2018-12-26 Proud

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-12-26 Proud
Date 2018/12/26
Location Cybertron - New Iacon - Hotel Room
Participants Rodimus, Soundwave
Summary The morning Restorative Justice begins with a radiant sunrise.

There are a number of temporary fabrications that house Cybertronians from across the galaxy: Autobots, Decepticons, and Neutrals; homeworld and colonial. There are even a few galactics in there, in their own carefully controlled and atmospherically reinforced habitation zone.

But that's not where we are right now. Right now, we're in the Cybertronian section, one that's part of an entire block of rooms held for the Lost Light's use. Rodimus and Starscream are still arguing about who is going to get the bill. There's a message in Rodimus's inbox on that subject, currently ignored as he reaches up to run a cloth over the edge of Soundwave's helm, rubbing away a golden scrape of paint with his suspiciously golden hands. Soundwave looks Very Clean: presentable, but hardly shining. Rodimus is busy removing every single last centimeter of gold, orange, or magenta from his frame.

"Okay, now turn around, so I can make sure I didn't miss anything," Rodimus says.

He might be fussing.

Soundwave reaches to take Rodimus's hands within his own. "I don't think you've missed anything. You have already checked me twice over," he says, pressing his thumbs into those golden palms. He smiles, faceplate on the nearby nightstand. Rodimus is being very thorough. "I am fine, you've gotten everything. If anything, you need a wipe down. You look good in blue."

Soundwave sounds calm. Relaxed. Prepared for his court date. Because today is the day. Restorative Justice in action and he has volunteered himself to be the first. And he's okay with that! Hence the calm. And relaxed. And-- He hasn't let go of Rodimus. Maybe he's a little anxious.

"I look terrible in blue," Rodimus disagrees, as he ruins a little of his work by immediately reaching for Soundwave again to pull close against him. "I look good with you. And I look good when I've been with you." His grin is wide enough for a little fang. "That's totally different." He lifts his hands from Soundwave's to catch his face and frame it in a light, one-handed touch, with his thumb sweeping up over Soundwave's cheek. His lips part, but he stalls on whatever it is he wants to say.

Soundwave's gaze catches on Rodimus's peek of fang before smoothly rolling over the rest of his face. The way ever plane of metal shifts when he smiles- and its always higher on one side than the other. He loves it. It takes a minute for him to realize its quiet, too involved in his examination. He gives Rodimus a tug.

"If we leave now, we could walk all the way there," Soundwave says quietly. "And we'd have time to get energon on the way."

At the tug, Rodimus -- rather than heading for the door, starting moving -- leans forward to brush his nose along Soundwave's jawline until he can brush it with his lips. His mouth finds the base of his audial, and he says, "I'm proud of you. I'm so grateful to be here, to stand next to you." He drops his hand to squeeze Soundwave's shoulder, arm -- hand. "I still find it hard to believe sometimes that you trust me to stand next to you. I know this will be hard, but I'll be there. I love who you are today, and I'm so glad I got to meet you and watch you become this person."

Soundwave wraps his arms loosely around Rodimus, head leaning into Rodimus's touch. And letting his words surround him. "I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you," he murmurs, fingers gently tracing over the base of Rodimus's backstrut. "And I don't just mean that in a 'you saved my life' sort of way... If you hadn't been willing to allow me onboard. If you hadn't been willing to take steps to the future-- You showed me a way I had forgotten."

With their closeness, it is impossible for Rodimus to see the light in his visor flicker down to the ground. Guilt, shame. He doesn't deserve this. But if Rodimus is here, will be here, then perhaps he might. "You've helped to save my soul, Rodimus." Soundwave's arms tighten around him. "I love you and I hope to keep making you proud."

The stroke of Soundwave's fingers along the base of his spinal strut sends a faint shiver rippling over Rodimus's armor. He tightens his grip over Soundwave's arm, and then draws back just slightly to find his gaze again, seeking past his visor for that golden light: "Maybe I showed you a way, but you took the steps. You're the one who's saved yourself, who saving yourself, rebuilding yourself, remaking yourself every day. Even when it's hard. Even when it's so hard. Remember this, okay? I want you to record it, save it. You ready?" He waits, giving Soundwave a Very Serious Look as he waits for confirmation.

Soundwave chuckles, and that hidden golden light shines a little in the corners. His hands still and settle on Rodimus's waist. He nods. "I'm ready."

Rodimus waits, steadies himself, fixes that Very Serious Look in place -- and then ruins it, brushing his lips across Soundwave's as he whispers, "I love you a stupid amount." He punctuates it with a longer kiss, lingering, and then draws back with a wide grin. "Remember that. When it's hard. We have the rest of our future ahead of us."

Waiting for the kiss to break, just inches from Rodimus, Soundwave whispers back, "Soundbyte recorded and downloaded. Transferring to... Long-term memory files." He nuzzles the side of Rodimus's face, grinning wide enough that it scrunches his nose. "I can't wait for the future. But for now, there's still today. Come on. We can get breakfast and watch the sunrise. Have you seen one on Cybertron yet?"

The scrunch of Soundwave's nose is cute enough to make Rodimus go, "Ugh," out loud in mock-irritation. He reaches up to palm Soundwave's face and push it back and away from his, but the slide of his fingers lingers, gentles, and becomes a caress. Affection pulses from spark-out, radiant in his smile. He drops his hand to take Soundwave's and now, finallly, turns for the door. "Stop trying to kid yourself into thinking I'm gonna become a morning person, sweetspark. It's just not happening."

Soundwave's spark lifts and its beats flutter, tickling his internal wiring. As he warms, watching Rodimus's back and side as he leaves him out, he says, "You should give it a try. It's simply..." His fingers tighten around Rodimus's, optics still lingering on the brightest thing in his life. "Radiant, sweetspark."

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