2019-01-06 Dearly Beloved

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2019-01-06 Dearly Beloved
Date 2019/01/07
Location Eukaris
Participants Chimera, Airazor
Summary It's time to put Tigatron to rest.

It's been some time. How long doesn't particularly matter. The war on Cybertron is over and for the first time in a long time, the Cybertronian race and its diaspora can exhale and enjoy peace. Restorative justice continues on Cybertron, but on Eukaris (for those few who have even a passing interest in the affairs of the homeworld) it is little more than a distraction, or proof of the barbarism of the mechaniforms who exiled them long ago. In other words, life persists on the verdant colony world. The scars from Unicron begin to heal over, and her warriors who left to fight begin to return home. Even the outcasts.

It may have been a surprise, when Airazor sent Chimera a message. She did not remain on Cybertron long after the victory. There was no sweetness to it, no triumph like when Unicron fell. A tyrant she hardly knew on a world that meant nothing to her, a victory purchased mostly for others. At least, that's how some of the Eukarian broadsides read. Not all enjoy a hero's welcome. The message was simple. It addressed Chimera as a priest and asked her to come to a place on Eukaris. Coordinates looked up and supplied. That place is far away from the settlements, the plains stronghold at the foot of Chela's mountain, the seven peaks of the Aerie, the venting deeps or the sunken spires in the sweltering marshes. No, these coordinates are far into the wilderness. Trees as tall as Chimera though not nearly as old crowd together and shelter Eukaris's outcasts. A few of them peek at her from the shadows or the undergrowth, things misshapen, one form mixed with another. There's awe in a few of those optics, that one of them might stand tall under the sun.

Chimera finds Airazor in a remote clearing. She sits beneath a tree. Not one of any particular note, except that she has chosen it. Her optics are black but Chimera can sense her spark, restless as a bird with a broken wing. If she meditates, she does it poorly. Yet here she is, as promised.

Chimera held more victory in her spark for the return of Cybertron's peace. She may have been away for ages, but it's where she was forged and spent much of her early life. It was home and she was determined to help build it into something better with those that remained.

But though she didn't want to leave it so soon, a summons from a friend would eventually lead her to her second, if only briefly, home that was Eukaris.

The missive called upon her as her occupation, a priestess, and so she would arrive as one when stepping off the shuttle's platform and sinking clawed feet into the soft ground.

Her form, grand as it is on its own, has been draped in the finery of her faith. Golden jewelry faceted with fine stones gleam on her adorned frame, rings, chains, and other things polished to a high shine to match the glittering paint that carefully lines her face and optics in a precise pattern. But it's nothing compared to the cloak that billows about her, the veil-like fabric near weightless as it flutters and shifts with a cosmic pattern with each movement.

It feels like a forgotten memory, walking among Eukaris' greenery, but it's a welcome one all the same. And though she may look daunting, the presence of those little sparks in the underbrush, watching her, are met with kind smiles and warm greetings until she finds the one who invited her.

"Airazor.." The name is spoken softly, thoughtful, though there's a shine of concern in her optics when looking down upon the small bird she approaches. "..You are troubled."

Airazor 's optics snap online, green flooding the black field as she comes fully awake. She answers Chimera's statement with a smile, though her optics quickly refresh and her expression becomes more neutral upon seeing how Chimera has decked herself out. "Whoa." Airazor gets to her feet. One hand is at her side, but the other cradles something closer to her midsection. "I didn't know you'd come in all that. Sorry to ask you to come all this way, in jewels and capes and the like. Never know who's lurking." Airazor shoots a glance into the shadows around the trees, as if trying to scare off anyone hiding there.

"But, thank you." Airazor looks up and up at Chimera. "I don't want to stay here, but...I don't think I can carry him with me, anymore. He'd want to be here, and, he deserves it." She opens the hand held against her midsection, showing Chimera a set of three claws, far too big to have come from her talons. "You're the only one I know who can help, so, that's why I called. His people wouldn't touch him." Airazor's feathers bristle. "And they don't deserve to. I just...need a few words said. I don't know what to say." She looks up, green optics big and imploring.

"You had asked for a priestess, and so I have come as one." Chimera replies with one arm sweeping out, brushing one side of her cape aside so she can kneel before Airazor, meeting her with affection and squinted up optics. "I am here for whatever you need of me, my friend."

Chimera had a thought of what it might have been, but her smile still fades some when presented with the claws. "Airazor.. You honor me in asking me to aid you with such a task. It is a heavy burden, I know, but I could never refuse to help you carry it." Jade optics shift up from the claws to meet Airazor's pleading ones, her somber expression still loving.

"There is always something to be said, my dear, even if the words cannot be found in one's mind. Instead they may be found in the spark. But first the most important one must be spoken.." A hand extends gently, palm up to ask for the claws. "..Speak his name."

Airazor 's optics track Chimera as she kneels, bringing them closer to the same height, at least. She hesitates. Her fingers make to curl around the claws again but she stops. "This is all I have left. And I have to let go." She reaches towards Chimera's outstretched hand and turns hers over, so that the claws now rest in the priestess's palm. "His name was Tigatron of the White North. He left his people long before I ever met him. I left my people for him. And I have never regretted it, even now." Airazor withdraws her hand, though her optics linger on what she has given away. "He died, when Unicron came." She looks back up to Chimera's face. "Priestess. I've kept him too long. Please, help me see him to his final rest."

When Airazor places the claws into her hand, Chimera takes her other to fold overtop, holding them to her as gently as a small creature. "Tigatron.." She murmurs the name, optics falling shut for a moment. "It is a good name. And knowing you, it belonged to a noble person."

Optics opening again, she meets Airazor briefly before lifting her gaze to the scenery. "This is a lovely spot you have chosen, Airazor. ..Perhaps beneath this tree then, yes? Come, let us make a nice place for him." It's a sad affair, but Chimera remains calm and respectful when standing and moving to the base of the tree, the claws cupped close to her midsection. Once beside it, she settles upon her knees and uses one hand to start digging a small hole.

Airazor takes her cues from Chimera now that she's started acting all priestly. She follows Chimera back to the tree. She looks past it. There are mountains in the distance. Airazor lowers her gaze back to the ground and kneels next to Chimera so that she can help carve out the shallow hole. "We came here, a few times. It's neutral ground. You can roam over the half the continent and still find your way back here when you need to rest for a bit." Airazor smiles some. "Always too warm for him, though." The small grave made she stands next to Chimera and works her fingers, feeling the dirt in the joints. "And yes. Too noble. Drove me crazy sometimes." Airazor glances at Chimera. "So...what's next? Is this a...wherever you're from, burial? Tigatron would be fascinated." She pauses. "I wish he could've met you. He would've been better conversation."

"If he it from the north, then yes, this may have been a bit warm. But I think it is perfect. It is a place you shared, and where better to rest than somewhere you spent with the person you love?" With one large hand and two smaller ones to help it doesn't take long to dig. Sparing a glance at Airazor, the giantess smiles lightly and gives an amused hum. "You say that as if I do not enjoy our conversations. But yes.. I would have loved to meet him. Perhaps in another life, I may."

Turning back to the grave, she leans forward to gingerly place the set of claws within. "But yes, it is one of them. There are many ways one is laid to rest. Cremation through flames, released to the sea, recycled to be used by those in need, forever adrift in space... But I quite like giving one's body to the earth."

This is where Chimera pauses, allowing a moment of silence to pass and to give Airazor one last look. Both hands then move to push the small mound of dirt they'd removed, refilling the hole and smoothing it carefully. Her voice, while remaining soft, carries a strength with it as she finishes and sits back, hands folding in her lap and optics closing. "It is the planet that births us, and so it goes that we return to it when that life gifted to us has ended. We mourn the loss of Tigatron of the White North, a mech I did not have the privilege of meeting, but someone I hold great respect for as he held the love of someone I have come to deeply care for. And though he is no longer with us, we must take comfort in the knowledge that he is now among the Afterspark, at peace and awaiting the day we shall all join him. But until that day we shall continue to carry him in our memories and in our sparks so that he may never truly be gone, just as we will be carried with others, now and for eternity. Until All Are One."

Airazor listens closely, standing beside the priestess as she delivers the eulogy. She focuses on that place where he is now buried, this his grave, and not where else his body might lie beneath the healing world. "Here, this tree." Airazor says softly. She touches a hand to her chestplate, near where her spark thrums. Restless, always, but calmer than it was when Chimera first arrived. "Tigatron. My love. You saved my life in every way it is possible to save a life. I love you. That's all." Airazor's optics go dark for a moment and then relight. "Until All Are One." She reaches out and touches the tree, now as much a part of the marker as anything else. Her shoulders rise and fall, sadness rising powerfully in her spark before it settles. The thing done. "Thank you." She says so very softly to Chimera.

It isn't a glamorous burial, attended by all and announced to the world. But then, it doesn't have to be. Airazor is here and that is the most important part, while Chimera is here for her. That's all one needs, really, as long as they're not alone.

It's made better, though, when Airazor finally finds the words to send him off with. Chimera look upon her as she does this, a mix of pride and sadness stirring in her chest for her friend. But she's glad, able to hear the peace in her spark.

If the avian will allow it, Chimera will reach for her as she herself hunches down to pull Airazor into a gentle hug. "You are welcome, Airazor." She murmurs quietly in turn, dim optics falling closed in the moment. "I love you and shall be here for you always, until the end of my days.."

Airazor erks as she's pulled into the hug by the much larger mech, her optics briefly widening before she settles again. So she lets herself be hugged. That's fine. She hardly even bristles at it. Airazor touches Chimera's arm with her hand, relaxing slowly. She's quiet for a long time, looking at the tree and the dirt, trying to imagine what might grow over it. That's a pleasant, calming thought. "Thank you." She says again. Airazor looks upat Chimera from beneath her helm. "...Does this priestly ritual have a drinking component? I should toast my homeworld before I say goodbye..."

Chimera has very good hugs, so it's good that Airazor doesn't fight it. At least she's careful not to crush the much smaller bot and doesn't draw it out, allowing a few beats to pass before releasing Airazor and smiling with amusement down at her at the suggestion. "I do not see why not. I would gladly share a drink with you." With a soft grunt she pushes herself back to her grand height, not bothering to wipe the dirt from her knees. It's nice to actually feel it again. "Where do you plan to go once you leave? I would hope you will visit me on Cybertron in your travels." She isn't so pleased by the fact that Airazor will go, but she understands.

Airazor settles back down. She wiggles her wings and flexes her feathers. Everything in working order. She stays close to the tree. "I think...I spend the night here, then I go somewhere else. Through the spacebridge. I can't stand to be here for too long." Airazor runs her fingers across the bark, laced with threads of steel and other metals. Such is Eukaris. She glances back at Chimera and smile. "It's a big universe out there. There's a lot to see and do." Airazor tilts her head. "And you're going to stay on Cybertron?"

Chimera knows that Airazor is reluctant to leave the tree, but she still beckons with a small wave of a hand. "Come, I believe there is something to drink on the shuttle. We can bring it back and enjoy our toast. I must tell the pilot I will be staying for the night, anyway." She doesn't want Airazor to be alone, not after this. And if she stays she'll be able to see her off through the spacebridge.

"And mostly." She smirks and turns to trek back to the shuttle. "Like you I will travel some. I hope to spend time among the colonies, among our split kind. I missed too much after leaving Eukaris the first time. ..But Cybertron will be where I am the most. I wish to help it grow now that it has the chance again."

Airazor lingers for a few moments but draws away on the promise to return. She lifts into the air and transforms, to perch on Chimera's shoulder. Walking is for chumps and chumpettes. "You'll be good at that. Helped me grow." Airazor notes, speaking directly into Chimera's audials. "And you're big. They'll listen to tall mechs." Some of her humor returns, but she does spare a glance over a wing at the clearing as they pass into the deeper forest. "It seems like what they need. They always had everything. Energy. Power. Every way across the's their spirits, and...that's what you can do for them." Airazor looks around at the forest. "...Not that there's not work to do here. I don't want to just wander around, a permanent exile...not alone. I'd at least like a change of scenery. Yeah." She goes on the wing, ranging ahead of Chimera and then circling back. "But I'll stop by Cybertron every now and then."

Chimera has no issue with being used as a vehicle by the bird. It just gives her the opportunity to affectionately scratch the falcon under the chin with a knuckle. "With words like that, people should be listening to smaller mechs more often." She says fondly, humming a low chuckle. "But yes, that is what I hope to do. There are also many who must be laid to rest and even more who will be born and must be blessed. I am eager to meet all the newsparks that will come."

Carryng on, she watches Airazor take flight, glad to see her friend's spirit back. "Good. Though first I will have to find a new home there. But I am sure the wilds will accommodate."

The shuttle is nothing special, a simple transport that had come from the main hub where Eukaris' spacebridge was. The engex among the supplies wasn't anything fancy, a simple grade, but it would do. As for the pilot, he was allowed to go back and return in the morning, giving them plenty of time out here.

So, with booze in hand, the two make their way back to the clearing, as promised, where Chimera settles beneath the same tree and eases back against it. "So then.. I believe this is your toast, yes?" She muses while passing off the bottle, which is small for her and a bit bigger for Airazor.

Airazor settles in the tree's branches, perching first and then transforming to sit. "It is." She accepts the bottle. "The wilds have always accommodated me. Good for Cybertron to be wild again." Airazor considers for a moment and then lifts the bottle. "To love. And carrying it always, from yesterday to tomorrow." She takes a drink, big for her. It makes her optics flare. She hands the bottle back down to Chimera. "...I'm no good at this. It's why I had you come out here. Thank you, again. I'm glad I had someone to do this with. Tigatron would have wanted it this way. You really should have met him...he was calm, and gentle, strong when he needed to be...he saw everything just, so clearly when I couldn't see the beak in front of my face..." She'll go on like that, if Chimera lets her. Remembering that life as she prepares for the next.

Some might call it cliche, but Chimera approves of the toast. It's fitting. "To love." She confirms when the bottle is handed back, lifting it in turn and taking a swig. She tries to make it a small one.

Resting it on her knee, her attention turns to the land that stretches out before them, overlooking the greenery and the sky over the treetops. It really is a nice place to be, so quiet and serene.

All the while Chimera listens to Airazor go on about Tigatron, not about to tell her to stop. In fact, she encourages it when looking up into the tree and passing the bottle back. "If it is alright, I would like to hear his story. I would like to remember him as you do, so I may carry him with you."

Airazor obliges. She tells how they met, her fall from the sky and the tiger who caught her. Their travels, across the whole breadth of Eukaris. It's not a very exciting story, though there are a few scrapes. And to someone as ancient as Chimera, a young mech's wanderings over a few thousand years may seem quaint, but Airazor tells the story with earnestness (even as the engex is clearly going to her processor, such is the fate of those with small frames). There's night left over when she's done, and the forest of the fuzors does not disappoint with its starscape.

Airazor keeps watch with Chimera through the night and rides with her back to the spacebridge. She says thank you again, wishing the priestess well on Cybertron and promising to visit, and is then on her way, leaving Eukaris for some other, likely troubled, place. Airazor does not look back.

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