2018-12-04 All Better

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-12-04 All Better
Date 2018/12/04
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Penchant, Soundwave
Summary Penchant is all better! There's no problems!

Penchant had been graciously kept offline as his lifecord systems recover from his old minibot frame installation. He lies in the dim subsection of the recovery ward, partitioned away by collapsible walls. Kaput checks in on him every now and then but largely gives Soundwave the privacy when he's visiting. Gifts cover the nearby table for when he rouses, which may be any second as he stirs and winces, optics dark.

The memory of strut-deep pain makes his eyes flash and flare green, and he turns away, on his side, to curl and hide his face. Slowly, he realizes where he is, and recalls... Hound.

Soundwave and his cassettes have taken to rotating their watch over Penchant while he rests. They all have their own ways of doing it: Rumble and Frenzy sat on either side of Penchant and played games over his inert frame; the birds would perch around the medical slab and talk with some mild ribbing of Penchant, they always seemed disappointed at the lack of reply; and the cats would curl up at his feet, quiet.

Soundwave is taking after the cats, sitting beside Penchant. Working on a datapad and quiet- mostly quiet, his chassis is humming warmly and ceaselessly. He's managed to snag a faceplate as well, able to slot it into place. A new visor is a different story, he'll just have to be patient. He's scrolling through his datapad when he hears-- he puts his work down, focused on Penchant. And Penchant moves.

"Penchant," Soundwave says, reaching out and... Withdrawing his hand back to his lap. "Penchant, its alright. You are safe now. Home."

Penchant twitches and wills himself to turn back over. It's Soundwave, for sure, even if his optics are the wrong color. He sits up, and realizes everything is slightly smaller - or he's taller. Oh, old frame. It stings, and it aches, and systems protest as he ignores everything to twist and fall against Soundwave's trapezoid deck, clinging tightly. "I thought I wouldn't get to apologize..."

"Penchant, you shouldn't-" Soundwave looks down, optics shuttering. Very carefully, he wraps his arms around the smaller mech. "You really shouldn't be moving around like that. Rest, needed. We don't know if there is any complications with your body and we don't want you passing out again." Despite that, his arms stay firmly around his cassette. Er-- Shush.

"I'll get rest, promise," Penchant murmurs, reluctantly sliding back to his berth. He catches Soundwave's arm at least, bringing it down to hug against his chest and squeeze his hand. "I... I know I should be asking more important questions here but..." His weak smile wavers. "Are you... still angry with me?"

Soundwave leans down, staying stooped to Penchant's level. His fingers curl to hold Penchant's hand and his brows pinch together. "Angry? No, of course not. I wasn't- I shouldn't--" He cycles through his vents, a heavy sigh. "Penchant, I'm sorry, for losing my temper. Making you leave. If I hadn't, then perhaps... I'm not sure what I would have done if Hound had not retrieved you."

Penchant shakes his helm. "I was leaving anyway, I wasn't captured because of you. I could've handled it differently, Soundwave. I wasn't thinking about how you might've felt. I just... wanted to get away. I'm sorry." He goes quiet, content to indulge in the vague sense of security when near his... ex-deployer? Then, "What's with your eyes?"

"Apology accepted but not--" The words catch in Soundwave's throat. What happened feels like so long ago and it feels so... Unimportant. Dwarfed in comparison to recent events- to Shockwave and Lockdown and Megatron. But... There's a hurt not entirely scrubbed away by worry and relief. This isn't the time for that. He should get a medic, in fact.

Beginning to rise, Soundwave says, "I am going to- my eyes?" They shutter when mentioned before looking away. "They were changed," he says, brushing the question under the metaphorical rug. Pay them no mind! Or any other changes! Thanks! "You need a medic. I will go retrieve one for you."

Penchant only clings tighter, and sure, he's half Soundwave's height, but he probably doesn't do much to haul him back down. He tries anyway. "Please don't. Not right now. I'm not red-lining or anything. I... need you here. As a friend."

"...But seriously, gold? It kinda' clashes with your red highlights," he says, grinning. "What about the attack on Metroplex? What happened?"

Soundwave looks over Penchant and sighs. "Very well," he says as he sits back down- this time on the medical berth, beside Penchant. He huffs.

"They were not exactly my choice," Soundwave rumbles. He scowls at the ground. "And we won. Metroplex, New Iacon, and Cybertron are ours. There are still conversations detailing the ceasefire and surrender. But we won."

"We won?" Penchant lights up, scooting closer to Soundwave to search his face. "That's... incredible! Holy scrap. It... it really..." He takes a moment to reel from this, then looks back up, grabbing Soundwave's arm again to give it a shake. "You guys did it! What about Megatron?"

Seeing Penchant so excited- so alive- makes Soundwave smile, seen only in the pinch in the corner of his optics. "Yes, we won. We did it. We-- Oh. Yes." Him. Soundwave's throat cables ripple and go taut as he clenches his jaw. Almost as soon as he tenses, he sighs it away. "Megatron did not make it," he says bluntly but quietly. He's gone.

Penchant's joy doesn't flicker. It remains clear and loud, saturated with relief and genuine happiness... in his head. On the surface, his features turn neutral, or as neutral as he can manage. "Oh. Are you doing alright? Is Rodimus helping?" With the captain flashing through Penchant's thoughts for the first time since Lockdown's little visit, Penchant smothers the odd mixture of warmth and dread, pulling his gaze away.

"I am fine," Soundwave says, voice even and monotone. You know, normal and stuff. Totally fine. He looks to Penchant during a short bout of silence, hearing a few strings of his thoughts. "Rodimus is. He is always helping. Everyone is happy he is awake now... And he told me what happened."

"Awake?" Penchant tries to tug that thread and unravel a new subject, but his sheepish look turns shameful. "I... He offered and I... Uhm."

"Yes, I know. Its unfortunate," Soundwave says, jaw clenching again. He's trying not to feel bothered. Penchant is alive! Rodimus is alive! He's alive! It's a miracle and the rest shouldn't matter but... It does. "Rodimus had been in a coma. There was some doubt on if he would pull through. But he did," he informs Penchant stiffly.

With forgiveness denied, Penchant's spark sinks in its chamber, raw and troubled. He chews his lip, cheek leaning into Soundwave's arm as he stares out at the bland wall division. "Glad for that, then." Maybe Soundwave will accept an apologetic finger thread? Another squeeze? Maybe an endearing head tilt? "So now what?"

Soundwave's hand turns out, easier to hold Penchant's. Especially considering the size difference. "Well, right now we're trying to get the ceasefire filed in complete. I understand it that we are in conversation with the Galactic Council. But we will have to consider the organization and leadership of Cybertron and her colonies. And the Decepticons. How to handle the incoming generation, rebuild society after Megatron tried to. I need a new visor, and we will have to look into our supplies for your frame, of course."

Penchant nods... and realizes he's too damn pained and weak to process most of this. He releases his hold on Soundwave and shifts to lie back down. "I'm missing all the fun." He drapes his arm over his brow. "My frame's alright, it held up fine in storage. And just get Buzzsaw to cut out some plastic and make you a temporary visor."

Soundwave watches Penchant closely, like a nanny making sure the baby is okay. "My visor is not made of plastic," he says, sounding a little affronted. Then he takes Penchant's foot, gently squeezing. "Yes, it has. But I was not speaking of this frame. I understand your frame was more or less destroyed by Shockwave? I am sure we can rebuild quickly. Get you in proper order once again."

Penchant smiles, optics still hidden. "I said temporary, I don't think your glass is plastic. And yeah, it was... more than destroyed." He pauses as he mulls over the idea of returning to a tape frame, but the tinge of apprehension that colors the thought drifts to... something else. Someone else. If Soundwave is listening, there's a soft buzz of confusion surrounding each little signal.

Penchant sits up suddenly. "Where... Powerflash. I need to prep him for surgery, Spinister and I have it scheduled in five kliks!" He moves to slide off the berth, and promptly faceplants into the ground.

If Soundwave could work himself in knots, he would. When Penchant doesn't say anything about being a cassette and especially from what he hears. It turns his tanks over in worry. All of it promptly vanishes when Penchant hits the floor. Soundwave makes the verbal equivalent of "!!!" before quickly scooping Penchant up and placing him on the berth again. "Surgery? Penchant, you do not have any scheduled surgeries. And you certainly cannot prep anyone for it. Are you feeling well?" He presses the back of his servo to Penchant's forehead.

Penchant struggles until he's set down. "No, yes, n-no, Ambulon? Could you please-" He stills under Soundwave's touch, brows knitting. Nothing feels particularly hot, and he's not bleeding from his optics at least. "Could you- What-what's going on? Who..." He gasps and rubs his temples, looking up at Soundwave in surprise. "You're Soundwave. I'm Penchant," he says, firmly. "Something's wrong with my head," he deduces, and slumps back on the berth.

Soundwave's fingers gently run over Penchant's helm, petting him soothingly as he appears to go through some... Worrisome identity issues. Soundwave would be lost if he didn't have issues like that. "Shockwave could have done something beyond bodily harm, something more difficult to detect. We'll figure it out. We will... I am going to get a medic and then I will be going to see if we have Shockwave in custody- give him a visit." He squeezes Penchant. "I will be back. Would you like a cassette to accompany you in the meantime?"

Penchant doesn't seem to like the idea of Soundwave leaving at all, by how he clings in the squeeze. But he's placated by the offer of tapes. "The cats. Ravage. Howlback." He turns his helm against the berth, curling slightly. "Punch Shockwave in the optic if he's in custody," he suggests, bitterly.

"Very well," Soundwave says, caving to Penchant's every whim as worry eats at his insides. "In the meantime, if you feel alone, just look here." He taps at the table beside Penchant's berth, its top filled with little innermost offerings and one dead glitch mouse. He pats Penchant one more time. "And I will. I will make sure to tell him who its from," he promises before he leaves.

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