From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Nolan
Division: Intelligence
Alt-Mode: News Van
Faction: Neutral

Some velocitronians aren't particularly big fans of racing, some enjoy only to watch, some feel like any racing training they may have might be worth more in the world of race archiving, and that's where someone like Aperture comes in. An average height and somewhat bulky bot with an extendable boom mic on the side of his left arm designed to look like a radio dish.


Aperture, a velocitronian documentarian and film maker known universe wide for his avant-garde documentation styles, or he wishes he was anyway, truth is he's just a clueless, egotistical idiot who tends to get himself nearly killed on a regular basis. More often then not, he tends to glorify horrific acts, particularly those surrounding the great cybertronian war, viewing them more as spectacle rather then something that actually, really matters.


A skilled film director, editor, and camera man, creating excellent films that seem much too polished for someone as unintelligent, loud, and brash as Aperture.

Also rather good at running, driving, climbing, and general movement, though it's rarely utilized.


A former low ranking racer, Aperture decided to quit racing completely to start archiving racing after a notably bad race in which he lost miserably due to traction issues, changing his focus in life to trying to become the greatest archivist alive. Unfortunately, due to his tendency to recut and edit his footage to create more interesting viewing experiences, his footage was often considered unusable, but still managed to garner some degree popularity, particularly from fans of racers he was focussing in particular archives. he continued to revel in his experimental archiving techniques, recording race after race until a racer he particularly admired, a heavy weight racer by the name of RoadWrecker who was known for achieving incredible speeds compared to his size, vanished completely in a bright flash of light while rounding a corner at his usual, abnormally fast pace. After that race, Apertures career as a proper archivist ended, his obsession with RoadWrecker's vanishing spiralling into documentary after documentary as his archiving got more and more avant-garde until, finally, The lost light arrived. During the ensuing incidents leading to Velocitron's brutal thrashing Aperture began investigating famous spacefaring crew, viewing them as the opportunity he needed to make more interesting documentaries, and more importantly, potentially having some degree of knowledge on what happened to his missing idol. Not too long after, he ran into a radio technician and amateur film editor by the name of Retina who had been working with a refugee from Prion named Shuttershock, making amateur documentary after amateur documentary after joining the Lost light only slightly more recently. The three swiftly became friends, the two swiftly convincing Aperture to join the crew, which he was more than happy to agree to. Now Aperture hopes to use the crew as muses for their works and bring home a variety of interesting documentaries, though Aperture is still driven to try and find RoadWrecker, believing that maybe, just maybe, his idol is out there amongst the stars, and if he can just find him, he'll be able to finally complete what he considers to be his first true documentary.