2019-01-09 The End

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2019-01-09 The End
Date 2019/01/09
Location Cybertron
Participants Chimera, Rodimus
Summary Life is eternal, love is immortal, and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.

(Please note this takes place very very far in the future and takes the place of Chimera's Ever After. Thank you so much to Tez for helping me end her story and my thanks to everyone here for all of our good times and roleplays together. I love all you guys.)

It is time.

The message to Rodimus is a simple one, an invitation to return home to Cybertron. It's a visit he's made before when there, the route into the mountainous woodlands a familiar one. Unfortunately it will be the last.

The simple shack he arrives at looks even more a part of the surrounding greenery than before, the Cybertronian wildlife as welcome there by its resident than any other person, who happens to be opening the door when she hears the familiar engine revving up the path.

Ancient no long applies to Chimera these days, her mere presence that of something timeless. But time cannot be outrun forever and it shows, the aged beast's joints stiff after so long and lines weathering the face that greets the mech with a warm smile.

"Welcome back, old friend." Staff in hand, the giant steps from her home to approach, her steps slow and tired. Living once more among the wilds her armor is scuffed with paint chipping while age has taken its toll on once glimmering mane, its golden shine dulled, though small braids and baubles woven within glint here and there.

Looking at Chimera, there's a joke on Rodimus's tongue -- light words, probably an objection to the 'old' in 'old friend' -- but it dies in the face of her. In the face of this. Instead, he reaches for her, arms thrown heedlessly wide as he takes the last steps in a bounding run to clash into her.

For all the violence of his impact -- and it's a loving violence, a friendly violence, but it's not gentle -- there's tremendous care in the way that Rodimus reaches for her. His impact comes not as a toppling strike, but an unexpected support, thrown in against her side should she falter. Not that she'll falter.

The years have scarcely touched Rodimus: a flame eternally renewed, rather than burning itself out. Maybe it's a gift of the Matrix, leaving him warm and present and certain as he reaches for Chimera, lightly tousling the collections of treasures that adorn her. He came as fast as he could, but it's inevitable that there was some delay, and so he sobers as he says, "I'm sorry it took me so long to get here."

Even with his care there's still a subtle wobble to the giant, Chimera only steadying herself by curling an arm around him in turn, what strength is left in her holding him firmly against her frame. From here he can feel her spark, but what once hummed with the strength of a lion's roar is now barely a whisper and growing even quieter.

"Do not apologize." She chuckles weakly, dim eyes brightening some at the friendly ruffle of her mane. "I would have waited for as long as it took." Closing the distance between them, she leans in to place a gentle kiss upon the top of his helm before giving him a proper look over. "Look at you.. Still looking as fresh as the day I carried you from those cliffs." The memory starts to float its way up to the surface in her mind, but she tries not to linger on it. They don't have much time.

"Come, we have a walk ahead of us. But it will give us time to catch up. I have been eager to hear of your latest journey." Chimera rests a hand on his helm to give it a brief rub with her thumb before moving back to her home to close the door. But as all would do, she hangs in the doorway to give the interior one last look.

It is simple, arranged with herbs, crystals, potions, and the like. Souvenirs from far off plants and fellow colonies warm the space while aged holographs of friends made through the ages keep company. The only thing out of place is the machine at her bedside, the aid for her spark in recent times that's now been decidedly turned off. All of this is given one last smile before she closes the door and turns back to Rodimus, motioning him to join her as she moves off through the woods.

Leaning into the touch of Chimera's hand, Rodimus doesn't quite butt his head against her palm -- but he comes pretty close to it. When she takes her time looking back over her space, he waits with a quiet respect until she's finished. Then, he clasps her shoulder, just a brief, warm press, and follows her.

"I wouldn't call Cybertron tame quite yet, but it's quieted since then, hasn't it." Rodimus looks at the wilderness that surrounds them, no longer bloodthirsty and savage, but settling into the quieter, cooler distance of the wild. "It was so wild when you found me. If you hadn't been there--." He breaks off. From the past to the present, he says, "I don't know what we'll do without you. Chimera, you're one of Cybertron's greatest treasures. You know that, I hope."

"We are all quite energetic when we are born. But time has a way of settling us." Chimera replies, admiring the nature that surrounds them, all fauna, flora, and geography she's committed to heart. Nearly every inch of this planet has had her feet upon it, only the seas and the skies left untouched. To think it will all be left behind..

"Perhaps.. But you know me well enough that I would not admit it." Still some cheek left in her, she smiles brightly to him before turning back ahead. "Mortilus comes for us all eventually, Rodimus, and I have kept him waiting long enough. The doctors mean well by helping me, but I grow tired each day and their machines work less. I know it is my time.."

Leaning a little more on her walking stick, the priestess looks to him beside her and gives a weary smile. "Besides, is it not a life well lived? I have seen our people spread across the stars, I have visited numerous worlds, blessed and welcomed countless newsparks into this life, and helped bring peace to the sparks and minds of many. And now I can carry all of the knowledge and love in those memories into my next life. Death is never easy, Rodimus, I know.. But I welcome it without fear."

Reaching for her arm, Rodimus takes on the weight she tries to put on the walking stick: a need to be closer, even if it means they walk a little slower. It's not such a bad thing, to walk slower together. "That's okay. You just keep being modest, and I'll just keep building you up." He pats her arm, and beams up at her, even if it's a little wobbly at the edges.

"It's hard to let you go. I know I should do the mature thing. Shouldn't make it harder on you." Rodimus makes a face, his expression wry. His voice is open, earnest: "It already is. You've given so much: to me, to the newsparks, to Cybertron. You've built our future, and brought the best of the past with you. You preserved our planet's spark, it's soul and it's history, when we nearly lost it, time and again. So let me begrudge Mortilus this, just a little. Just for now. I'll be mature about it in a few minutes. Right now, I'm greedy, and I'm selfish, and I want every minute I can get with you, Chimera. You're an irreplaceable part of my spark. But you also taught us all where to find you. So I know you won't be gone. Not entirely." But memory is so thin, when she's so warm against him.

Chimera wanted desperately to keep her composure through all of this, but she knew it wouldn't last, not with him. The touch brings her back to earth and his words ground her hard, what little is left of her spark fluttering with emotion and a stray shine to the bottoms of her optics when leaning into him with head hanging low.

"You silly, lovely mech.." She murmurs through a quiver in her lips, not hiding the crack in her voice as she pauses in their trek to lean forehead to the top of his helm. "So long have I prepared for this, yet you undo me in only minutes. I truly could write novels about how much I love you.. A small part of me will want you to come see me soon, but the rest hopes to never have you leave this life. You are so good, I cannot tell you how many years of life you have given me just by from knowing you."

She wants to draw this moment out forever, but time moves forward and so must they. "We still have a ways, we have time to talk, but we must keep going. I grow so tired.."

It's obvious she can't be away from her machine these days, a crutch that she loathed, because the longer they walk and more obstacles they must venture over the more she struggles. Mighty as she is, she leans more dependently on Rodimus and her venting has become laborious by the time they reach the top of the small hill after breaking from the woods of the base of the mountainous region they just descended. But they need not go further, having reached their destination.

Before them lies a sea of cybertronian grassland, the tall, techno-organic grasses and flowers tickling their knees as it sways in the breeze and rolls like waves on the ocean. Smalls copses of trees and a small river make up most of the subtly rolling plains while dominating mountains far in the distance can be seen casting their shadows in the dying light of the day. But most stunning are the blooms of the new season, delicate wildflowers bringing color to the landscape.

In the view of all of this does Chimera finally stop and sit with Rodimus' aid atop the hill, trying to steady herself with a hand to her chest. when muttering, breathless, "I.. could think of no better place to be than in the view of Cybertron's beauty..."

Reaching up to frame her great face as she leans toward him, Rodimus presses warmly into the touch. "I love you, too," he says, simple and without anything to distract from the words. He's whole-sparked with it, eyes soft as he looks up at her. They move on.

As they walk, he adjusts the offer of his arm to give more and more of his strength to her. He's not carrying her -- not yet -- but maybe he could. And he would, absolutely, if she needed it. She carried him so far, when he needed her. He's patient, though his spark yawns wide in an ache at the way time has sapped her vitality. It's so hard to see, when she's still so powerful in his heart.

"It's incredible," he says, looking across the grasslands. "Remember running through the plains on Tempo? Remembering returning from the wilds when Cybertron was reformed after Unicron?"

"That memory of Tempo is one of the reasons I chose this spot." Chimera says with fondness, regaining enough strength to cool her overworked systems as she settles in beside him, a hand resting on his knee. "I loved our time on Rigard, it was a beautiful planet, though it met an unfortunate end." A moment of silence is given for the place that served as a home for them for a time. She's grateful Tempo could settle here, however, back where he once came from.

But his mention of her return to nature before Megatron gave her a different pause, more thoughtful while looking to the ground they sit upon and running a hand through the grass. "When I brought you back in the midst of that battle, would you believe that Cybertron itself tried to keep me? Its vines held my legs, as if not wanting me to go. ..I have always loved this place, this planet and all living upon it, but since our return I have had such a strengthened connection with all of it." Dim optics lift to him, curious. "Is this what is it like to be connected to the Matrix? To be accepted by it all with such warmth?"

Rodimus looks back at Chimera, and the gentleness of reflection in his expression gives way to something greater. He is quiet, sober. Taking her hand in his own, Rodimus folds his fingers over her palm and presses it between his own. "It's exactly like that," he says, with a quiet steadiness that suggests his feet -- his big, broad, ridiculous feet -- are not just planted firmly in the earth, but part of it, extending deep into Cybertron's core. As though he were not just from Cybertron, but of Cybertron.

Though age may have dulled her senses, it has not dulled them so much that she'd miss a whispered echo: a distant sense of the Matrix, even as she mentions it. As though Cybertron itself turns its awareness to her, watching her through Rodimus's eyes. And they are so full of love.

"Cybertron released you, so long ago, and Cybertron waits to welcome you back," Rodimus says to her. "The Matrix remembers all who carried it. Cybertron remembers all who walked upon it. And some of you touch so much as you pass through."

It's only a whisper, but Chimera still catches it in her keen hearing and is rocked by the realization. To be acknowledged by the force just beneath them, the being responsible for breathing life into everything and everyone here, when you're only one person.. In the presence of both now, Rodimus and the entire planet through his eyes, Chimera quickly unravels under both his words and the painful flare in the last of her spark.

The vibrant jade of her optics returns, if only briefly, with light pouring forth as a sob breaks from her and she leans in swiftly to clutch him tight to her. And though the tears of light flow, there is unending joy to her voice when speaking against his helm, "Gods, I love you, I love you so much.. You do not know how much I wish to stay.. Ever since I boarded the Lost Light I have had purpose again. Rodimus.. you gave me back my life. I thank for that, for your love, for your friendship, from now until the ends of time. Death may separate us for now, but I shall never forget you, that is my promise to you and the universe. And though I must go to him, I have prayed every day to Mortilus to bring me back someday, so I might walk with you again. Please, be strong and be good for this place and for everyone.."

Chimera holds him like this for a long time, never wanting to let go. Her spark burns against his chest, strength restored only in these last moments to sing it's swan song, until gradually it begins to ebb and dwindle like a candle in the wind before finally fading away as the last wink of light disappears behind the distant mountains and her color gradually drains away in finality.

The night is quiet as whatever is left of Chimera passes into Cybertron's heart, leaving behind the aged metal of her frame. Rodimus stands beside as stars blanket the sky: an obscenity of wealth, glittering diamonds casting black-and-white starlight down over them. Beneath her, coiling vines emerge from the soil, soil that will be enriched for years to come as the ground opens to take her back down into the earth. Small star-flowers unfolds in petals of delicate, bright metal, turning up to catch the distant, rarefied light of the night.

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