2018-12-11 What Do You Want

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-12-11 What Do You Want
Date 2018/12/11
Location Hound's Office
Participants Hound, Soundwave
Summary Elephant plants.

There's not paperwork on Hound's desk, for once. He's still at his desk, though, leaning forward to examine with care the potted plant sitting before him. It's a relatively large sample, for an Earth plant, big enough that Hound doesn't have to worry about crushing it with a single fingertip, but he's still careful with it. Most of his attention remains focused on the plant when his door slides open, but the ear twitch turns into a full body twitch as Hound registers just who's coming in, and looks up, his shoulders tensing ever so slightly. "...Soundwave."

Soundwave steps in and looks around. Still filled with organic detrus. Yuck. "Are you ever going to stop doing that?" he asks Hound as he ventures further into the office. He looks different than when Hound last saw him- which was probably when he was getting the shit beat out of him. Most notable is his yellow visor and the blank slate of glass on his front. But still big, blue Soundwave.

"Stop doing what?" Hound asks with a frown and a tilt of his helm. His optics linger on the changes, and on the relatively whole state of Soundwave's frame. As Soundwave comes further in, Hound starts to move the plant on his desk closer to himself, out of casual grasping range. Not a reaction to Soundwave, just a habit ingrained from too many visits from particularly fidgety co-leaders. The movement of his arm reveals the autobrand still set onto his chassis. He doesn't offer Soundwave a seat, but there's one right there across the desk from Hound, if he decides to take it.

Soundwave can't be seen lifting a brow but there's the firm impression that he is. He doesn't want to touch your gross plant, Hound. "Tensing up," he says, disregarding the seat for now. He prefers to stand! "I'm not going to shoot you. We are well past that."

"You wouldn't have to, if you wanted to start something," Hound points out, even as he grimaces and forces his shoulders to lower again. His optics are turned back to the plant, which he's apparently pruning and tying up. It'd be a believable distracted look, too, but his audial panels give him away in their slight twitching. "But I guess we are past that." The corner of his mouth twists, as he carefully plucks a withering leaf away from his plant. "So what are you going to do to me, since you're here? Not another mission?"

Soundwave doesn't disagree. In fact, he inclines his head. They never did need guns to start things with each other on this ship. Good times. "A mission? No. No, those days may in fact be behind us as well. Actually, I am here to thank you."

"Thank me?" Hound says, honestly baffled when he looks up toward Soundwave. "For what?"

"For Penchant." Soundwave shifts unsurely before finally taking a seat. It is while he's sitting that it becomes more noticeable that he is just... A touch shorter than he was. "I know he can thank you, I am sure he has or will. But. I wanted to thank you for retrieving him from Shockwave. And for mauling Shockwave. You are greatly appreciated."

Hound stares a second longer than he probably should before he manages to shake himself out of it. He opens his mouth to speak, then closes it again. He looks Soundwave over again, more closely this time, as thought something about Soundwave's frame will reveal to him some secret he's missing. "I'm just glad he's alive," he says, in the end. "When I first found his frame..." It occurs to him that reminding Soundwave of that is probably not polite, so he trails off into a shrug. "I would've done it anyway." His claws tap on the ceramic of the plant's pot as his gaze flicks downward.

Soundwave is grateful to be spared the details. You can tell because he sits there stiffly, doing nothing. He's radiating grattitude. "I know, but I just thought I would give my thanks anyways. He might not have made it without you after all." Beat. "I heard you were quite... upset at my initial lost to Megatron," he adds, the lights of his visor tilting sly.

Hound sputters. The plant nearly gets tipped before he scrambles to rescue it. "It was the middle of a battle! It meant Megatron was unchecked! And so what if I was?" he protests, just a little too loudly. Then he huffs and crosses his arms, throwing a suddenly suspicious glance Soundwave's way. "Are you poking fun at me?" he asks.

Soundwave sits back, watching Hound in light amusement. It draws a quiet 'hmm' from his chassis. "Perhaps... But your worry is noted, Hound. And... Appreciated." He glances around the office, to Hound's paperwork-less desk, and then back to Hound. This time he searches for an Autobot badge. "So. What are you to do now?"

The badge is there, sitting on Hound's shoulder as though it hasn't been touched, as much a part of him as his holoprojector or his audial panels are now. Hound shrugs, unselfconscious of the mark still on him. "Stay with the fleet, for now." The claws are starting to tap again, as Hound turns his attention toward his plant again. "Maybe go back to Cybertron eventually." His optics flicker upward, catching on the yellow visor again. "You? They're going to need a solid leadership on Cybertron, aren't they."

Hound's unselfconscious display of his badge just makes Soundwave all the more selfconscious of his lack of one. He resists the urge to cover his blanks chassis. "Yes, I will probably return to Cybertron. Possibly before the fleet is officially disbanded. But I am not sure about leadership... I suppose I will do whatever it is that is required of me. Whatever that is... What do you want to do, Hound?"

"Good luck," Hound says, dryly. "You're going to have plenty of work, winning them over. After..." he waves a hand awkwardly. "Everything." Killing Tarn and facing Megatron directly, and all.

Hound's optics flicker in surprise as the question is transformed, a little. "I..." He hesitates. Eyes Soundwave again. Apparently decides that whatever he's about to say can't be held against him. "I still want to see the universe without having to shoot my way through to it. See what other organics I can find. Maybe go back to Earth, if I can." Another few taps of his claws against the ceramic side of the pot. "Lend a hand, where I can."

Soundwave sighs. Yes, after... Everything, things will be hard. But he made his life and now he must lie in it- or however the saying goes. He nods. "Then you should do that. When your command here is done, you should do exactly as you desire. There are more that would want that, I imagine. You can find them, make a small team. And see the galaxies. You deserve that chance. If you require any help with achieving that, let me know. I believe I owe you for one of the many times I've shot at you in the past."

"If that's how you want to measure it," Hound says, bemused, "Then yeah, you probably do. And I probably owe you right back. So. Is going back to Cybertron what you want? Or do you want to run off into the universe having even more weird adventures than we've already had?"

Soundwave stands. Oh, yep. He is shorter- not much but Hound can tell now. "No, I think I would like to return to Cybertron. Having a home and a..." He falls quiet a moment. "Well, a home is not something I've always wanted on Cybertron."

It's a weird sight. Hound is struck by the brief urge to stand and compare their heights, but he refrains for the moment. Instead he watches curiously, to see what Soundwave will do next. "I don't think it's something many of us thought we could have," he says, briefly thoughtful. Then he shakes his helm and gives a lopsided grin. "Let me know when you do. I

It's a weird sight. Hound is struck by the brief urge to stand and compare their heights, but he refrains for the moment. Instead he watches curiously, to see what Soundwave will do next. "I don't think it's something many of us thought we could have," he says, briefly thoughtful. Then he shakes his helm and gives a lopsided grin. "Let me know when you do. I'll send a housewarming gift." And one of the claws taps the side of the plant pot, with purpose this time."

Soundwave stares... And then begins to back up towards the door, slowly. "I will, thank you. But housewarming gift, unnecessary. Truly." Don't make him care for a plant!

"You sure?" Hound says, picking up the current pot and holding it out this time, a bit of a grin playing at his mouth before he manages to stamp it down again. "These elephant ears do pretty well even if they're left to themselves. All they need is a warm environment."

Soundwave pauses. "Elephant ears?" He looks at the plant. "Perhaps a small housewarming gift... But only a small one."

"A small one it is," Hound says, and this time the smile slips through for longer. Six feet tall is still small for robots like them, after all. "I'll deliver it when you head out. With instructions," he adds, because he has the feeling they'll be needed.

Soundwave doesn't know enough about plants to know how big that one gets. But its elephants! He loves elephants. "Very well. Thank you, Hound. And... Good luck with exploring the universe." And then he departs with respectful wave.

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