2019-01-06 Catch and Release

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Catch and Release
Date 2019/01/07
Location Outside New Iacon - Cybertron
Participants Skystalker, Waspinator
Summary Waspinator has some choices to make when it comes to his Future. Skystalker wants to be part of it. We'll see.

Everyone seems to be going their own ways now, the large "gang" that made up the crew already speeding off to their new lives with Cybertron reclaimed and the dangers in the past. Even Waspinator already has a plan.

It involves leaving Cybertron and likely never coming back. He will go to Khepri with Sequin, try to create a life there... and then likely get chased away when he messes up. Waspinator knows himself. It's bound to happen. Its that conclusion that has led him to the outskirts of the city where he sits with Marceline the space bird craddled in his hands.

Its a lot harder to do this than Waspinator thought it would be.

The Lost Light spawns its crew like a bunch of chicks, and though many have dispersed many have not quite scattered. New Iacon, Metroplex, Tempo-- there are new faces and old ones, and a quiet trickle of Cybertronians and colonists to the planet's surface. There is also a quiet sort of hopefulness. Optimism, to a degree. It's tentative, but present.

Skystalker has work to do still on Cybertron and the Lost Light, and he coasts along the thermals of the wildlands coming from the greenhouses he has helped to set up with the locals. There are people who absolutely want to help, regardless of gross organic hybrids. The wind is warm and the ground below is still pockmarked with the landscape of war, Skystalker's shadow blooming in a slim shape across the horizon and the outskirts of the city. He spies Waspinator from afar, and for a moment is piqued.

Then he gets closer, and his interest turns to concern. The starfighter passes overhead only to barrel roll and loop around to land nearby, black now streamlined with golden detailing.

Waspinator is distracted from his wandering thoughts as a shadow passes overhead. Hand paused on a stroke of his pet's back, Waspinator optics turn skyward. He knows that alt. He doesn't move to get up or greet the landing mech. Waspinator watches as Skystalker lands, helm cocked to the side.

Skystalker deliberately hesitates where he lands, engines humming to a stop and surveying Waspinator's reaction. He doesn't run away or seem startled, which has Sky reacting with a shift back to his root frame and gliding closer. The detailing is on his armor too, almost a sign of the times. New things.

"Waspinator. Hey..." Amber eyes take in the familiar Marceline before crouching down beside the buggy bot, voice soft. "You seem troubled."

Waspinator's wings flick and twitch as Skystalker approaches but he doesn't jolt away. That would uproot the little organic in his hands. He smooths a finger across her tiny head. Waspinator's optics are downturned by the time the spacer makes it to his side, Zzkystalker izz out of lab." Phrased like a statement, the underlying question rings through. Is he still acting all weird with Unoe?

"I am." Skystalker watches the delicate pets a moment before setting himself down beside Waspinator. "Everything is how it should be. A lot of my work has been moved out." The crops, he means. "How have you been? Since... everything? I heard that you had some real hurt during the last cycles. Something about a titan?"

"Wazzpinator wazz juzzt following orderzz." Waspinator redirects, "Izz ok." One of his fingers brushes past his dimmed optic. Its becoming an instinct to do that faster than the bug would like. "... So Zzkystalker izz zztaying on Cybertron? To help with the plantzz?"

"No, I'm not." Despite Waspinator's redirection and fidgeting he still recieves an examination, Sky's optics lingering on the dimmed one. His wings tuck back, a slow tilt, and his demeanor remains a gentled one. "I sent out a message to the crew, if you didn't see it. I'm helping to set up a facility here, and then I'm going with Drift and the Circle of Light to build them a new home. Quicksight is tagging along too. It'll be a peaceful, open place, we're hoping. What about you?"

"Oh." Waspinator blinks. That does seem like something Skystalker would go help with. Peace and open sanctuary type soft things. "ZZequin invited Wazzpinator to Khepri. Wazzpinator will go with him for now." Marceline gets another stroke as Waspinator focuses on her once again. "He izz juzzt finishing thingzz... So Wazzpinator izz releazzing Marceline."

Soft things is what Skystalker needs, and that is perfectly fine with him. This is what they deserve, isn't it? His face brightens visibly when Wasp tells him about Sequin's invitation, but falls in contrast when he hears what the bug is doing out here all by himself.

"Why?" Skystalker knows the history of care he's gone through for the alien bird. "Why aren't you taking her with you?"

"Wazzpinator doezzn't know if he is going to zztay on Khepri... And if Wazzpinator izz going around galaxy Wazzpinator can't take care of her." Waspinator is forever aware of how the universe hates his internals. Something bad will happen eventually, he can feel it in his struts. "Zzo.. izz bezzt Wazzpinator letzz her go."

"Why not stay on Khepri? They really loved you when we met them." Skystalker smiles, leaning over with an affectionate bump to Wasp's shoulder with his own. "And you love her, so it works out. I don't think Cybertron would be very safe for her, though, do you? What will she eat? Don't you know where she's from? Or is it like Unoe and you got her because someone like Swindle pulled it out of his subspace?" A small laugh for that, because boy did that get weird.

"Wazzpinator thinkzz she will be alright. Dropping in from outer zzpace. If Marceline zzurvived zzpace, she can zzurvive Cybertron." Right? That checks out doesn't it? Waspinator doesn't return the shoulder bumb but he doesn't outright flinch away from it. "They liked Wazzpinator then," Waspinator's tone is suspicious. Seems he still is having a hard time believing that. "But won't after time. Wazzpinator izzn't like them... Wazzpinator izzn't even zzure if he can fit in. Izz.... very..." Waspinator's mandibles flare then close. What's the word he's looking for?

The expression Skystalker gives at the reasoning over the bird says more for him. It sounds like a bad idea that is going to mean she'll die out here. Especially considering how xenophobic people can be.

"Scary?" Sky finishes, inquisitive. "I wasn't sure I'd fit in either, when all of this started. I hadn't been on my own for so long, and things were so... intimidating. But I tried. And I made friends. And I found a place for myself. ...You've never had that chance much either, have you?"

"Fancy." Waspinator corrects. "How izz Wazzpinator zzupposed to know what won't get him beat up?" Not to mention its both a foreign colony and a colony of other insectoid mechs. What weird rules do they have that are different from standard rules?

Skystalker does have a point. What if some standard on Cybertron decides to squash Marceline? Waspinator would feel so guilty! Gaze locked on the space bird, Waspinator's mind chugs along until it comes up with some form of developing idea. ".... Doezz Zzkystalker want Marceline?"

"From what I saw there, they are more likely to teach you things than beat you for not knowing them." Scary, see? And yes, Fancy. Fancy is scary! For Waspinator, anyhow. "I know you'd make friends there. And you already have one in Sequin. He's great. I'm sure he'd tell you anything you want to know about Khepri."

"Oh, Wasp.." Torn as ever when doing nice things, Skystalker's mouth tightens a little to restrain himself from rash decisions. Those run in the family. "I don't want to take her from you when you could keep her. If you think hard I know you'll see you don't want to let her go."

Pets don't judge, or hurt, or betray, even. They just love you back.

"I'll take her //only// if you really can't. She is your companion."

"Wazzpinator doezzn't want to let her go." Waspinator lets the creature slide her way up his arm with little manta like wings. "but Wazzpinator doezzn't know if he can take care of her where he izz going.... or where Wazzpinator endzz up." Helm turning to look Skystalker straight in the optics, Waspinator asserts, "Wazzpinator doezzn't want to let her go.... but wantzz to know zzhe izz zzafe." Skystalker could keep her safe.

As much as he wants to immediately say yes to those big waspy optics(it gets a little harder thanks to having had his own before), Skystalker doesn't want to take something he loves away, either. His eyes brighten and dim in a tiny flux, wings shifting under the look.

"Oh, Waspinator. Your sweetness was wasted." Skystalker murmurs, smile closed but kind. "Tell you what... how about you take her to Khepri with you," He holds up a finger for a pause. "And if after some time there you still think that she would be better somewhere that wasn't with you, I can come and get her." Benefits of a spacefarer-- you can just hop on a cosmic wind and go whereever you like.

The bit about his sweetness goes straight over Waspinator's helm-- what did he even mean by that?-- but keeps contact optic to optic with Skystalker as he proposes his deal. It makes sense. Waspinator gets to keep her and he doesn't have to potentially come back to Cybertron. Marceline gets tugged closer to his chassis as he mulls it over. She rests comfortably over his spark with a small trill.

"Wazzpinator will call Zzkystalker if Marceline needzz to be taken."

Waspinator's agreement brings a grin to Skystalker's lips, his wings perking back up. He reaches out to put his hand on the other mech's arm, a passive reassurance, warmth ebbing from his touch. "Good. That's good."

"If you'll let me I'd like to check in on you now and again." Like friends do. Sky's hands move to twine on his lap, and as he speaks again one of them moves to shield away some of the light flickering from an eye. "I know that I've fragged things up in the past, but... if you might find it in you to forgive me, I'd be humbled. Honored to have it. If you can't, though... I understand."

Waspinator looks up at Skystalker as he speaks. His gaze remains steady as Skystalker perks and gets emotional. Even now... Waspinator is wary. He knows Skystalker would take care of Marceline-- he's one of those bleeding sparks-- but to try and rekindle their friendship? "Wazzpinator... will zzee. Zzkystalker can check in but Wazzpinator might be buzzy." Translation: He may decide not to answer.

A we'll see is more than he expected, deep down. Skystalker yearns for love and Waspinator is reluctant to have it. Two sides of a coin. Still, there's a smile and a fanning of his vents to compose himself a little more. He is absolutely repetant, and it shows.

"Alright." Skystalker answers quietly, hand moving to Wasp's shoulder this time with a sense of comeraderie more than anything. "I know we'd welcome you if you ever wanted to visit us. And... look in your mailbox, there's a file I left for everyone. I hope you like it too."

Waspinator nods. An acknowledgement but not a promise. Waspinator sways into a stand and Marceline settles under his chin. "Wazzpinator will look." He turns away, helm tilted towards the sky. "... Good-bye Zzkystalker."

Skystalker rises alongside, a brief touch given to the top of Marceline's head. Good bird. "I hate goodbyes." A small laugh, somber-- the letter says that too. "See you out there, sweetspark. Good luck. With everything."

Skystalker gets one last odd look-- ah the nostalgia-- before Waspinator transforms and takes off to the sky. He's got some packing to do if he's taking his pet with him.

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