From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: TBD
Division: Combat
Alt-Mode: Artillery Carriage
Faction: Neutral

Don't expect him to dodge anything. Ever.


Arbiter is not bright. Nor is he quick. He is, however, very tough. And succinct. Often his comments on a matter will be a grunt, followed by a large smoking hole in the objective. Aware of his shortcomings of the mind, he is careful who he listens to, mistrusting, even. Slow to wit, slow to anger, slow to respond, but quick to set what will he has to a goal he determines acceptable. With that, he could be considered determined, or stubborn. His slow, blunt personality lends him to appear sarcastic, though it is entirely possible he is being serious.


Arbiter’s been around. Always the able soldier, though never quite distinct about his loyalties. Often, he’s offered his help to the highest bidder, which meant he was backing the Decepticons. He didn’t care the cause, only the pay. After the war for Cybertron, Arbiter found himself backing the Autobots in several skirmishes, never providing a doubt about his loyalty when the pay is good. He ends up on the Lost Light for, well, new opportunities. Specializing in singular firepower from his main and only cannon, he has been employed often in demolition missions and as a supporting gun.



 Start DateSummary
Check Your Map26 February 2015The Lost Light stops in at the first inhabited planet they find in outer space to see if they can figure out where they are.