2018-12-16 Passing It On

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-12-16 Passing It On
Date 2018/12/16
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - Armory
Participants Drift, Skystalker
NPCs Darude, Wedge
Summary It's time to give those Great Swords to their rightful owners.

The ship's munitions storage contains all the weaponry that Whirl's heart could desire. Brainstorm's latest projects are given space of their own (and shielding sufficient to prevent disaster from blowing out the bottom of the ship). Everywhere there are cautions: no guns should be discharged in this room. Grab a gun, and take it somewhere else.

Though the fight is over, the armory has still been a semi-popular place; you can take the bot from the battle, but not the battle from the bot. There are noticable spaces in the storage here and there, but for the most part the armaments that belong to the Lost Light or her crew remain. One storage unit in particular has its own space, with long and flat crates to keep what's inside.

The great-swords retrieved from the battles with Unicron are //supposed to be// why they are here-- but things happen. Distractions. Getting distracted. //Distracting//.

The door is locked and the armory is occupied, though luckily there's no real //damage// being done. Humming of systems seem to drown out the rest of the world, at least for a time; Drift is pinned with a thunk onto an ammunition crate, Skystalker hawking over him a raptor's glint and a spread wingspan. His silhouette gets outlined by the overhead lights and there is a second where the spacer seems as threatening as his alt mode suggests.

Though when he bears down it's without a strike, or a weapon, and only searching, touching hands, a hot kiss, and the wash of reddened, rosy biolights.

The original plan was definitely just to come in here to grab the swords and then distribute them amongst the desert knights in a vague ceremony Drift would have made up on the spot, but sometimes plans change. When Skystalker locked the door, Drift was just about to say something about how unnecessary it was and how there's probably some kind of rule against it, but he finds himself not giving a shit about things like rules when he finds himself pinned against the ammo crate. This is normally the part where he would say something cheeky, or flirty, but instead he opts to just enjoy the kiss, pressing up into it and returning the gesture as much as he can from his vulnerable position.

Eventually he manages to pull his lips away just long enough to say, "There are better places to do this, you know." That said, he makes no attempt to move their canoodling to another location, instead he dives into Skystalker's neck to graze the cables there with the points of his teeth. "Probably..." is the only affirmation that Drift really gets on the matter of 'aren't there other places for this?'. There's something about //risky business// that gets a Nyon punk going, for better or worse, and even if they don't quite realize it.

Skystalker cants his head to expose more of his slender neck, wings fanning back and hands moving up from the armor at Drift's hips to trace the lines of it up his torso. The prickle of talk in his palms is less words and more of an attempt at something almost emphatic. Primitive, but it serves. Amber eyes find blue, and Sky's voice is a hush. "Do you //want// to leave...?"

Drift puts some pressure in Skystalker's neck cables, not enough to cause any actual damage, but enough that he knows his teeth are there. When their eyes meet, he considers Skystalker's words but his eloquent response is, "Hell no." He then immediately dives back into Skystalker's neck, his bites getting increasingly more aggressive. His hands find his amica's hips and he pulls them in close, fingers digging into any and every armour seam they can find. His touch is greedy and all over the place, unsurprising consider how long the two of them have been separated, but he has a feeling that Skystalker doesn't mind.

Drift can feel Skystalker's laugh as it moves from chest to throat, a faint thrum against the edges of teeth. That was a lovely answer, and moreover, he doesn't mind at all. The hands, though, maybe need a little more practice; the armor at his hips makes a tug easier, and the spacer presses himself close like a puzzle piece. "Concentrate on your hands." Sky teases, lights flickering.


The thing about locks is that they have keys-- even if digital. One of the mechs that oversees the armory and its place in storage has happily escorted some visiting, new faces to where they might find great-swords belonging to their fallen. The one on her back notwithstanding. That one is hers now. 

Puzzled on finding the lock light red, Bone-Spur opens it for the knights anyway, punching in the entry code with one giant mitt and motioning them at the door with the other. They'll get the show first, of course. 'Sup guys?

Drift presses a kiss to the part of Skystalker's neck he was just gnawing on. "Heh, sorry. I'm a little out of practice.." He takes the guidance and focuses his attention on his hands, taking his time exploring his body with them. At one point he hooks his arms under Skystalker's to get at his wings which receive a copious amount of touching and stroking.

And then the door opens to reveal Bone-Spur and a gaggle of knights, all of which are staring right at them.

"..Does armory mean something different here?" Wedge asks, eyes glued on the scene before him. The wings are the soft spot, especially where they meet the rest of him. Skystalker's frame shivers at the touches there, spine arching and hands bracing against armor seams.

When the door opens, Skystalker barely registers it, head swiveling around to the open door once he senses the change of light source. There's a small squeak of surprise, and those spread wings almost clamp down onto Drift's sneaky fingers.

The knights' escort gives them a vague noise through her nose. "Well, fellas, you have fun with that--" The Eukarian addresses the mechs with her before pivoting 180 on the heel of her foot. "--I got business." If a dinosaur could crabwalk-- Bone-Spur disappears around the corner of the corridor, followed only by a, "Oy! Whirl, we got some shit to do! Stop shuckin' around!"

"H-hello." Skystalker peeps back at Wedge.

Wedge waves enthusiastically at Skystalker. "Hey!" he chirps, clearly unbothered by the fact he just walked in one two people getting real handsy with eachother.

Behind him, Darude, a tan rotary-type shrugs. "For the record, I'm into it."

"That's.." Drift sighs. "No one needed to know that about you, but okay." Still in his compromised position, he doesn't seem too concerned about changing it and continues to address the others. "I'm actually glad you guys are here, I wanted to give you those swords I promised." Skystalker doesn't recognize the other one, but there's just one more on board he hasn't seen the face of. So that's somehow even worse. Drift may not be batting an eye, but it only takes a few moments more of flushed lights and flicking wingtips before Skystalker tries to wiggle out of Drift's hands. Okay, okay, done with that. Maybe he'll get used to voyeurs some other time, 'kay?

"They're, uhm, over here." Sky attempts to gather himself, giving his frame a quick, unneeded dusting off. Fussing, a twee bit.

Drift pulls his hands away from Skystalker to make his retreat that much easier and then straightens himself out. He too does the unneccessary dusting off thing, much to the amusement of the others. "There are a lot of them, I figured everyone gets their own and the rest we keep for new recruits when they finally reach knighthood."

Wedge bounds behind Skystalker, practicaly vibrating in excitement at the thought of getting his own huge, unweildly sword. "Oh man, I can't freakin' wait! I've been practicing super hard with the wooden swords you gave us, Drift!"

Darude rubs at his hand where one of his fingers is a vastly different colour than the rest. "I admit I'm not looking forward to more finger-losing accidents."

That Drift does the same thing makes Sky feel less awkward, and he gets a half-smile. Thanks. Wedge's bounding about has Sky putting a hand down on his shoulder to calm that excited jittering. Goodness. "You must be Darude." Skystalker looks to the mech in question, motioning to the reattached finger. "I heard you got to visit our fine medical wing." He doesn't wait for a reply before he turns, gliding across the armory and stopping on his heels in front of the first of several cases.

"He started me on wooden swords too." An attempt to distract Wedge while he undoes the case latches to open the top one up. Wanna see?

Darude snorts. "Oh, yeah. Real fine. I especially liked how incredibly unsettling some of your medics are." Vortex. He's talking about Vortex. He comes up behind Drift and gives him a playful shove with his elbow before following the other two to where the Great Swords are being kept. "Do you know who they used to belong to?"

Drift shakes his head. "Unfortunately, no. All I know is that they came from the Knights on Theophany before.." He frowns and crosses his arms, the memory of what happened still incredibly upsetting to think about. "..Well, you know. That's why they're here now."

Wedge looks from the swords, to Skystalker, and then to Drift. "Do I just pick one or.. like, does it pick me?"

"The least the crew could do was help gather what we could, once things were over." Skystalker adds gently over his shoulder to Drift's answer. It wasn't a pretty sight, but the duty was there. "Maybe a little of both? I'm not sure. I have no clue where Cyclonus got his, but the Eukarian that brought you here picked up one from this same battle, and it lit right up..." Amber eyes glance back to Drift, and then Skystalker reaches carefully in to bring forth one of the blades.

"Hup--" His grip is firm but the sword dips and lands edge-first on the floor rather than lift into the air. Skystalker stands there with his boots planted wide and expression wide. He tugs a bit to only get a wobbly rise out of the blade. "I'm not exactly the strongest one here." Sky chuckles nervously. Help.

"So.. if it doesn't light up, then it's not the one for me?" Wedges asks, looking disheartened. What if none of them light up??

Drift shakes his head and puts a reassuring hand on Wedge's shoulder. "That's not how it works. At least, that's not how I think it works. The great swords are kind of.. mysterious. All I know is that you're as much a knight as I am and that it's your duty as a knight to wield a great sword."

Wedge looks up at Drift with a small smile, feeling a bit better by those words. His attention turns to Skystalker as he struggles to lift the blade and he wastes no time in assisting, carefully grabbing the sword from the other side in an attempt to lift it. "Ooooof, yikes! These are way heavier than the wood ones!"

Darude stifles a chuckle and struts over to lift the sword with a single hand. "I'll take this one I guess, considering neither of you can even pick it up."

"Yeah, they are... strange." Skystalker looks up as Darude moves closer, and he is more than happy to pass over the hilt when it's reached for. He flexes his fingers at his sides, feeling mightily small but grinning nonetheless. Admiring the strong ones from afar is more his speed, but he can totally muscle up when it counts! Really!

"Even the sword Drift carries has its moments, doesn't it?" He brings it up gently, looking to Drift and remembering the few times he's been able to hold the sword. "The ones with history you can kind of... feel?" Is that how to put it?

"Oh, you can definitely feel it," Drift says, getting a dreamy look in his eyes. "There was a point in a particularly intense battle where I could actually feel the sword's original owner right there with me, guiding my blade. It was one of the most amazing, humbling things I've ever experienced in my life." He looks to Wedge who is currently staring at him with wide eyes. "I admit, that's not your typical experience with these artifacts, but even so, when you hold them, you definitely get a sense of history. I don't know, it's hard to explain. Maybe you just need to feel it for yourself?"

Wedge hums to himself in thought and turns to the case, perusing the gathered swords with a thoughtful eye. Finally, he reaches for one, one that just happened to have been shortened by it's previous owner. How convenient for someone of his stature! As soon as he wraps his fingers around it, the gem embedded in the hilt emits a faint, purple glow. "..Holy shit."

Skystalker opens the storage the rest of the way when he sees the cogs turning in Wedge's head, letting him scope out the collection from the lost. He tosses Drift a sideways grin and watches Wedge sniff out a sword. If Sky has learned anything about Eukarians and beastformers, they certainly have a knack for that whole... sixth sense thing. He isn't disappointed.

"Oh- Wedge...! It's awake..." Skystalker looks up to Darude and back to the smaller knight, laughing softly. "Maybe sending you to collect these wasn't just coincidence..."

Darude watches with a crooked grin, his sword resting against his shoulder. His had yet to glow and show off any kind of spiritual connection with him, but he's not too worried about it. Drift on the other hand is fReAkIng OuT. "Oh my god! Wedge! Ohhh my god! This is so exciting! Look at that! Can you believe it! And you were so worried about not being able to find the sword for you! This is destiny, bro! This is fate! This sword has been in this case for years, just waiting for you to come and get it!"

"Aaaaaaah!" Wedge starts trembling and he has to use both hands to keep the blade steady. "I'm freaking out you guys! I've never been part of destiny before!"

It's a good thing that Darude is the calm one, or else Skystalker would feel like the odd one out. He watches fondly as Drift //also// freaks, and Wedge just vibrates harder. He keeps the rotary in his peripheral, somewhat taking cues from him; there's nothing weird here, then, and it seems like this is default Wedge.

"Please don't start hyperventilating... I don't know a lot of first aid." Skystalker moves closer, putting a hand on Drift's armguard and the other around Wedge's shoulder as he leans down. A more mischievous grin, for the canid. "You were part of it the moment we landed on Eukaris, didn't you know?"

"No!" Wedge gasps, his trembling starting to fade thanks to Skystalker's steady touch. "I had no idea! Was I supposed to know? How was I supposed to know??"

Drift can't help but smile at Wedge's frantic enthusiasm. "That's how fate works, Wedge. It happens without you ever realizing it! That's part of what makes it so exciting and great. And just think, this feeling you're feeling right now? You're going to be a part of making other people feel that way too someday. One day you'll be passing a great sword onto someone and making them freak out about a destiny they never knew they had."

Wedge's gasp of disbelief is answered with a nod. "What he said." Skystalker's hand manages to keep the Eukarian from floating away, so he leaves it there a little longer. "I'm not one of you, but... I've noticed that Knights are kind of-- Stewards of Destiny. They carry a lot, but also keep it safe for the ones to come after them. To pass it on, whether over a day or over years." Drift gets a more meaningful look, brief but deliberate. "Now it's your turn!" The deeper moment passes, Wedge getting a playful rub over his helm from the spacer.

"Wow.." Wedge takes a deep breath and clutches the blade harder. "..Wow."

"Sky is right. What you're holding, and even the beliefs you have, are from a different time. It's a part of history that we are meant to protect and preserve for future generations. That's part of why I want to build a place for us. I mean.. no offense, but living in tents in the middle of the desert isn't the greatest way to spread our message."

Darude puts a hand on his hip and adjusts the sword against his shoulder. "To be fair, we didn't exactly have the money to do much else."

"Well, now you do," Drift says with a toothy grin. "Just imagine it, a beautiful monastery for us and people like us to live comfortably and teach and learn. A place where people from all creeds and species can come and be a part of the Circle. Like.. like a new Crystal City, but accessible to everyone who seeks it." Skystalker relinquishes Wedge's shoulder when he's sure that the testy part has passed, folding his hands in front and listening. He knew that Drift wanted to help them, and he knew that the message of peace has always meant a lot-- but hearing him talk about it feels different, cheeky remarks and all. His envisioning of a real //place// for them speaks much of his old Circle, but not at all cloistered.

"...The world kind of needs that now, doesn't it?" Skystalker looks back to the open cases of swords, sitting cradled in place by pallets and foam, gleaming sleepily under the light.

"Now more than ever, I think. There's a lot of people out there who have suddenly found themselves without a purpose, even more so when the war originally ended. I understand that religion isn't for everyone, but I want to make it available for those who do need it." Drift settles in close against Skystalker and puts a hand on his hip. "I'm glad you're going to be there with me."

"Alright, now I'm really confused," Darude says, interrupting this nice moment with his gruff voice. "You said you were amicas, but we walked in on you guys doing things, and honestly I'm wondering if the meaning of amica has changed or what." He waves a hand in front of him. "I mean, you do you! No judgement! I just.. Man, I don't know. Is it rude to ask? I'm asking anyway. What's the deal?"

As always, the spacer runs warm, passing some of that to Drift when he pulls himself close. Skystalker leans against him, wings lifting with a playful bob. "//Someone// has to make sure you don't go overboard." Practicality is more Skystalker's game.

Darude's questions come as a surprise; at least he's blunt about it? Sky's brow lifts, optics bright and lights flickering. He's not... sure how to answer that. "It's not rude..." It's a valid question. "We're amicas, yes, just-- that-- mmm." Okay, no, he's stuck. Sky looks to Drift instead. Your turn. What //is// the deal?

The way Drift looks at Skystalker suggests that he was hoping he could explain it, and when the explanation doesn't come he has this 'deer in headlights' kind of look going on. "Oh! Uhm.. I uh.." He clears his throat with a forced cough. "We're amicas, yeah, but we're also.. very, very close. Like.. we vibe together on a very spiritual, metaphysical level. It's like.. we're on a journey together, you know? Our relationship is uhh.. very special. It can't, nor should it be, confined within the traditional definition of amicas." He looks at Skystalker and gives him a lopsided grin. Does that sound right?

"...Sounds like conjunx but with extra steps, but alright. We're all pretty non-traditional, so it really doesn't bother me. Just thought I'd ask."

"Amicas with benefits," Wedge pipes up, his sword maglocked to his back. "Sounds like a good deal to me."

How do you explain something to someone else when you're not even sure yourself? Skystalker looks apologetic at the trapped-in-headlights look he gets.

"Extra steps?" Sky parrots, stifling a laugh and giving Drift a nod of approval. "I think Wedge is closer. But, something like that. Non-traditional. We vibe. All of ...that." He waves a hand, gesturing vaguely before folding his hands together again and staring down at them, considering. "It's the feelings that matter more than the label... I never really... ah, had the chance to figure that out before coming here."

And obviously, as evidenced earlier, there are a lot of Feelings happening around here.

A look of realization comes over Darude and he snaps his fingers. "Oh! Wait a minute! Now I remember! Skystalker is the one you said you had a crush on for like ever, but you never knew how to approach it. And then you guys kissed or something and you felt really bad because you were kissing other people at the time, but you still wanted to kiss Skystalker? That's what it was, right?"

Drift covers his face with a hand and emits a deep sigh. "Okay, new rule. When I tell you things like that, specifically when I'm intoxicated, let's not bring it up again. Especially in front of the person it's about. Okay? Can we all agree on that?"

"Remember when we gave you that tea and you disappeared into the dunes for a week and we couldn't find you and when we did find you you were almost dead from starvation and covered in spines because you kept hugging cacti thinking they were real people?" Wedge says, having clearly not listened to what Drift just said. Or maybe he did and he's just a dick.

"Oh my god.." Drift pinches the bridge of his nose. "I'm taking the swords back!"

Skystalker covers his mouth rather than his face, optics narrowing as he giggles into his palm, suddenly overtaken with a fit of them. His vents open with a huff of air and wings perk up in amusement. It's so-- accurate?

"I don't know, I like knowing people say ...kind of nice things about me." Sky whispers in an aside to Drift, words littered with a small snort of laughter. Wedge's turn at telling a story makes the giggling come back straightaway. "I don't think you told me about the spines! Did you really? Was I one of them? You didn't kiss a cactus, did you?"

Drift's threat may be empty, but Skystalker sets a hand on his own hip and pretends it wasn't. "Well, good thing I don't have a sword to take back. I've got some stories too."

"Oh, he totally kissed a cactus. That poor cactus will never be the same again," Wedge says between uncontrollable giggles.

"Can confirm," Darude adds. "Gloomsinger spent all night pulling those spines out of his armour."

It's all very embarrassing, and then Skystalker pipes up about his own library of stories about Drift being embarrassing and hilarious and he sort of wants to die right now. "Hey! Instead of making me die of embarrassment, how about we head down to storage and grab some lifts so we can move all these swords to the Daybreaker? How about that? Or literally anything else? Hm??"

"It's alright, I won't make you suffer. At least, not here and now." Skystalker lifts his hand up around Drift's face to pull the closer cheek in for an affectionate peck. "You know I've done some badly behaved things too." Gotta save some for later. "And I'm sure these two have too."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Skystalker looks towards Wedge and Darude with a closed smile, still affectionate. "If you refrain from any more stories I'll let you come see my lab before I move anything. //And// you can meet Unoe before everyone else."

Drift's face is hot with embarrassment under Skystalker's face but the affection helps cool him down. He knows that with time everyone will have told their stories and have to start making new stories to embarrass eachother with.

"Is Unoe the big tentacle plant that Drift is both terrified and fascinated by? Because he talked a lot about that too," Wedge says, hands on his hips and a cocky smile on his face.

"Yes, it is," Drift confirms. "You'll know what I'm talking about when you see it! Lead the way, Sky?"

"Mhmm." Skystalker hums back at Wedge, an arm lingering against Drift as he steps away, only for his fingers to curl around Drift's hand. Come on. "Once we move the swords we'll go see him. Don't make any sudden moves, don't let him sense your fear, and most of all do //not let him put you in his mouth//." The spacer lays out the rules with a stern look, but it's hard to tell how serious he is. Drift knows: Completely.

"Now that's out of the way... let's see a mech about some lifts."

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