2018-12-18 Fact

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-12-18 Fact
Date 2018/12/18
Location Lost Light: Docks and Storage -- Shuttle Bay
Participants Rodimus, Soundwave
Summary Matrix officially returned.

Fact: Rodimus told Soundwave he could borrow the Matrix.

Fact: Rodimus remembered that, but seemed fuzzy on the details of why Soundwave wanted it.

Fact: Soundwave promised not to destroy the Matrix.

Fact: Rodimus let Soundwave borrow it rather than admit that he didn't remember why Soundwave wanted it, rather than admit that he was distracted, or he wasn't paying attention, or he was -- in short -- an idiot.

Fact: Since Soundwave left on his mystery errand, Rodimus realized that actually Soundwave never told him why he wanted it, after a thorough search of his memory banks.

Final fact: Rodimus is waiting when Soundwave's shuttle arrives from Cybertron's surface, exiting him to the Lost Light's shuttle bay. He's tapping his foot impatiently as he waits.

Soundwave is grateful to be out of confined spaces with Starscream. He's exhausted- Starscream is exhausting. But he got through the journey and they only got into five heated arguments and under one-hundred scathing remarks. A record, in all honesty. He's happy to be back, ducking out of his shuttle and only a little worn at the edges. He holds the Matrix in one arm and on the clouded glass of his chassis rests a Decepticon Insignia once more.

He stills after leaving his shuttle and if Soundwave had ears, they would be swiveling around until he could locate- ah! There! His visor brightens several shades and he turns to approach Rodimus. The first thing he does is hold out the Matrix. See? Not smelted, as promised.

When his gaze falls on the Decepticon badge, Rodimus can't quite still a twitch of his spoiler. His gaze lingers on the badge, considers it. Soundwave's denied a bright welcome.

Rodimus reaches for the Matrix, rather than Soundwave. He folds the Matrix away back into his chest. Light limns the edges of his armor in a slip of blue spark-light that escapes, without quite actually showing anything. Rodimus steadies and settles as his armor latches closed over the Matrix. His first sharp impulse blunts into something milder as he notes the signs of fatigue carried on Soundwave's frame. "Welcome back from your mystery errand." That's still less sharp than his first impulse.

Soundwave shifts, from one foot to the other. The light in his visor dims back down. "I... Didn't think it was that mysterious," he says. He glances around shuttle bay before motioning that maybe they should move this conversation elsewhere.

Inclining his head with an arch look, Rodimus moves them along. He picks a path into the quiet and disused corners of the ship, picking an abandoned office that no one uses -- oh, no, wait, that's Rung's office. Weird how easy it is to forget that. He moves down to the next room, unoccupied and dusty, and hops up on the desk, facing Soundwave. "Let's hear it."

Soundwave elects to keep standing in the room Rodimus brings them to. "Let's hear it?" He asks, shoulders having knitted themselves into a tight angle. "Rodimus, I am allowed to have private affairs."

Rodimus looks like he wants to argue that, but he can't: he's checkmated, and he hasn't even started. His lips part, but his voccalizer never even clicks on. After a beat, he says, "Fine. You're right. You don't have to tell me. But I feel like you manipulated me in how you asked to borrow the Matrix, and I don't understand why. I was so worried you'd told me, and that I'd forgotten, and that you'd think I didn't pay attention to you, or that I was careless, or just -- stupid. But you didn't tell me, did you?"

"I didn't," Soundwave says, confesses depending on how you look at it. "I didn't want to tell you. But that doesn't mean I was manipulating you. I wasn't--" He vents. "I'm sorry you felt that way. You're not stupid, Rodimus."

Rodimus looks uncertain, and a little uneasy. "You -- definitely asked when I was pretty ... distracted."

Soundwave's systems release a short puff of hot air. "Yes, well... I didn't know that would be so distracting. I was going to ask you for the Matrix one way or another. I just happened across-- you know." He looks down and away. "And then I didn't want to ruin the mood. I don't like upsetting you."

Rodimus reaches for Soundwave now, hand extended into the distance between them with a wriggle-finger, imperative demand he come closer. "In the future, if you want to ask me for something, don't ... ask me ... when we're busy."

Soundwave steps forward, taking Rodimus's hand in his own. Ever willing and obedient to any demand given. "I suppose it was poor timing... I'll do better next time- ask before we are busy." He leans in closer to gently bunt against Rodimus. "Missed you."

Reaching with his other hand to frame the side of Soundwave's helm, Rodimus straightens and leans forward until he can meet the bunt with the brush of his lips against the side of Soundwave's mask. He sighs, vents slipping wide, and lets the tension ease from his frame. "Thank you." His gaze brightens again as he draws back, and his thumb slides down the line of Soundwave's throat, over the smoked glass of his chest, to find the edge of his badge. "I missed you, too," he says, gaze lifting to meet Soundwave's again after tracking the path of his hand. He doesn't ask about the badge.

Soundwave puts his hands over Rodimus', covering them and his badge. "One of these days, I'll have done nothing wrong and you will leap into my arms upon my return. Eventually," he says with a small chuckle. He moves his fingers to thread them between Rodimus's, chassis humming quietly. "I went to the center of Cybertron. That is why I required the Matrix," he says gently.

"One of these days, I won't be so insecure," Rodimus says, face scrunching as he squeezes Soundwave's hand. "I mean -- you might have to wait a while. I'm sorry. I don't want you to start dreading coming back to me. You might stop." He laughs. HA HA.

Speaking of being insecure.

"I always look forward to seeing you..." Soundwave assures. He rubs his thumb against the side of Rodimus's servo. Up and down in soothing circles. Quietly, he admits, "Sometimes I am afraid you will not be here when I come back. As if you will come to your senses and, well..." He sighs and then nudges Rodimus. "What I mean is, you are not alone feeling that way and... You shouldn't feel bad about it."

Twisting his hand to capture Soundwave's thumb, Rodimus tugs to pull him closer. He's already close. He can't get much closer. Really, it's leverage for another kiss. "Okay. Do you want to tell me about Cybertron?"

Another kiss that's met with faceplate once again. By the slide of light in Soundwave's visor, he's doing on purpose and finds it very amusing. "I can... The center is very different. Unicron's spark and Vector Sigma dance around each other. And the central chamber is around smelters. Unicron's touch, I assume. Starscream didn't like it."

Rodimus eyes that glint, then reaches to turn Soundwave's face -- now to pull off the mask, but drop one on the other side of his faceplate. Bonk, bonk. He leans back, then, rubbing his thumb across the side of Soundwave's hand, and listens. His eyes widen when he discusses the changes, and -- hesitating, he says, "I was thinking about returning the Matrix to Vector Sigma. Ratchet told me it's not just the Matrix, it's the Matrix of Leadership, and he's right. It's the Creation Matrix, too. Not if Unicron's gonna melt it, though. I'm not surprised Starscream didn't like it." He is, however, obviously surprised that Starscream went. And one other thing: "I'm surprised you two survived a trip together."

"Vector Sigma didn't seem interested in the Matrix when I brought it," Soundwave says, following Rodimus's pull back by sliding himself between Rodimus's thighs. "Though I would prefer our government to be completely separated by our creation beliefs and the Matrix- but you know that."

Soundwave suddenly appears more tired at the mention of Starscream. So tired. "I wasn't expecting him along as well. It just felt right to ask... I would have preferred you to come but I don't think you would have enjoyed it."

"I definitely wouldn't have enjoyed it if Starscream was there." Happy to welcome Soundwave between his legs, Rodimus hooks his feet behind Soundwave's knees to scoot closer, just to the edge, and press warm against him. "I'm sorry you had to deal with him. You didn't leave him down there, did you?"

Soundwave's arms fall to gently wrap around Rodimus's waist and hold him. And with Rodimus perched on the desk like he is, he is able to rest his chin on top of Rodimus's head- he has to boost himself up on his toes though. "Unfortunately, no. He came back. He's also going be joining me in restorative justice- he made it quite clear he wasn't happy about that too."

Rodimus mock-growls when Soundwave rests his chin on top of his head, rocking his helm back and forth. He should be careful. With those pointy bits, he could poke out an eye. "Oh, are you kidding me? He's going to what? He's just doing it because he thinks it will make him look good, isn't he. He's gonna treat it like a slagging stage. Soundwave, you had four million years. How did you not murder him?"

Rodimus's rocking just makes Soundwave press his chin more firmly atop his head. Stop wiggling, you. "Our relationship was usually of me stopping him from murdering. Besides, he was less bold when I held more power- and we both hates many others, it was somewhat uniting." Beat. "And I believe he is taking it seriously. I'm sure he will attempt damage control but he understands this will effectively ruin his political career."

Rodimus retaliates by leaning forward with a subtler tilt of his head to rest the sharp prick of his fangs against Soundwave's lower throat. He makes the threat, but then his mouth softens, and he licks the cords beneath his lips instead. "Mmm," he says -- hums, really, against the edge of Soundwave's armor. "I don't really want to talk about Starscream. Do you?"

Soundwave shudders, a shiver running through his struts. Hrn. "No. No, I really don't," he says, the vibrations of his throat felt through Rodimus's lips. "You know what I want to do?"

Rodimus grins, and it radiates through Soundwave’s senses. It’s in the feel of his lips as he presses their curve against his throat, the brightness of his eyes as they light the space between them, and the sound of his spark as it whirls in brighter pitch. ”What do you want to do?”

Soundwave's internal systems hum, hitch, and then settle into a purr. He slips his chin off Rodimus's head, nosing down the side of his face. "I really want," he says, "to take a nap."

Laughter breaking with a first startled crack, Rodimus pushes Soundwave back away from the desk and drops down in front of him. "Come on, sweetspark, let's get you to bed, then. Do you need anything? Energon?" The heat of his frame banks to a lingering warmth, and Rodimus wraps his arm around Soundwave, pulling him toward the door.

Oh, there it is. That word- the one that sends his spark skipping and his internal temperatures rising. He has to cover his face with one hand as Rodimus leads him out. "No, I think I am alright. My energon levels are sufficient. Could we go to your office? My habsuite is... Feels a little empty."

Grin softening to something more sympathetic as he looks back at Soundwave, Rodimus rubs his hand along Soundwave's side as he pulls him into the lift. "Don't worry: I'll fill my quarters up with all kinds of noise and junk and it will be very full. Totally comforting."

Soundwave chuffs a string of static, pressing gently against Rodimus. "Thank you. But maybe not too noisy. I just like watching you work..." He puts his arm around Rodimus, fingers brushing over the scars along his spoiler. "I know we agreed to no more Starscream so... Are you ready for Restorative justice when it comes?"

"Yeah," Rodimus says with unearned confidence. "I know it will be hard for some people--" Not him! "--but I think it's the only way forward." He leans a little more firmly against Soundwave at that gentle touch, but it converts easily into a push-nudge pushing Soundwave ahead as the lift slows. "It's the only way we can rebuild. What about you?"

"I believe I am ready. Its hard to gauge how to feel quite yet. Its approaching but still distant. It needs to be done, though. As you said, the only way we can rebuild. I am grateful to have you. And my cassettes." Soundwave looks back, gaze warm upon Rodimus. "I'll be able to get through it with that alone... Assuming no one breaches the area I'm speaking to finish what Megatron started."

"You got me," Rodimus promises, with a squeeze of Soundwave's hand as he steps away to key open the door and then push him through. "And I'll stand between you and whatever comes."

"I got you," Soundwave agrees, turning and leaning to Rod as he's backed into his office. Plenty of warm bunts all over his head and face. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. Now go to bed." Rodimus keeps pushing, turning his head away from the press of Soundwave's mask with a laugh. "I'll be here. I'll come join you when I finish up, okay? Let me know if you need anything else."

"Very well." Soundwave reluctantly stops, giving Rodimus a parting pat as he heads to his berth. "Try not to take too long. Make Hound do the work- he's capable."

"I'm not going to make Hound do the work. He might resign on me next," Rodimus says, grinning as he watches Soundwave. He settles in without actually turning any music on. That's more of Minimus's thing. The noise of Rodimus fidgeting and listening -- at low volume -- to a Cybertronian update broadcast fades into the background noise of the ship as Soundwave finally gets a chance to recharge.

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