2018-12-15 Consolation

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-12-15 Consolation
Date 2018/12/15
Location Starscream's Office
Participants Soundwave
NPCs Starscream
Summary Like to peas in a pod.

Starscream doesn't play any games with Soundwave's appointment, this time. Soundwave sends a message, gets an appointment -- before he can just add himself, and then Starscream clears his calendar immediately before and immediately after, so that he's a) ready on time and b) ready when Soundwave gives him an inevitable headache.

Starscream's not in that great a mood, all told. Peace takes work. Peace takes an incredible amount of work, and he's had to fight and claw and scrape his way to to the top of the pile and refuse to be moved. This is his planet, his position, his rightful place that he won through fair election and frag if he'll let the fate of his people be decided by strangers.

He's at least secured a place for himself on the ruling council that will oversea transition and the fate of the world, and he's currently fighting the good fight to be named chair as he waits for Soundwave. He's dashing off a nasty email to one of the more reluctant colonial leaders, asking them how they'd feel if he demanded authority over their colonies.

Soundwave arrives promptly and on time. He's not completely ignorant of Starscream's troubles, having to dip into light politics himself for the time being. Plus, there's not much information that is shared he's not privy to- at least not a little. So he is keen not to waste time. He knocks and then he enters.

"Starscream," Soundwave says respectfully with an incline of his head. It's perhaps a blast from the past for Starscream, seeing Soundwave with his yellow visor again. After all, it's the visor he had when they first met. "Your day going well?" He tries to ask casually, taking a seat.

“Hm.” Starscream thinks very hard about his answer. “Let’s skip the smalltalk, shall we? I won’t insult you by assuming you care.” Pausing, studying Soundwave, maybe it’s the glint of yellow that softens him to something nostalgic enough to say, “It’s probably for the best you lived.”

"Your concern is... Noted," Soundwave says evenly. "But yes. Most likely. Megatron might very well be alive if I were not." His hand- the rough, unpainted one- curls into a fist atop his leg. "But I see you have survived as well. Congratulations."

“Ugh.” Starscream flicks the tips of wings back and down as if to sluice away the sound of Megatron’s name. Smile sharp, he says, “That’s what I do, Soundwave. Survive. What’s this about you supporting this so called justice slag?”

"Restorative justice," Soundwave corrects. He has no smile to offer back, just his steady stare. "And, affirmative, I do. I have already volunteered to be a part of it. I hope my cooperation will encourage others to step up and join. It will... Not be easy but it our best hope for this peace to last."

“You always were a fool.” Starscream bristles, armor sharp and wings wide as he leans forward. “Let me be clear: I am extremely unhappy about this, and will fully support it.” That PR you know.

"Megatron once thought the same of me. Turned out well for him, looking down his nose," Soundwave says without missing a beat. He otherwise doesn't blink at the insult. "I am happy to hear that, even if you are not. Will you be participating?"

“Obviously.” Agitation crawls over Starscream’s frame, expression, voice. He’s all tightly wired, edgy, unhappy. But he’ll do it. “I don’t dare not, thanks to you. I hope you are truly ready for it. Do they know, these ‘friends’ of yours, what you have truly done?”

"Minimus Ambus assisted in the first compiling of my... Doings." Soundwave's gaze drops, hands clasping together. "But there are things they are unaware of my connection of or had suspicions but no evidence... They know most of it. But I am ready and willing to face my consequences no matter what they may be." He glances back up. "This could well end any careers we wish to gain, you understand."

“I know,” Starscream snarls. “Thanks so much for that. I’ll take consolation in knowing it ruins yours, too.” What a great team they must have made.

Soundwave takes a moment to roll his optics. He has a visor, Starscream will never know. "No, take consolation that you will hand off leadership to a Cybertron better than the one you originally took leadership of. I believe you have done a good job. Better than those before you, Starscream."

A compliment. A sincere compliment, from Soundwave. And after he's been such a pain in the ass to him, too. For just a split second, Starscream freezes in a processor glitch. Then, recovering smoothly, he adopts an air of obnoxious superiority, and he says, "Of course I did. I'm the greatest leader in Cybertron's history -- not that that's hard."

"No, I suppose not. A low bar," Soundwave agrees with faint humor. A self burn he will happily rib, but he's not here for torment and antagonizing. "As happy as I am to hear all of this, that is not why I asked to come here today." He cycles a vent, steadying himself. "It is Megatron. I'm arranging his burial."

"I know a nice incinerator," Starscream says with the flatness of a knife's blade.

"Starscream," Soundwave says with an edge of a growl in his voice. "I'm not having him melted down. I already have it planned out. I was simply inviting you."

Wide-eyed, Starscream looks almost as though Soundwave shot him. "No," he says. Then -- "What are you doing?"

"I just said: inviting you," Soundwave answers after a brief pause. "You refused. That is fine. I thought it right to ask you anyways."

"To Megatron," Starscream says with an impatient gesture. "You have it planned out. How are you burying him?"

"Oh." Soundwave shifts in his seat. Not uncomfortable but... Hesitant. "I am... Taking him to the center of Cybertron, to Unicron. Vector Sigma may judge his spark so it is fitting that the fate of his body be left to it's counterpart. But I will be giving the Autobots and their allies his Cannon and the Decepticons his helmet. They can do as they please with those."

For whatever reason -- whatever ridiculous reason lies behind those impenetrable red eyes and their swiftly shifting gaze -- Starscream changes his mind. "I'll go with you," he says.

Soundwave's whole visor shutters, surprised by the sudden turn heel. "I... Very well. Of course you can come. I will let you know when I plan to depart. I must retrieve the Matrix first. "

"You what." It's Starscream's turn for a startled, whole-gaze flicker of light as he gives Soundwave a once-over.

"The Matrix opens a pathway to the center of Cybertron," Soundwave explains. His shoulders tense before he adds, "I do not wish to talk about it."

Starscream's eyes light as he scents the energon, but he's capable of biding his time: "Of course," he says, like he won't absolutely spend the entire trip to Megatron's resting place making Soundwave talk about it. "Very well. Let me know when."

Soundwave stands and nods, but the light in his visor is fuzzy at the edges, unfocused. He didn't expect Starscream to agree. "Very well. I will let you know, then." He stands there a minute before remembering that, oh yeah, he's leaving. "I will see you then," he says before heading to the door.

Starscream sinks back in his seat as Soundwave departs, and goes back to his nasty email. But he's too distracted now, and keeps reworking the same sentence over and over. It's a strange sort of quiet that chases Soundwave out and and back into the ship.

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