2018-11-10 A Bridge to Nowhere

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-11-10 A Bridge to Nowhere
Date 2018/11/10
Location Tempo - Space Bridge
Participants Bulkhead, Nightshade
Summary The Lost Light's local space bridge experts try to work out what Megatron is up to.

With the recent discovery Bulkhead has made, he's called Nightshade, his space bridge protege, to join him at Tempo's space bridge so they can discuss what he's found. He'd sent her a summary of the initial results, but wants to speak with her at length so they can begin forming an idea of what to do with those results.

While he waits, he paces the room, datapad in hand as he mutters over whatever calculations he's got on the screen. Anialus had been around a bit ago, but he had proved just as unhelpful as before, so Bulkhead had sent him away. He just needs Nightshade, now.

"Ah, yes, it is me! Never your fear, mon ami, I am here!" Nightshade steps through the doors and runs up to Bulkhead, holding her own datapad where she's been reviewing the results. "It has been so long since we got to work on a spacebridge. It'll be so refreshing! If only there were better circumstances, of course...right, Tempo?" She gives a console a gentle pat.

Despite his worry, the sight of Nightshade has Bulkhead smiling. "Hey, Shady, good to see you. It has been a while, hasn't it?" Reaching down, he gives her an affectionate helm rustle - this is a lot easier at her new height, and he doesn't have to worry about accidentally batting her out of the air if she were hovering. "If only indeed. I've already begun repairs to undo the changes Shockwave made, but it's this connection between the titans that's bothering me. Megatron already uses the space bridge to his advantage; what's he planning to do with _all_ of them?"

Nightshade beams, her antennae wiggling at the head-ruffle. Not everyone is allowed to do that, but Bulkhead has certainly earned the right. That smile doesn't last long when the question of her former warlord's ambitions comes up. "I do not know. He would not go to all the trouble and wasted resources to connect them in that way if he didn't have a very good reason, I know that. Ambition is one thing, but Megatron is...he has plans within plans." She taps her foot. "Shockwave worries me too. He might have his own agenda at play, and this is convenient for him, you know?"

"Course he does," Bulkhead grumbles under his breath. "It was the same when he was a senator, believe it or not. Yeah, I understand what you're saying, I'm just--" He huffs out a vent, trying to control his grip before he snaps the datapad in half. "--Frustrated. He's already siphoning energy off of Tempo, who's to say he won't try it with the others, make Metroplex his own personal superweapon somehow?"

"...How awful. To weaponize titans like that. But I can see him doing it," Nightshade admits. "Or using it to disable the other Titans and weaken colony worlds before he attacks places like Velocitron that still have active Titans. Do you suppose he is trying to create some kind of super-combiner and force the Titans into it? But such a thing would be massive, impractically so."

"I wouldn't put it past him to have thought of it, but I don't think a super combiner is what he has in mind." Bulkhead chews his lip, resumes his pacing. "The most obvious choice is to weaken the colony titans before he attacks, but as you said, he's always got a plan within a plan."

"You're right, a super combiner is a bit too...operatic." Nightshade can't help but think that's the sort of thing she would have come up with years ago, for better or worse. "And a space bridge already serves as a nexus. He does not need the other space bridges for that, as you said. Maybe it is just about control? Reaching out to the rest of Cybertron and its colonies to, he does not do things to Prove a Point, not for that alone. Shockwave certainly does not. Arrogance is illogical."

There are advantages to working with a recovered Shockwave Fan.

"What if he means to channel something through them? Some kind of control force? I mean, do not the Quintessons work with mind control? I remember those miserable excuses for calamari brainwashing me, ME! Into thinking I had found RELIGION! Ugh." She shudders and sniffs.

Bulkhead is worried, but also amused, at how much Nightshade knows about Shockwave. At least she doesn't sound...too awed.

That idea, worrying. "Nautica had speculated something of the sort could be carried by space bridges," he says, stroking his great chin. "We'll want to set up new safeguards on Tempo's bridge as we repair, keep any errant coding or radiation from passing through."

"Yes, my thoughts exactly. Another possibility is..." Nightshade frowns. She hates this one. "He, or Shockwave, or someone else working with him knows something about the capacity of space bridges we don't. We are always learning things, after all. None of us knew it could interact with that artifact and cross timelines or universes. But he has no reason to go to another universe, so...augh."

"That..." Bulkhead grits his teeth, uncomfortable with this admission. "...Could be possible. We're only untangling what Shockwave has done as is, there could be something he learned that we haven't yet. I just wish Anialus could tell us, but he's as in the dark about it as we are."

"Do we have anyone else we can talk to? Any other sources, background? I mean, if it's something you don't know, and you are the space bridge expert...well! There's no need to be defeated." Nightshade intakes and holds her wings out. "We will do the research we need. Do you think...Do you think it would be possible to ask Tempo himself?"

"The thing is, I'm an expert, but I'm not the only one. If Megatron had a particular project in mind, Shockwave would have been the right mech to figure out how to make it happen, and therefore may have discovered something no one else has yet. I'm hoping we can tell whether or not that's the case by fixing what he's done, but...right now it's impossible to say."

Then he stops, and stares at Nightshade. "We could try," he says, slowly. "Tempo was asleep for a while after we used the weapon, but not the entire time. We could ask Windblade to talk to him!"

"He might welcome the contact. I doubt anyone spoke to him under Megatron, and if they did, it wouldn't have been kindly." Nightshade's antenna drop to half-mast. "If anyone knows more about a Titan than we do, it is a Titan. It is at least worth a shot. Are you awake, mon ami?" She gives the console another little tap, not really expecting any kind of answer. "Well, I am not Windblade."

Bulkhead gives her a fond smile. "We'll ask if she can spare the time to come talk with him. You're right, I'm sure he'll appreciate it." Looking back at his datapad, his brow furrowed once more. "And in the meantime, we can keep working. I do at least want to stop this power drain Metroplex has on him."

"Good idea. I've been itching to work! Better than sitting around fretting." Nightshade stretches her arms, at least as far as she can, and wriggles her fingers. "Just like old times!"

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