Danger Whistle
  • One (1) can of spray-paint, neon green
  • The Magnabelt
  • Citrus the Trash Fox, a large plush turbofox in neon yellow and green
  • Four (4) tubs of glitter
  • A lot (???) of Quick-Dry glue
  • No less than fifteen (15) novels
  • One (1) slingshot
  • Eight-thousand (8000) marbles
  • Drives with various low-impact viruses (two of them play songs on repeat until purged)